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Empty Green Screen Display Laptop for Watching and Paste Background e Business Blog or Gaming App. Copy 3d Pc with Clear Chroma Key for Mockup. Concept Computer Technological on Video Call Close-Up 4k
Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia, Argentina. Natural beauty of towering glacier surrounded by glacial lake. A large mass of ice falls into the water. High quality 4k footage
Glacier Ice Collapse Into Ocean Water, Close Up. Global Warming and Climate Change Concept
Rainforest of Amazon in South America from the space view, realistic planet Earth rotation
Timelapse video work of equipment on an open pit for gold mining
Blue Particles on Black Background. Glitter Particles with Stars. Bokeh Shiny Particles Loop Animation.
Perito Moreno glacier calving falling down in Patagonia Argentina in slow motion
Golden Summer concept the motion of bokeh sunlight natural shadow overlay loop background, logo titles in award, music, wedding, anniversary, party and presentation backdrops, corporate.
Laptop blank screen opening with screen switching on - isolated on white and green screen. Alpha matte for laptop and screen included
Side view of modern powerful white car rides on summer highway. Footage. Perfect auto drives fast on country road. Large sports alloy wheels with powerful brakes. Static camera, cars leave the frame.
Action of piece of Perito Moreno Glacier breaking and falling in water, Los Glaciares National Park, Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia, Argentina, South America, 4k footage in slow motion
Chunk of glacier collapsing into the lake Argentino on the patagonian region. Slow motion.
Crowd of soccer fans from Argentina cheering their team with a blue garlands and argentinian flags at stadium. Football fans sitting at stadium starts cheering when their national team scores a goal.
silversides hiding behind secret rocks  under sun shine and beams underwater silverside fish school wavy sea protection ocean scenery behaviour backgrounds
Global Climate changes awareness video - the glaciers are warming and melting faster.  The glacier gives the lake Argentino huge blocks of ice. Ice detaches and falls into the Icebergs Channel.
Animation of breaking silver chains. Metal or steel chain is blown to pieces. Concept of regains freedom. Break free from weakness. Symbol of strength, power, free, liberty. Powerful independence.
Vineyards, grapes field, vine on plantation. Harvest season. Agricultural field in green even rows. Argentina Chile wine culture production. Sun dawn cinematic rays bright. Aerial drone view video
Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Dynamic Dust Particles Randomly Float In Space. Shimmering Glittering Dust Particles With Bokeh. Slow motion on Black Background.
Silver grass flower blowing in the wind, silver grass flower sway in the wind.
4K gold particles awards backgrond is a motion graphics. The luxurious gold particles keep moving forward, the golden particle stripes are rising, perfect for awards, movies, weddings and openers.
Perito Moreno glacier falling down in Patagonia Argentina in slow motion
Golden & Silver Safe UNLOCK 4K animation With Green screen background - Opening safe door The Vault Door 3D SAFE UNLOCK - Easy to USE - Money and security Animation Chroma key
High resolution time lapse video showing the phases of the moon from new moon to full moon.
Green screen, chroma key with white scattered stars. White sparkle on the green screen.
Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Dynamic Dust Particles Randomly Float In Space With Slow Motion. Shimmering Glittering Particles With Bokeh. Real Colored Particles In Air.
Close up of gorilla face opening his eyes.
Silver Confetti Particles Pack on a White Background with Luma Matte Channel.
Beautiful abstract beige floral 4k video background. Sun shadows and reflections of trees, green leaves and daisy flowers on sunny surface of wall
Epic tracking shot of a Powerful silverback gorilla maleing in front of a lake in the western lowlands.
Perito Moreno glacier falling down in Patagonia Argentina in slow motion
3d render of monochrome black and white abstract art surreal object based on meta balls spheres in glass water liquid and silver metal material in transition deformation process on grey background
Silhouette of Miners leaving the Coal Mine in Patagonia, Argentina.
