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Two attractive caucasian girls sitting at the street cafe at pleasant sunset drinking juice or coffee, communicate and sharing stories while drinking orange juice, spending relax outdoor evening.
Group of children run in park. Happy family in park. Kid are run. Girl and boy are playing. Group of children playing in park. Happy kid are run. Children play games. Family games. Girl and boy run
Construction workers laying concrete pavement on the street
beautiful little asian girl and boy sister and brother running on flagstone path through flower blossom in park
Woman face. Portrait of gorgeous girl with beautiful hair and vitiligo smiling at camera, looking confident, straight her hair and enjoying urban city lifestyle. Real people series. Vitiligo concept
Top view of a Worker cleaning the street sidewalk with high pressure water jet. Public maintenance concept
FEZ, MOROCCO. Panoramic aerial 4K view of the Old Medina. Historic area in sunny day.
Fun confused shy shamed young asian woman girl 20s in pink clothes look camera bit lips spreading hands say oops i am sorry isolated on pastel purple violet background studio. People lifestyle concept
Top view bicycle woman riding a bike on round road in city park. Young woman cycling a bike on circle road at city park in summer park. Woman riding bicycle on paved road in city square drone view
Bark of brown wood close-up rotates 4k. Pine tree or oak. Macro closeup, tree is like background rock shot from quadcopter. Timber or lumber natural pattern, rough raw wooden texture of forest trunk.
The Roman road Ambrussum, Villetelle, Occitanie, France.
Close up of flat belly of young woman in modern jeans. Motion camera portrait of young woman with dermatology disorder skin and naked belly. Young female with slim perfect body wearing trendy clothing
A cargo dump truck pours asphalt concrete mixture into a paver hopper for road repair
Asteroids flying and spinning in the space of a green screen animation. Realistic animation of stones on green screen. 4K.
Offroad Drive On Amazing Leaf Paved Autumn Forest.A mesmerising trail of a virgin Northern Greek forest, paved with fallen red yellow and brown leaves in all of its autumnan beauty.
Aerial shot of the top of Stelvio Pass with hairpin corners on a sunny day. Highest paved mountain road in the Eastern Alps. Cars, motorcycles, and bikers are enjoying the ride.
Close up footage of female feet cycling a bicycle in the morning by paved city street with wet asphalt . Side view of a young woman riding a trekking bike with green wheels, wearing sneakers and jeans
camacari, bahia, brazil - august 24, 2021: workers are seen doing asphalt recap of the access lane to the industrial hub of the city of Camacari.
Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Frankfurt, Germany. April 5, 2020. Street cafe tables with barricade tape and closed restaurants during pandemic lockdown.
Myrtle Falls in Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State. Sunflare in video
Rotating drone shot flying around electricity pylon and modern freeway (both built by Chinese companies), infrastructure development and political influence in Ethiopia Africa
Senior couple going for a bike ride. Happy senior couple riding bicycles at  park
Macaque (Macaca arctoides) uses a tool - breaking a shell by hitting it with a cobblestone. This is a free-living urban monkey community of Similan National Park, Phang Nga, Thailand.
Happy young smiling man in sunglasses cycling a bicycle in the morning park or boulevard . Slow motion of young man riding a trekking bike, wind blowing and waves his shirt. Summer, autumn empty city
Roman road stone-paved at the entrance of Ostia Antica, a world famous archeological site.
CROW WING CO, MN - 5 MAY 2010: Red dump truck drives from dirt onto asphalt paved street as it leaves a new home construction site.
Happy girl. Little girl run through forest park. Kid plays on green grass. Happy kid run in garden. Green grass and trees in forest park. Little girl run through green garden.Happy girl among trees
4K Details with hands of a mason working with cobblestone . Construction worker laying paving slabs on the street. Engineer on protective gloves makes the sidewalk , hitting stone with hammer
Likable concentrated young bearded office worker with backpack riding a bike on cobbled street near modern construction of airport with panoramic windows,slow motion
The aerial shot of two people driving a motorbike by the coast road next to the sea
Vesuvius archaeological city near Pompey with drone "avvicinamento vesuvio città archeologica Pompey con drone " SUNRISE ALBA
Strange young man wearing a tinfoil hat showing a cardboard sign with EARTH IS FLAT written on it. Weird men going insane about a conspiracy theory.
Scenic View Of A Road With Snow Covered Landscape While Snowing In Winter Season - Pov, First Person
Macaque (Macaca arctoides) uses a tool - breaking a sea almond (Terminalia catappa) by hitting it with a cobblestone. This is a free-living urban monkey community of Prachuap Khiri Khan city, Thailand
18th June 2019, Dublin, Ireland. Trinity College campus, Dublin city centre.
Dirty sidewalk being cleaned with water from a pressure washer
House exterior during sunny day. Residential home with swimming pool
1920s Stunt Man Skis Behind a Car Speeding in the Desert at 60 MPH. The Man Falls off the Car and Survives.
Cleaning Garden Cobble Stone Paths by Pressure Washer.
Close up of cute white male labrador walking with female owner wearing jeans and sneakers. Side view of unrecognizable girl enjoying summer city street walk with cute pet on the cobbled sidewalk.
Empty bench near park road with pond view. Bright evening sun light shine and flick through sparse leaves on branch hanging over wooden seat. Big and quiet green park at Tokyo city
Statue of Philip III timelapse hyperlapse at Mayor plaza in Madrid in a beautiful summer day with cloudy sky, Spain
Driving on a Country side Road, valley, driver passenger window View Pine trees  POV Plate - Point of view front  Flying camera sunset. Drone
Road works with excavations marked with barriers and orange flashing warning lamps. Blocked street for traffic due to renovation.
