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Close up portrait happy sincere middle aged elderly retired family couple making heart gesture with fingers, showing love or demonstrating sincere feelings together indoors, looking at camera.
Female nurse doctor wear white uniform hold hand of senior grandmother patient help express empathy encourage tell diagnosis at medical visit, older people healthcare support concept, close up view
happy senior asian couple exercising running outdoors
Happy senior elder father grandfather and young adult granddaughter grown daughter talking bonding drink tea sit on sofa, loving 2 two generations family embracing enjoy friendly conversation at home
Happy senior elderly 70s man user holding smart phone watching mobile video calling online looking at screen relaxing on couch at home, older grandparent learn using modern technology gadget concept.
Senior elder man patient talking to caring female doctor physician caregiver at nursing home in hospital holding hands explaining well-being get support and medicare services at medical checkup visit.
Thoughtful elderly old woman, looking towards the window, being alone in the evening, thinks about a serious problem. A woman misses her daughter and grandchildren, remaining in isolation.
Beautiful and cute couple of seniors or old people in the middle of the sea driving and discovering new places with small boat. Mature woman holding a phone and taking a selfie with hew husband
Caring elderly grandma wife holding hand supporting senior grandpa husband give empathy care love, old married grandparents couple together two man and woman hope understanding concept, close up view
Therapist wear white coat face mask due corona virus pandemic outbreak talk to elderly patient during visit in clinic office, supporting him, telling about health check up, disease treatment concept
Happy young woman nurse caretaker helping talking with senior grandmother patient give support empathy, female doctor carer having trust conversation with elderly lady, older people homecare concept
Cheerful old elderly adult family couple hugging laughing bonding looking at camera, smiling healthy senior retired grandparents husband and wife happy faces embracing at home, close up portrait
rear view of loving asian senior couple standing by a river looking at sunset
young asian doctor telling senior couple test result in hospital corridors
Happy senior 80s grandfather look talk to camera at home video calling recording vlog, smiling elderly adult man sit on sofa communicate in online chat, webcam view, old people making videocall
Concerned frightened elderly male get official bank notification read about bankruptcy debt feel confused worried. Stressed middle aged man retiree troubled with unexpected bad news from paper letter
young asian physical therapist working with senior man on walking using a walker in rehab center or nursing home
Upset senior retired man grandpa holding cane stick in hands sit alone on sofa at home, depressed pensive old elderly man having older age health problems feeling lonely thinking of disease concept
Touristic agency worker explain showing on laptop travel offers tell about tour prices to happy older couple in office. Insurer woman presents offer medical insurance services to aged spouses concept
Overjoyed senior old 80s man hold phone look at screen excited about mobile app sport bet bid win concept. happy elder grandfather winner celebrate victory success read good news in cell text message.
Vintage-style flicker Super 8 film moves across the top with gear holes from the collection.Light leaks and lens flare, super8 film burns footage.
Black vinyl record spinning and play music on the dj turntable with colorful label in the center of the plate. Top view to vinyl disc with popular disco trends 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, loop 3d animation.
Senior old woman talking to young female nurse doctor help patient at checkup medical consultation at home hospital, elderly grandma listen caregiver giving support, older people healthcare concept
Female doctor measuring high low blood pressure of elderly male patient in hospital. Cardiologist examining old man hypertension sufferer using medical tonometer. Seniors cardiology healthcare concept
Black vinyl Retro record on DJ turntable. Black vinyl background with yellow screen in center. Rotating plate close up. Party. Loop. Macro View from above Popular Disco Trends 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s
Young woman doctor in white uniform and stethoscope on neck talk to older patient, discuss health concerns writes complaints, fill medical form. General check up, healthcare, medical insurance concept
Sunset Vintage Film in Santos Brazil, Circa 1975
Senior adult woman holding painkiller pills on female hand pouring two capsules from meds bottle taking medicine, old elderly grandmother health care, pharmacy and treatment concept, close up view
Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept
Happy Retired Senior Couple Taking Dog For Walk Along Path In Autumn Countryside Together
Senior grandmother massaging hand suffering from joint pain. Older woman having rheumatoid arthritis. Elder adult lady touching wrist feeling hurt. Osteoarthritis geriatric disease concept. Close up
Happy elderly senior adult gray-haired 80s man smiling face white healthy teeth dental smile sit on sofa. relaxed old retired single grandfather posing alone at home look at camera, close up portrait.
Retro abstract 80's 90's design pattern background. Memphis style with geometrical shapes of different vintage colors. Seamless 4k pop art design.