Light grey white looped gradient abstract background. Business video corporate presentation, birthday party backdrop. Endless pure tech transition. Space for text. Random moving soft geometric lines
white cloth satin Velvet ,Abstract background luxury cloth or liquid wave. Milk wave isolated on white background , Silk texture  material Abstract white elegant wallpaper design,
Panoramic Aerial drone view of Buenos Aires obelisk on avenida de Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Shows buildings and skyscrapers with car traffic in the Street below.
Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Glittering Sparkling Particles Randomly Spin In The Air With Bokeh. White Dynamic Particles With Slow Motion. Particles Shimmering In Space
Group of business people joining together silver and golden colored gears on table at workplace teamwork concept
Podcast Recording. Inspirational men. Hispanic man recording voice over. An intelligent brunette male person records his voice.
2022 New year Celebration 4K animation - (Purple and Blue Colors ) New year 2022 Greeting With Fireworks  - Happy New year 2022
Close-up professional microphone for dubbing and singing in recording studio in rays of colorful floodlights. Studio recording, professional microphone in recording studio, close-up, podcast concept.
Fly over workers looking over mining pit
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Black glossy and grey silver metallic stripes. Geometric tech abstract motion background. Seamless looping. Video animation Ultra HD 4K 3840x2160
Close-up of microphone on stage against a black background with white lighting and smoke. The silhouette of the microphone in the dark. Music instrument concept.
the black car gradually emerges from the darkness due to the illumination and disappears again in the darkness. close-up on headlights
Elegant elevator door made out of fine, brushed steel opens. The camera slowly moving towards it and entering the door, revealing a deep, dark, empty elevator shaft. Risky movement. Health hazard.
Macro Shot Clock Face and Internal Working Mechanism with Rapidly Rotating Arrow and Gears. Metaphor Time is Money or Life is Fleeting. 4k Realistic Animated Watch Close-up View with Depth of Field
Hand turning modern black granitte tap on and off
Time lapse Oil refinery. Oil refinery located in Bangkok, Thailand.
Animation of breaking silver chains. Metal or steel chain is blown to pieces. Concept of regains freedom. Break free from weakness. Symbol of strength, power, free, liberty. Powerful independence.
Laptop with blank screen isolated on white background. Whole in focus. 4K  Template, mockup.
Green grass flower blowing in the wind with blue sky, silver green grass flower sway in the wind. Slow motion
A close-up view of a thoughtful dreaming mature woman in eyeglasses is looking to her silver laptop computer sitting at home
3d realistic glass bottle with pipette. Cosmetic vial for oil, liquid essential, collagen serum is isolated on pastel background. Animation of packaging for design, advertising, products promotion.
Gorgeous happy middle aged mature asian woman, senior older 50s lady smiling pampering touching hair waving grey healthy hair looking at camera. Ads of hair care, senior haircare advertising.
Congress building in Buenos Aires. Orbiting flight around Congress building in the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina
Top view on silver pot of boiling water on kitchen stove. Female chef adds authentic italian spaghetti pasta in symmetric and professional way. Cooking at home, food or cook blog
Silhouettes of palm trees swaying in the wind with sunset.
3 density levels of a gold coin fountain. This animation is perfect for games, apps, commercials, and marketing presentations. Transparency is embedded in video.
Meat production, aerial above grass-fed angus beef cattle in meadow, farm and sunset in distance
Refrigerator in clean white modern kitchen. Home appliance beauty shot dolly
Elegant light grey white seamless looped background. Diagonal white stripes animation. Digital minimal geometric 3d BG. Technology metallic line. Premium luxury design template. Animated soft pattern
Calving a glacier
Silver Confetti Explosions Pack. Carnival confetti - confetti falling from above - animation
Super slow motion of Champagne explosion, opening champagne bottle closeup. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps
Grape growers adult father farmer and teen son work together. Hands with grapes. A small family farm growing grapes. Harvest Season. Picking grapes
macro view rising over gold and silver cryptocurrency coins on black background, 4k blockchain altcoin investment
Disinfection, protection, prevention, housework, COVID 19, coronavirus, safety, sanitation concept. Slow motion: woman cleaning door handle with antiseptic disinfectant wet wipe - low angle close up
Aerial landscape of Iguazu waterfalls. Niagara waterfalls. Cataratas del Iguazu waterfall. Waterfalls nature scene. Rainbow water falls landscape. Aerial view of Cataratas do Iguaçu water fall stream
Argentina soccer fans cheering and jumping together at stadium. Argentinian football supporters jumping and clapping for their national team's victory.