Empty park alley in city. Pan right view of empty benches and paved alley on sunny day in city during COVID 19 quarantine
Historic cobblestoned Street of the Knights in the old town of Rhodes, Greece
Young woman and man join hands and go along Great Wall of China. Low camera, wide angle shot from floor of stone paved walkway. Tourist pair explore famous Chinese landmark, Mutianyu section
A man walks in brown leather shoes and trousers on the cobblestones, shooting close-up from a steadicam
Flying down paved road in Redwood forest of northern California.
View from the drone on the rain-damaged agricultural fields
Construction workers laying concrete pavement on the street
Stone blocks in the walkway
Ancient stone medieval wall. An element of ancient architecture.
Driving towards the mountains along a desert road with the sun high in the sky - point of view
silhouette of woman wearing long skirt and flat shoes with laces walking along paved city street at bright sunset light close low angle shot slow motion
Young girl fallen of a bicycle laying down beside her bike unconscious on a concreat paved road. Real people. Copy space
Fort Collins, CO, USA - October 16, 2021: Riding bike on a paved trail in Fort Collins, Colorado, POV in fall scenery with a cyclist shadow and a city bus passing by
Class driving school, road signs, teacher man wearing glasses lectures a class
Spanish needle grass, black-jack, beggar-ticks, cobbler's pegs
Woman in blue shirt kicks e-scooter to ride and disappears in evening city park slow motion close backside low angle shot
separated disabled signs on asphalt parking lots near shopping centre or mall
Tender footage from the car of family of ducks crossing without fear and confidence a paved street in residential area of Reykjavik. Sidewalk parked and white painted bicycle lanes. Iceland
Morocco: Aerial view of the city of Tangier /Panoramic view of the city of Tangier 4K quality
Driving on forest on first snowing day of the year slow motion.Pov shot of light snow falling for the first time while entering a natural forest park with tall trees
Worker drilling concrete with compressor on the street. Man with the drill breaking up asphalt on the road. Man using a jackhammer. Preparation for paving. Road work. Construction, vibration, close up
Paving stone close-up. Paving slabs close-up.
Happy kid walks on green grass. Child takes the first steps along rural road. Kid run in nature in park. Boy walks on grass in field. Happy childish dream concept in park. Boy run on green grass
Denver, Colorado, USA-January 15, 2020 - Driving on typical paved roads in a suburban upscale residential neighborhood of America.
Closeup shot of concrete casting on reinforcing metal bars of a slab on the industrial construction site. Creation of reinforced concrete slabs in production
Young woman on paved trail smiling in slow motion.
Drone aerial shoot over Casablanca Marrakesh Agadir Fez Morocco travel
Narrow street of ancient Pompeii are paved with cobblestones with huge stones lying in the middle.
Cleaning city streets with water hose. Street sweeper cleaning asphalt. Worker power washes curb near sidewalk in downtown.  Janitor work, cleaning of streets. Concept for cleaning company.
Construction worker laying cobblestones, paving stones
Feet in black sneakers walking over city stepping over sett road
Happy kid walks on green grass. Child takes the first steps along rural road. Kid run in nature in park. Boy walks on grass in field. Happy childish dream concept in park. Boy run on green grass
french bulldog drinking water in the park.
Floating over cobblestone
Denver, Colorado, USA-January 12, 2020 - Driving on an interstate highway I-25 in suburban America.
Reflection of lights of cars in puddle during rain. Gloomy day in Prague, Czech Republic.
Belgrade , Serbia - 08 08 2020: Young Woman Walking on Rocky Pavement in Bohemian Street in Skadarlija on Summer Day
Construction work on landscape design. Paths of paving slabs, small ponds. arborvitae trees grow along the fence. Construction site, work in progress.
landscaping, paths, plants, shrubs, Tuya, juniper, a small pond.
Construction workers laying concrete pavement on the street
Happy young man riding bicycle on empty bike road through green tree park on summer sunny day in the morning
Drone aerial shoot over Casablanca Marrakesh Agadir Fez Morocco travel
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Three colored cat holding in mouth ginger kitten while carrying outdoor. Mom cat with baby kitten
Peaceful autumnal scene in a city park with empty bench on paved walkway and colorful autumn leaves falling from lush trees at daytime. With no people panoramic landscape 3D animation rendered in 4K
Deserted Dam square in Amsterdam during Corona pandemic.
Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Frankfurt, Germany. April 5, 2020. Zeil pedestrian and shopping zone with empty streets during pandemic lockdown.
Aerial view woman cyclist riding a bike on paved road in city park. Young bicycle woman riding bike on circle paved path in city park in summer park. Woman riding bicycle on round road in city square
The drone is lowered down close to the edge of the steep cliff, a rock inspection is carried out before descending climbers with the help of the drone, the best path for descent is paved.
Angry Man Annoyed While Driving a Car. Agrressive Driver Irritated with Traffic
Drone around winter amazing rock formations stones, boulders megaliths on top of mountain natural landscape details. Snowbound peaks of mount. Endless wilderness. Best Far East Russia. Travel. Aerial
Moving on stone paving road in old city. Walkway with cobblestones, rectangular and quarried stone. Roman road.
The illuminated entrance and front side of the gothic stone medieval church of saint Peter and Paul with its two spires at Vyšehrad,Prague,Czechia,at night,on an empty paved square with lanterns,tilt.
Grass sprouts through old grey slabs of city pavement
Winter cobblestone sidewalk with snowy sides and people walking calmly outdoor on beautiful sunny warm winter or spring day. Two women together with cute white fluffy dogs having good time outdoors
4K. Riding vintage horse carriage on a cobble road. Horse-drawn Carriages runnig. Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON Cinema Camera.
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