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Stock photo of 'Emmerdale' TV Series - Apr 2016

'Emmerdale' TV Series - Apr 2016 Stock Image by ITV for editorial use, Apr 2016

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  • Ep 7528 Tuesday 14 June 2016 Ashley Thomas, as played by John Middleton, and Dan Spencer, as played by Liam Fox, plan another poker night in the pirate ship whilst Arthur Thomas, as played by Alfie Clark, tells Lady Amelia Spencer, as played by Daisy Campbell, and April Windsor, as played by Amelia Flanaghan, about his plan to get rid of the ghosts. That night, Arthur, Amelia and April burst in on the poker game ?Ghostbuster style? as Arthur's dust buster suckers onto Dan's neck. Aprils takes photos as evidence and Jimmy offers to pay Amelia to keep quiet but how will Dan explain his 'love mark' to Kerry?

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