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Text message received on mobile smart phone, animated envelope icon with laptop and coffee cup in background
Female farmer examining ploughed field soil, drone footage top view of woman agronomist working casting shadow on theground
Animated white pollen particles on black background with copy space included
Plastic bag trapped in tree branches, environmental pollution and damage
Fomo, fear of missing out on information, events or experiences makes people use their smartphones more than usual, selective focus
Female Farmer using Digital Tablet Computer with Animated Infographic Charts in Oilseed Rapeseed Cultivated Agricultural Field Examining and Controlling The Growth of Plants
Reflecting warning triangle on the road behind the broken car, another vehicle passing in other direction
White pergola curtains at seaside as abstract summer holiday background, slow motion
Aerial shot of gray passenger car on the road through wooded landscape in fall, top down perspective from drone pov
Agricultural tractor is fertilizing wheat crop field with NPK fertilizer nutrients, slow motion handheld footage
Text message notification pops up on mobile smart phone in home office, man typing laptop computer, selective focus
The end screen, vintage retro movie outro, computer generated
Drone pov shot of two cars passing by each other on road through green countryside landscape with poplar tree wooded area, directly above
Three cows grazing on pastureland meadow and casting shadow on the grass field, aerial view directly above
Ending 2021, humorous footage of paper roll being sucked into sanitary toilet after flushing water, slow motion
Tired exhausted medical professional with face visor, protective gloves and mask in Covid-19 hospital, selective focus
Hooded unrecognizable hacker and cyber criminal working on laptop, programming bugs and viruses for computers, software code is overlaying footage
Prison cell door closing shadow on dark concrete jail floor. 1920x1080 full hd footage.
Animated black and white audio spectrum with bars and dots
Dishonest businesswoman telling lies, lying female entrepreneur holding fingers crossed behind her back
Tree hugger concept, woman hiker hugging wood in forest, female environmentalist is protecting nature, handheld footage
Cybersecurity concept with faceless hooded male person, low key footage with digital glitch effect
Computer hacker working on laptop, glitch effect
ZRENJANIN, SERBIA - OCTOBER 13, 2017: Man browsing through pictures on Instagram page. Social media and networking editorial footage.
Interior neon lights turning on and off, modern office lighting equipment
Alarm clock on night table in bedroom ticking time in early morning with sunlight and shadows on the wall in background
Man having nightmare, close up of male eyes opening after bad dream at night in bed
Driving a car through city industrial zone in sunset, view from the side window, silhouettes of buildings and trees.
Worldwide global business and technology data infographic, conceptual animation of spinning globe with various charts and diagrams
Blur crowd on city street, defocused group of people walking. General data protection regulation GDPR concept.
Cryptocurrency hack concept with faceless hooded male person, low key digitally enhanced footage with glitch effect
Hooded maniac with finger on lips gesturing shh sign to silence victim before attack, slow motion
Aerial view of cottonwood forest green treetops from drone pov, top view
Lawyer working in office, reading legal books and searching for information
Aerial view of truck and cars on road through countryside, drone pov
Swimming pool water surface from above, pure blue water with light reflections
Serious female farmer posing on farm. Confident woman farm worker wearing plaid shirt and jeans overalls looking at camera, arms crossed
Businesswoman browsing through ring binder file documentation archives on the shelf in business office, close up of hand
Man running on dusty dirt road through countryside, close up of legs in slow motion
Justice figurine and ring binders in law firm office
Man drowning in the sea, hand asking for help sticking out of cold water with air bubbles, pov shot
Hand grabbing house keys and leaving home, close up
Doctor and patient considering nutritional supplement therapy in medical office
Unshaven adult caucasian male having private conversation over landline telephone, close up detail of face, beard and mouth talking.
Computer hacker working on laptop computer, trying to crack software or hack network security firewall. Concept of cybersecurity, password credentials and online identity theft.
Health care infographics data on charts and diagrams with silhouettes of two people, doctor and patient in dark hospital hallway
Male hand honking the car horn, man driving vehicle and beeping
Cordless landline telephone receiver ringing on the table of dark living room interior
Construction engineer working on desktop computer using CAD software to sketch project in architecture studio office
Woman using mobile smart phone while driving car, dangerous behavior in traffic
Group of rubber ducks, dolly slider shot.
