At Shutterstock we understand that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion makes us more effective and is essential to innovation. We are deeply focused on equality and are committed to diversity across areas including race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, religion, ethnicity and national origin. Guided by our Seek Diversity principle, our goal is to build a workforce, contributor network, and content library that is representative of the diverse global community.

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in Human Rights Campaign's 2022 Corporate Equality Index

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Inclusive Culture
We want our employees to come to work as their authentic selves and feel comfortable sharing their ideas, experiences and perspectives to fuel the creative and innovative products we deliver to our customers.
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Recruitment and Retention
We believe that diverse and inclusive teams create the most innovative work. We also know that they are more committed to building a diverse pipeline and recognizing the value of varying perspectives. To continue building a more diverse and inclusive company, we are partnering with Jopwell, Black Professionals in Tech Network, and Women Who Code to help us connect with—and hire—historically excluded talent.
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Business and Community
Shutterstock is focused on creating the best experience for our global community of contributors and customers. We’re committed to featuring diverse visuals and contributors, elevating the voices of historically excluded groups, and working with our contributors to ensure our content accurately represents the world and brings visibility to those who are traditionally excluded.
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Women@Shutterstock brings women’s issues to the forefront of the company to positively impact the company culture.
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ShADEs (Shutterstock Afro-Descendant Employees) is dedicated to the retention, development, and advancement of Black employees while promoting a culture of inclusion in the communities where they live and work.
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Prism is committed to creating a supportive, diverse, and inclusive company culture for LGBTQ+ people globally.
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Todos Juntos
Todos Juntos is dedicated to furthering the recruitment, career development, and retention of Hispanic and Latinx employees at Shutterstock.
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Seasons is committed to giving employees of all ages a voice while bridging gaps between different generations and career levels.
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Pan-Asian is committed to empowering an inclusive company culture for people of Asian descent, with a focus on the recruitment, engagement, and retention of employees at Shutterstock.
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The Middle East Diverse Influential Assemblage (MEDIA) aims to raise cultural awareness and to share and celebrate the vastly diverse and rich traditions of the Middle East with all Shutterstock colleagues.
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Minds Over Matter
Minds Over Matter provides a network of support to employees with the goal of nurturing mental wellness by promoting awareness and equipping employees with information and tools that foster a healthy work-life balance.

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