Beautiful spring tall grass flower swaying by blowing wind outdoors. Silver or gold reed grass growing on shores of river, pond or lake. Abstract natural 4k video background
El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina at Argentine Patagonia. Argentina. Panoramic aerial landscape of Perito Moreno Glacier at Los Glaciares National Park at Argentine Patagonia. El Calafate, Argentina.
Silver Spring, MD, USA 11-10-2020: Exterior view of the headquarters of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This federal agency approves medications, vaccines and food additives for human use.
Golden Bar Production. Beautiful Shot of Ingot in Fire Flame. Manufacture. Blow torch flame. Factory Scene. Hot Liquid Gold Solidification. Non ferrous industrial Factory. Close Up
Cute silver miniature schnauzer terrier dog, white terrier dog funny holding smartphone in paw like a hand. Stunning eyes, amazed face in surprise. Funny dog with smartphone concept
Extreme closeup of metallic second arrow passing by on black clock face. Lengthwise view of luxury swiss watch
Iguazu falls Brazil. Nature landscape waterfalls. Aerial view of waterfall beach landscape. Cascade waterfalls. Iguazu falls Argentina Brazil. Nature landscape. Beauty nature. Tropical travel.
Falling mercury drops
gleaming glitter star sparkling background animation
Close up of a modern electric car charger being attached to a silver electric car by a male person wearing a white shirt. Shot in slow motion in 4K.
Natural Organic Dust Particles Floating On Black Background. Dynamic Dust Particles Randomly Float In Space. Shimmering Glittering Dust Particles With Bokeh.
Buenos Aires, Argentina - April 2, 2018: Day to night sunset time lapse over the downtown of Buenos Aires
Heap of silver nuggets background (seamless loopable)
Streaming dirty rusty brown water in sink. Water stream going down the drain.
The father and son driving their cars. slow motion
A Green Traffic Light in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Close-Up.
CIRCA 1953 - Argentinian president Juan Peron watches an exhibition boxing match between American heavyweight champ Archie Moore and a local boxer.
Silver Spring, MD, USA 11-10-2020: Exterior view of the headquarters of US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This federal agency approves medications, vaccines and food additives for human use.
Young man running in the middle of the great salt flats of Jujuy in Argentina. Aerial drone 4K video. Sport and travel concept.
Sushi Rolls Spinning Food Japan HD
Slow motion of gorgeous middle aged mature woman, senior older 50s lady waving grey silver hair isolated on white background. Back view. Slow motion. Ads of hair care spa, hair loss prevention cure.
Silhouette of dancers in a smoky ballroom. Passionate couple dancing tango in a dark room with spotlights in slow motion.
Concert microphone on the stage in the dark with the light red and blue bright lights. Microphone in a smoke on a dark background. Music instrument concept.
Prehistoric hand paintings at the Cave of Hands (Spanish: Cueva de Las Manos ) in Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia, Argentina. The art in the cave dates from 13,000 to 9,000 years ago.
Aerial shot orbiting an impressive rock formation with a river valley on background in Patagonia region, Argentina
Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park near El Calafate, Patagonia, Argentina, view of ice chunks collapsing into the water.
Close up of diamond under microscope held by tweezers shallow depth of field. Engagement, marriage and wedding concept
Air Duct Specialist Installing New Vent Shaft System On Ceiling Of Industrial Building.
Slow motion of man with television covering face doing the floss dance wearing sparkly costume against black background
The Flag of Argentina waving in the wind against a blue sky.
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