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Quickly access a library of over 350 million images directly from WordPress.

Smart Image Recommendations

With Smart Image Recommendations, picking the perfect images has never been easier, or faster.

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License images without leaving your WordPress post.

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Get Smart Image Recommendations in real time

The plugin offers Smart Image Recommendations that will automatically suggest relevant images based on entered text. Accelerate the publishing process by reducing the number of steps it takes to source creative assets.
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Your image options just increased by 350 million.

Maximize your Shutterstock Premier account by adding images, vectors, and editorial photos to your WordPress Media Library.

Add any licensed images straight to your WordPress post.

Our plugin creates a Hot Folder in WordPress that auto-syncs with your Premier account so you can access previously licensed images from anyone on your team, even if it wasn’t licensed on Shutterstock. Want to set an approved asset as the featured image on your post? Now you can.
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Get fast integration and full support.

All you need to get started is a Shutterstock Premier and WordPress account. The process is easy, and if you have any issues we’re here to help.