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Stock photo of Draft  Day at Fed Ex Field, Landover, Maryland, USA - 24 Apr 2004

Draft Day at Fed Ex Field, Landover, Maryland, USA Stock Image by Shutterstock for editorial use, Apr 24, 2004

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  • Almost 44 thousand Redskin fans showed up at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland to buy souvenirs, munch on discounted snacks, trod on the turf of the Redskins home field and watch the NFL 2004 Draft on the Jumbotrons. After the Redskins made their first round pick, Head Coach Joe Gibbs, center, Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams, left, and Offensive Coordinator Joe Bugel, right, arrived to chat with and answer fans questions. Coaches Williams, Gibbs and Bugel wave farewell to crowd as they left the field. Behind them can be seen the construction in progress expanding the capacity of Fed Ex Field to more than ninty thousand. .

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