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Unhappy injured Middle Eastern indian footballer sitting on grass of soccer field against goal, holding knee. Arabian hispanic athlete in sportswear suffers from leg pain experiencing about injury
laser hair removal. 3d animation laser armpit treatment. laser light through the skin layer for hair removal.
Venous valve dysfunction, degradation of the vein walls, impaired blood flow, Leg vein anatomy, erythrocytes, human anatomy, 3d render
Asian male doctor adjusts artificial lungs ventilation machines.
Laser surgery to remove varicose veins, laser insertion into a vein, cauterization of a vein, leg veins, human anatomy, 3D animation
Vets doing the operation for the cat on the operating table in a local clinic. Cat in a veterinary surgery
This video shows the varicose veins condition
The Cardiovascular System. 3D Medical animation of the Aortic Valve Expansion
Doctor in gloves examining painful knee of female patient leg
A Modern rehabilitation physiotherapy worker with woman client
Asian female physiotherapist holding leg of female patient lying on examination bed at surgery. physiotherapy, health and healthcare services.
Domestic ginger cat shaking head and scratching or pawing excessively inside its ear may be cause of ear mites, allergies, foreign bodies, infection disease and other ear problems.
Back view of dad with artificial leg walking with kids in park. Father going to amusement park with daughter and son during summer holiday, spending time together. Disability, family concept
Hair removal laser 2D animation. Skincare, epilation, beauty procedure. Beauty salon concept. Can be used for topics like skin anatomy, body hair.
Human Body Organs (Kidneys). 3D
Close up portrait of adorable black and tan dachshund resting his head between the cushions of white sofa and finally barking. Cute look right to the camera and from side to side, clever dog eyes.
Cropped shot of doctor helping patient with bandaged leg walking on crutches in hospital ward. Traumatologist assisting patient with broken leg in clinic
Assistant controls a cardio surgery in front of monitors in a control room. In an operation room a surgeon makes manipulations with a patient.
X ray image was performed balloon catheter inflation in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure to right coronary artery (RCA)
A man applies medicine for nail fungus on his toes. Nail disease.
Cardiac catheterization showing coronary arteries for diagnosis cardiac arrest .
the owner wipes a wound on a dog paw pads with a medical cotton swab. animal hygiene and treatment
Medical scan. A domestic cat undergoes ultrasound diagnostics at a veterinary clinic. The veterinarian does an ultrasound of a beautiful white cat. A veterinarian examines a cat in a veterinary clinic
Isolated Mosquito Flying over Green Screen 4K
A patient going through robot-assisted training therapy.
Young man's knee joint being manipulated by osteopathic manual therapist, physician. Physiotherapy rehabilitation of the patient's knee. Chiropractic, osteopathy, manual therapy. Bearded man doctor
Physiotherapist exercising with disabled person on a therapy table.
Preparation for coronary angiography. Doctor's hands insert a diagnostic catheter into the patient's vein. Close-up.
a woman at an osteopath's appointment. she is lying on her back on the medical couch. the man holds the bent female leg by the knee and ankle and swings it. average plan
Attractive young female therapist checking knee joint of senior man lying on examination bed in clinic
KYIV UKRAINE - JUNE 8, 2021: Modern technology in the diagnosis of heart disease. Angiograph. Interventional cardiology. Stenting of the affected coronary artery on an angiograph.
Coronary angiography is a test used to find out how much narrowing there is in coronary arteries for detect cardiac arrest ,Showing left coronary artery.
KYIV, UKRAINE -  - JUNE 8, 2021: Modern technology in the diagnosis of heart disease. Angiograph. Interventional cardiology. Stenting of the affected coronary artery on an angiograph.
Young male nurse helps senior black woman walk with crutches. Middle aged African woman at rehab center supporting herself on crutches while receiving help from RN
KYIV UKRAINE - JUNE 8, 2021: Modern technology in the diagnosis of heart disease. Angiograph. Interventional cardiology. Stenting of the affected coronary artery on an angiograph.
KYIV, UKRAINE -  - JUNE 8, 2021: Modern technology in the diagnosis of heart disease. Angiograph. Interventional cardiology. Stenting of the affected coronary artery on an angiograph.
Coronary angiogram , medical x-ray for heart disease. Coronary artery disease.
A woman's legs are shown, she is suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency with mild cellulitis in her legs. In bed as she rest to relieve heaviness, swelling, pain and redness in the leg. Top view
X-ray of a human knee with knee replacement isolated on a black background
Magnetic resonance imaging of knee joint, MRI knee pain. Technique: coronal T1, sagittal T1 and axial T1
Monitoring of the catheter in the heart in the X-ray
Following shot of elderly woman in wheelchair. Moving through the hallway. Disabled disability handicapped impairment disease treatment and patient paralysis
MRI OF RIGHT KNEE HISTORY: A 15-year-old woman presented with pathological fracture of right femur
Suggestive of malignant bone tumor
could be either osteosarcoma or Ewing sarcoma.Medical footage.
A female surgeon assembles an electronic innovative medical device for surgical operation. New medical technologies
The Cardiovascular System. 3D Medical animation of the Aortic Valve Expansion
Cardiac catheterization, Stent into body
Slow motion of woman practicing figure skating on ice skating rink / Murray, Utah, United States
Scientists test for Covid-19 or Corona virus By using science tubes to research and treat illness in a lab or hospital. Medical treatment concepts
Suffering of foot injury use hand massage on barefoot to relax muscle from foot pain, heels and sole of foot.
