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Ready to explore the biggest trends in computer vision in 2021?
Join the conversation with two computer vision experts, Oliver Myers, Principal WW Business Development Manager for Amazon Rekognition, and Alessandra Sala, Director of AI & Data Science for Shutterstock.

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Watch now to learn:

• Why diversity and variety of data are just as important as volume • How to ensure quality control in your datasets • How computer vision is evolving to account for aesthetic preference, technical quality, semantic interpretation, and more

Plus, see how companies of all sizes are using computer vision to revolutionize driving, shopping, healthcare, and more, and get our experts' thoughts on what's next in computer vision.

Oliver Myers
Principal WW Business Development Manager Amazon Rekognition
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Alessandra Sala
Director of AI & Data Science Shutterstock
Janna Schuette
Director, Strategic Accounts Shutterstock