Frustrated senior lady reads bad news in mobile message concept. Sad depressed 70 years old woman looking at smart phone feels shocked. Worried elder female user customer lost money on scam fraud
A panoramic view of the restored model of the Second Temple at dusk, which stood on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, between 516 BCE and 70 CE. Some elements are from OpenStreetMap.
Disabled old senior grandmother holding walking cane stick in hands, sad elderly woman hopeless depressed about health problem injury worried of disease concept alone at home hospital, close up view
Retro abstract 80's 90's design pattern transition background. Jazz disposable cup meme style with vintage brush strokes vintage colors. Seamless 4k pop art design transition.
Happy older senior adult man hold cane sit on sofa looking at camera. relaxed optimistic disabled retired elderly 80s grandfather dental smile posing with walking stick at nursing home, portrait
Authentic Super 8 frame scanned from film for overlays and vintage effects.
Female doctor talk to old unhealthy male patient during visit in private clinic, show bottles with meds explain prescription, give professional consultation. Chronic disease treatment pharmacy concept
friendly asian worker talking to wheelchair bound senior resident in hallway of assisted living facility
4K: Grandmother seeing her Granddaughter through the window during Lockdown - Social Distancing during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak. Stock Video Clip Footage
Minimal thin fluorescent spiral in infinite rotation. Funky holographic backdrop in retrowave style. Shiny fibonacci swirl in purple, blue and pink neon colors. Seamless loop animation.
Dark-haired Caucasian athlete rising up his leg while exercising on yoga mat in living room. Funny sportsman of 50s in yellow t-shirt touching mustache while working out indoor. Training concept
Over shoulder closeup view of asian senior elderly 70s man user holding smart phone watching mobile video calling family in virtual app, older grandparent learn using modern technology gadget concept.
Male television news presenter in tv studio, breaking news about coronavirus vaccine
Older grey haired grandma enjoy using mobile app sit on sofa, senior lady texting typing message hold smart phone look at cellphone screen browsing social media at home, old people tech users concept
Young woman nurse caregiver talk help disabled handicapped old grandma patient sit on wheelchair at home, female doctor provide elderly lady medical service, senior people health care support concept
The doctor performs an MRI scan for a patient at the clinic. The girl lies in the MRI device. Magnetic resonance imaging in the study of the human body. Modern technologies in medicine.
Water rate in the human body is seventy percent. Proportion H2O. Female and male silhouettes, filled with 70% water ratio. Gray blue male, female figures. White flat back. Health footage video
Caucasian male nerd in glasses with mustache sitting at desk in retro room and working on computer. Man programist typing on keyboard while studying. Vintage style of 90's. Hacker from 80's.
Smiling senior elder 80s man using digital tablet computer pad modern tech relax on sofa. Happy retired old grandfather browse internet read e book in app chatting online with distance doctor at home.
Retro abstract 80's 90's design pattern transition background. Jazz disposable cup meme style with vintage brush strokes vintage colors. Seamless 4k pop art design transition with alpha matte.
Focused 70s elderly man scientist writer author professor lawyer reading antique letters paper documents. Confident old male working at library book archive storage sitting at desk workplace side view
Happy caring grown granddaughter hug senior grandad cuddle look at camera. friendly 2 two age generations family old grandparent father and young adult grandchild daughter posing for close up portrait
Happy middle aged family spouses having fun, making selfie photos together on smartphone at home. Laughing bonding mature older married couple using funny mobile applications or recording video.
Unhappy middle aged 70s grey haired woman feeling lower lumbago spinal backpain while getting up from couch. Unhealthy senior mature retired grandmother suffering from osteoporosis arthritis.
White seagulls flying above the Great Salt Lake on a sunny day, beautiful scenery. View from a car's window. VINTAGE FILM.
beautiful black woman with afro hair having fun smiling and dancing in studio against blue background. slow motion
Happy carefree elderly senior grandparents dancing waltz in modern living room, loving old husband laughing holding mature wife enjoying retirement lifestyle talking in slow dance having fun at home
Smiling senior adult grandmother using smartphone sitting on sofa. Happy 70s elder woman holds mobile phone texting message, checking app, reading news at home. Old grandparent learns tech gadget
A pop art retro flowers and sunburst animated illustration in the style of vintage 1960s or 1970s psychedelic artwork. The view slowly zooms in across the bed of flowers towards the wavy sun rays.
Female volunteer delivery food to poor senior woman at home. Volunteer and Donation concept.
Loving senior husband grandfather cover old mature grandmother sit on sofa drink tea with blanket plaid showing care warming embracing elderly wife enjoy autumn leisure retirement lifestyle at home
Vintage Tape Recorder Roller. Reel film tape is rotating at a vintage professional player. Oldschool concept
Female Doctor Checking on Elderly Patient Lying in Hospital Bed Doing Therapy Via VR Technology. Friendly Doctor Helping Senior Woman Receive Therapy Using Virtual Reality Headset.