Stem Cell Injection into Knee of Female Patient
Viking village in Norway. viking boat drakkar
Surgeon student trains to inserting needle for catheter on medical dummy. Hands in blue latex gloves.
Urine Catheter bag rotating extreme close up stock footage
Physiotherapist helping young man, doing exercises at the rehabilitation center. Healthy gymnastics. Active people.
Athletic asian woman performs One Arm One Leg Plank pose on yoga mat to stretching exercise at home. female body muscle and  training fitness indoors. Healthcare with yoga therapy and sports concept
Senior knee problem, Orthopedist examines the knee of elderly patient to collect information for physical therapy treated. Doctor touch knee pain area of Old man legs talking about knee pain symptom.
Close the incision wound with staples and wrap it in a clean dressing.Bone knee repair is a surgery to fix a broken bone using metal screws, pins, rods, or plates to hold the bone in place
Nurse wearing sterile gloves cleaning the access port of a central venous catheter with an alcohol pad of a bald young cancer patient lying in a hospital bed
Surgeon sews wound on leg after surgery using self-absorbable threads, hands closeup. Doctor sutures ankle during surgery with neat stitches after removing hygroma. One day surgery concept.
Close-up Rack Focus of Stem Cells Being Infused Into Patient's Arm
patient at the doctor with a syringe who has her legs checked varicose veins
A doctor does medical procedure Sclerotherapy used to eliminate varicose veins and spider veins. An injection of a solution directly into the vein.
Leg vein anatomy, venous valve function, blood flow, erythrocytes, human anatomy, 3D animation
doctor treats a large healing wound from a severe burn on the leg of an adult male patient, redness, scarring of the skin, the concept of medical care, human tissue regeneration
deformation of the joint on the leg
Doctor shows anatomy of structure of human knee joint
Coronary angioplasty and stent insertion
Patients legs of an old woman. Varicose veins on a female legs. Phlebology. Close up varicose veins on the leg.
The anesthesiologist with assistant prepares female patient for surgery, puts patient into anesthesia, regulates oxygen mask, endotracheal tube. Surgery. Anesthesia
Closeup of Perfusion serum
Caucasian male athlete doing exercises on foam roller for warm up, massage muscles legs at outdoor gym. Rehabilitation in sports medicine. Young man use massager roll to remove pain of legs.
Coronary Angioplasty
Radiofrequency Energy, Cryoblation, Left Atrium Focal Ablation 3D Animation
The surgeon performs the operation on the legs with the help of innovative technologies - laser. Treatment of varicose veins promptly, close up. A phlebologist treats a patient.
Cardiac Catheterization, Stent Into Body
Virtual reality helps to train unhealthy muscles
Sick dog pug with bandaged paw in line at veterinary clinic. Girl holds a sick dog in her arms, strokes, regrets. Close-up
A sick pug dog in a veterinary clinic with a catheter in the paw. The mistress of the dog sits nearby, strokes and regrets pug. . Administer medication through an IV drip Close-up
Long shot of family playing hide-and-seek in nature. Dad with disability hiding behind trees while little girl is looking for them. Disability, game, spending time together concept
Dad with disability playing hide-and-seek with kids in park. Little girl closing eyes and counting out loud while her father and brother hiding. Disability, game, spending time together concept
Athlete male patient in clinic sport physical therapy concept. Occupational therapist helping ailing. Physiotherapist doing exercise for knee. Physician treating injured leg
Examination of varicose veins in an elderly woman in close-up. A doctor in gloves examines the veins on the legs of a woman with varicose veins. Varicose veins in an old woman in a neglected state
Medium shot of patient's legs during laser hair removal procedure. Slow motion. | Unwanted hair and laser hair removal concept.
Nurse putting a drip into the catheter lying patients close-up
Restless man shaking his leg
Close-up of Doctor Flushing IV in Young Patient with Saline
Syringe to IV in Patient's Arm Rack Focus
Human making steps on robotic futuristic medical device. 4K.
modern medicine pressotherapy machine for recovery health in spa salon
Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. Also called leiomyomas
Male surgeon in glasses leading the operation. Group of surgeons use operational instruments and devices for trauma operation.
Human body Anatomy Leg Focus  Body Muscles Circulatory Veins Arteries Lymphatic System
close up of woman legs with varicose veins. Spider vein texture on legs, vascular medical problem. Elderly woman care
A man calming a woman in a hospital, holding her hand
The index finger shows a cracked heel with rough skin on the foot. We do the pedicure ourselves. Self-care for your feet. Isolated video, close-up. Warm, soft light. UHD 4K.
Anatomy,achilles tendon ,soleus ,calcaneus 3d Medical Anatomy
Tendon rupture is a long partial or complete tear of the tendon.
Infusion system drip chamber
An ultrasound technician does an examination of the ankle joint and the Tibia bone on a young woman. Detail of an ankle exam with an US probe. A doctor examines a foot joint in a patient.
Treatment of diabetic foot ulcer. Old woman feet damage. Blood glucose intolerance problem. Foot callus
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