Asset Sync

Shutterstock’s asset-sync integrations allow Shutterstock Enterprise teams to automatically sync and organize their licensed assets to popular file-sharing and digital asset management platforms, with included metadata and license information.

Common Features

Available features vary depending on the file-sharing system. Common features include the ability to:

  • Sync an entire team's previously licensed creative images and videos in bulk
  • Sync newly licensed images and videos every hour
  • Sync assets to folders based on asset or license metadata
  • Organize and label content within your application based on Shutterstock metadata (e.g. description, keywords)
  • View and search for assets by Shutterstock metadata, including:
    • Purchase information (e.g. custom fields entered at time of purchase)
    • License information (e.g. license or licensee)

How does it work?

Shutterstock utilizes Workato, a leading IPaaS solution provider, to connect a team's Shutterstock account with the desired destination application. Workato allows Shutterstock and its customers to set up custom workflows to manage the sync actions.

Integrations provided by Shutterstock

Different platforms provide different file-sharing features, and Shutterstock has implemented different features on each platform. This table summarizes what is available on each file-sharing platform, including these features:

  • The types of assets that can be synced to the platform.
  • Whether Shutterstock can create folders on the platform based on the organization or metadata of the assets.
  • Whether Shutterstock can sync metadata to the file-sharing platform based on the metadata of the Shutterstock asset. What the integration can do with the metadata depends on how the platform handles this type of data. If the row shows that the metadata can be embedded, Shutterstock can apply the metadata directly to the files, such as in EXIF data.
ApplicationSupported assetsMap foldersInclude metadata
BoxImages, Footage
DropBoxImages✓ (embedded)
Google DriveImages
OneDriveImagesX✓ (embedded)
VeevaImagesX✓ (embedded)

Integrations provided by our partners

For a full list of integrations provided by both Shutterstock, and our integration partners - visit our Enterprise Integrations directory.

How do I enable asset sync?

To start syncing assets and metadata with your desired file-sharing application, contact your account representative or contact us directly with the following information:

  • The user name of the admin on your team's Shutterstock account
  • The file-sharing application that you want to sync to

After you provide the information, a Technical Partner Manager will create an application on your behalf in our Developers Portal, and send an invitation to create an account in our Integration Platform.

This integration is available only to customers that have an active Enterprise subscription with Shutterstock. If you don't know if your subscription is included, contact your Shutterstock Account Manager.