Doctor use stethoscope checking up heart beat rate of older female patient, writes results fill medical history card at meeting in hospital. Medical checkup, care of senior clients, cardiology concept
Nursing care concept. Nursing home. Japanese translation: "right","left"
Amazed senior lady celebrating mobile win concept. Overjoyed 70 years old woman using smartphone reads good news in sms. Happy lucky elder female customer feels excited gets shopping sale offer
Please stand by text on TV screen, maintenance, no signal, silence, emergency. TV static classic pattern
friendly asian nursing home employee talking to senior woman resident happy and smiling
Portrait Of Happy African American Elderly Lady, Laughing And In Good Health, Slow Motion.
portrait in the window of an elderly woman in a medical protective mask who put her hand on the glass and waiting for medics or relatives to help her
Handheld shot of male doctor explaining to patient over tablet computer in hospital ward
Happy carefree two age generation women family young grown adult daughter and healthy active old senior mature mother listening music dancing together laughing having fun at home in living room
Smiling elder 80s adult grandfather learn mobile phone app sit on sofa, happy 70s senior man hold smartphone texting messages in social media reading news, old person using tech gadget concept at home
Cheerful Caucasian male and female retro style models stretching muscles while standing in room. Funny couple of man and woman exercising at home near sofa. Indoor pair workout at home. 50s concept
Retro sunburst animated background looping 4k video
4K: Grandma seeing her Family through the window during Lockdown - Social Distancing during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak. Stock Video Clip Footage
Old vintage TV animated background. 70s, 80s style television. White noise effect on the screen. Analog Static Noise texture. Monochrome, black and white offset flicker. Screen damage
During visit young female doctor in white coat showing to older female patient health test result, explain prescription using medical app on digital wireless tablet. Elder care, modern tech concept
Serious senior old grandfather talking looking at camera at home, elder man online teacher blogger sit on sofa communicating by webcam in distance conference video call recording vlog, webcamera view
Happy old retired couple talking laughing using laptop doing internet shopping choose sale offers together, senior elderly family grandparents relaxing looking at computer screen sit on sofa at home
Happy young adult daughter grown granddaughter visit old senior grandpa elder father relax talk sit on sofa in living room, 2 two generation family grandparent and grandchild bonding drink tea at home
Happy old man with grey hair, senior 80s smiling with white teeth at home. Portrait of one cheerful grandfather relaxing indoor.
Serene pensioner on the sofa or couch
Real film grain and light flares from a Super 8 camera for overlays on digital footage. Dirt, grain and scratches to add an analog feel. Authentic 70s era home movie camera. 100D reversal color stock
Happy loving elderly old couple grandma and grandpa embracing bonding relaxing sit on couch looking at camera, smiling senior retired family enjoy hugging on sofa in living room grandparents portrait
Red-blue neon animated VJ background
senior woman eyes, wrinkled face. portrait of old european grandmother with green eyes. old skin with wrinkles. close up of wrinkled face of Caucasian woman.
Retro abstract 80's 90's design pattern background. Neon style with geometrical shapes of different vintage colors. Seamless loop 4k pop art design.
Vintage TVs Green Screen. Sepia Tone. Zoom In. You can Replace Green Screen with the Footage or Picture you Want with “Keying” Effect (Check out Tutorials on YouTube).
Caucasian male nerd in glasses with mustache sitting at desk in retro room and working on computer. Man programist typing on keyboard and chatting. Vintage style of 90's. Gamer from 80's.
Terminally-ill old lady crying on chest of her husband, love and care till end
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI USA 19 DECEMBER 1970: Basketball game of St. Louis Bombers in 70's
March 07 2018 - motion graphics tetris computer arcade game
Elderly senior adult man holding walking cane stick in hands concept, sad depressed lonely old retired disabled male grandparent sit alone at home waiting medical care support concept, close up view
Senior 70s woman in glasses looking at old photo album close-up. Adult female holding nostalgic memory at cozy modern home. Casual elderly life and wrinkled skin of hands. Biography or history concept
Unwell mature 70s grandfather take pill drinking water having health problem or chronic illness. Unhappy sick senior man holding painkiller to relieve pain sitting on couch. Medium shot on RED camera
Confident thoughtful senior adult male professional medic, old doctor wears white medical coat glasses holding stethoscope looking through window dreaming, thinking or healthcare and medicine concept.
asian old man sitting in wheel chair in his room in nursing home looking happy and content
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