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Butterfly On Dandelion - 31 Dec 1899
Regent Street At Christmas, London, United Kingdom - 25 Dec 1970
Queen Elizabeth II
Portrait Of Genghis Khan
Portrait Of Basil I
Blocks From London Bridge, United Kingdom
Elizabeth I & The Lance Of Truth, United Kingdom
Performing The Sword Dance, Scotland
'Arab Caravan In The Desert'
'The Battle Between King Arthur & Sir Mordred', United Kingdom
Sheffield, Mid 19th Century, United Kingdom
Couple At New Years Party, London, United Kingdom
William Of Orange Lands In Torbay, United Kingdom
Erik The Red Discovers Greenland
Leighton's 'Daedalus And Icarus'
Costumed Trio At New Years Party, London, United Kingdom
The Field Lane Refuge, London
Hauling The Yule Log
Hatshepsut Expedition To The Land Of Punt
'Interior Of A Mint', France
The Old Year & The New Year
'King James II Besieges Londonderry', Ireland
Early Surgical Instruments
Tutankhamun [RF: Misc.]
Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Pope Paul IV., Italy
The Danish 'Raven''
'A Highland Piper', Scotland
Under The Mistletoe
The Gleaners'
New Years Masquerade, London, United Kingdom
Magna Carta, United Kingdom
Lola Montez [Misc.]
George Washington, USA
The Old Bailey, London, United Kingdom
Christmas Celebrations
Easter Customs
Eating Eggs
Regent Street At Christmas, London, United Kingdom - 25 Dec 1969
Piccadilly Circus At Night, London, United Kingdom - 25 Dec 1968
Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom
Vote Of Censure Debate
Offices On The Thames, London, United Kingdom
Government Building In Whitehall, London, United Kingdom
Construction At Guy's Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II with her children
Athene Seyler
Snuff Box
Mayfields School, London, United Kingdom
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