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Stock photo of Rain aftermath in Amritsar, India - 24 Sep 2018

Rain aftermath in Amritsar, India Stock Image by RAMINDER PAL SINGH for editorial use, Sep 24, 2018

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  • Editorial credit: RAMINDER PAL SINGH/​EPA-EFE/​Shutterstock
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  • Indian policeman stands near a sinkhole that opened up at a road after incessant rain in Amritsar, India, 24 September 2018. According to news reports, alert was sounded in the region in wake of the weather forecasts, predicting moderate to heavy rain. Schools were asked to be shut down by the administration as a precaution on 24 September in Amritsar which received 145mm of rainfall on 23 September. Farmers are concerned over the damage to the paddy and cotton crop in the region after incessant rain showers lashed the region in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana states. Most of the paddy crop stands ready to harvest at the start of the October month in the region.

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