Top view of nervous hungry male hands at dinner table holding fork and a knife above empty flat white plate, dieting concept.
Olive tree branches and fruit in the morning with sunlight leaking and lens flare
Forestry technician talking on mobile phone in forest during logging deforestation process, handheld footage
Young common kestrel bird on tree branch in public park, selective focus
Flowering parsnip (Pastinaca sativa) field, cultivated root vegetable
Black Welsh mountain sheep in ranch barn, selective focus
Donkey on domestic animal farm, selective focus
Pool water as background footage, selective focus
Soybean (Glycine Max) crop sprouts in field, low angle view with selective focus
Solar panel photovoltaic cells with apartment building in background, concept of renewable and alternative energy, selective focus
Kaleidoscopic background, miniature people walking on venue, geometrical pattern
Agricultural irrigation impulse sprinkler spraying the water on cultivated field, selective focus
Common oat and barley crop cultivated field, selective focus
On-farm ventilation system, swine farm equipment
Agricultural irrigation sprinkler spraying the water on cultivated field, selective focus
Defocused blue pool water surface glittering bokeh as abstract background, selective focus
Abstract background for TV failure and television glitch with static noise and interference signal
Aerial shot of male farmer wearing trucker's hat and green t-shirt using drone remote controller in corn sprout field to examine plantation from above, ascending motion
Aerial shot of commercial van and lorry truck on highway through countryside landscape, directly above drone pov. Transportation and traffic concept.
Spelt (Triticum spelta), dinkel or hulled wheat crop field, high angle view from drone pov
Drone shot of female farmer agronomist walking through and examining corn sprout field, rear view
Drone pull-away backward motion among cottonwood tree trunks in forest. Nature and environment concept.
Green grapevine plant against blue sky with copy space
Male farmer wearing red plaid shirt and trucker's hat examining blooming rapeseed field, rear view with selective focus
Ear of barley with spikes in field, back lit cereal crops plantation in sunset
Oriental knight's spur purple flower in unripe barley field, selective focus
Aerial shot of of corn crop sprouts growing in cultivated field, dolly drone footage of plantation
Flock of common crane (Grus grus) birds resting near the pond during springtime migration, aerial shot top down. Herons are apex predators in aquatic ecosystems
Farmer holding harvested ear of corn in field, closeup of hands selective focus
Fusarium corn ear rot damage. most common maize disease, selective focus
Businesswoman in taxi car drawing line on the window on a rainy day, selective focus
Man washing car in self-service carwash garage with high-pressure jet sprayer, selective focus
Agricultural tractor with tiller attached performing soil tillage in field, aerial view from drone pov
Fomo, fear of missing out on information, events or experiences makes people use their smartphones more than usual, selective focus
Retro style psychedelic kaleidoscopic colorful abstract background, loopable footage
Flock of gull birds on flooded wetland landscape, aerial shot from drone of this beautiful ecosystem near the river Tisa in Vojvodina, Serbia
White cistern truck on highway through forest landscape in autumn, aerial view from drone pov directly above. Transportation and traffic concept.
Closeup of female hands using smartphone for communication in living room, selective focus
Green multi-purpose vehicle car with trailer on highway through wooded landscape, aerial view from drone pov
Aerial view of agricultural tractor with tillage equipment attached on dirt road through cultivated landscape, drone pov directly above
Self-service car wash with jet sprayer, water and soap on vehicle windscreen, selective focus
Semi-truck, van and many cars on road through wooded landscape in autumn, traffic and transportation concept from drone pov, directly above.
Green caterpillar of white-lined sphinx eating flower, closeup macro shot footage with selective focus
Green caterpillar of white-lined sphinx eating flower, closeup macro shot footage with selective focus
Closeup of unripe green barley ear in cultivated field, selective focus
Empty indoors swimming pool with emerald green water during wintertime
Cottonwood trees in forest in autumn, diminishing perspective
Smartphone mockup green screen on freelancer's work desk, top view flat lay
Man washing car in self-service carwash garage with high-pressure jet sprayer, selective focus
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