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A person in a mask puts boxes in the trunk of a car. Volunteer work in the midst of an epidemic
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
Back view: A male farmer walks along the road along the fields of corn, in his hand carries a tablet
A woman pulls clean washed white linen from the washing machine
The courier delivers food home. Delivery of food in quarantine
Ride along a typical American suburb, view from a car window. Usa Road Trip
Boxes with medical goods unloaded on the doorstep of the hospital
Business owner hangs on door announcement of closure due to coronavirus quarantine.
The silhouette of a farmer near a cow. In the field at sunset.
A courier wearing a mask and protective gloves delivers a parcel. Working in a pandemic
A group of successful young people hold hands, together they raise their upper hand. Successful team and team building concept.
Slider shot: Vegetable counter at farmers market. Slider shot
Funny dog in sunglasses looks out of the window of a car that rides in a typical US suburb
The delivery service will bring packages from the grocery store home to the customer
New York City Manhattan aerial panorama cityscape- the transition from Day to Night video. Aerial video timelapse
Boxes with medicines are loaded on to the pharmacy warehouse
A woman puts white laundry in the washing machine
A happy young family with a child play kites together on the beach. Summer holidays
The famous New York yellow cab rides over the bridge. View from the taxi window
A farmer with a can of milk walks through a meadow, cows graze in the background
The courier delivers food home. Delivery of food in quarantine
The banana comes to life and rises against a white background. Male Power Concept. Two weeks timelapse
Hands worker put a tomato in a box. Harvesting in the field, organic products
A curious dog looks out the car window, which rides through a small town. Against the background of a beautiful sky
Worker in protective clothing loads boxes of medicines into the trunk of the car
Little defenseless puppies are sitting in a large bucket. Buy yourself a pet concept
A person in a protective suit is handed a box with protective medical masks to the doctor
Portrait of a Mexican working farmer. Standing on the field, looking at the camera, smiling
Female student studies at home near laptop, university online concept
Two businessman farmers shake hands with each other firmly. They talk on the field against a beautiful sunset, they use a tablet. Deal
Farmer pours milk into can at sunset, in the background of a meadow with a cow
A patriotic dog is traveling in a car, an American flag is flying alongside
Young bikers ride motorcycles on the highway
A pile of sand at the bottom of the hourglass, small grains of sand fall from above
The dog goes to summer vacation, she has sunglasses, looks out of the side window of the car
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio
Mountain river and Brixdal glacier in the background. The Incredible Landscapes of Norway
Sellers at the farmers market put vegetables on the counter. Products from local farmers
A group of farmers are discussing in the field, using a tablet. Two men and one woman. Team work in agribusiness
Housewife pulls multicolored laundry from washing machine
The hand holds the keys to the house. Against the background of a slightly blurred typical American house
Farmer plucks mint leaves, cooking ingredients and soft drinks
Graduate in a protective mask and cap, graduating from college under quarantine
Cement on the troughs follows from the concrete mixer. Delivery of ready-made high-quality concrete concept
Rear view: A female farmer with a box of fresh vegetables walks along her field. Healthy Eating and Fresh Vegetables
Slide shot: A counter with seasonal vegetables at the farmers' market. A selection of vegetables from local producers
Large digger bucket extracts soil from trench
Man and woman drink tea by the fireplace, good evening together, home comfort
Quickly go along the picturesque countryside and the agro-earth
Male farmer holds some large strawberry berries in his hands
The dog shakes off the water. Pleasant coolness in summer. Slow Motion Video
Ride along a typical American neighborhood. View from the car window
Hyperlapse video of Montreal city near the Notre Dame Cathedral by night
An emotional college graduate in a mantle and a graduation cap with two fireworks in his hands
A blond little girl in pink glasses looks out the window of the car. In his hand holds the American flag
A man in a protective antiviral suit knocks on the door of the house. Quarantine and self-insulation concept
Three funny puppies peek out the car window, traveling dogs
Steadicam shot: Farmers - a man and a woman walking across the field at sunset. Carry a tree seedling, a watering can and a shovel. Concept - work in the garden, volunteering, a new life
A group of bikers gets on motorcycles and starts the journey
The silhouette of the doctor, studying the Patient's X-ray
Mom gently kisses her daughter's temple. Together they admire the beautiful sunset. Back view
Silhouette of a graduate man in a cap and mantle and a mask on his face. Looking out the window
A stamp Approved is placed on a sheet of white paper, close-up
A close target - a woman runs down the hill in a picturesque place. She was tired, her lace on the sneaker untied. Concept - forward movement, purposefulness, victory
Three farmers go ahead on a plowed field at sunset. Young team of farmers
Farmer pours goat's milk into can, goat grazes in the background
A woman holds several cute beagle puppies in her hands, their mother dog sits in the background.
Woman driver behind the wheel of a car drives on the highway at sunset
The dog looks out the window of the car that is moving
A man holds his hand above the surface of the sun panels
An Asian man drives a car along the highway, the setting sun shines in the windshield. Back view
The farmer harvests cucumbers in his field, puts vegetables in a box
A stamp Approved is placed on a sheet of white paper, copyspace compocition. 4k video
Funny Dog with the American flag looks out of the window of the car. 4th of july and independence day in usa concept
Beautiful narrow street in the old part of Rome, Italy. Medieval buildings covered with ivy. Steadicam shot
Opening a business halfway to quarantine
A sunny day in the warm South. The sun's rays make their way through the leaves of the palm tree. Lens flare effect
The old banana is gaining strength and recovering. Male power concept
Funny video with animals. The dog goes to the car, looks surprised from the window
Steadicam shot: Four Rivers fountain in Piazza Navona in Rome Italy.
Delivery of medical equipment to the hospital. People in protective suits hand over boxes
Three bikers drive on the highway at sunset
A lot of bicycles and pedestrians on a narrow bridge in Amesterdem. In the frame, you can see the bicycle wheels and foot pedestrians - an intense movement. This is the bicycle capital of Europe.
Two farmers talk on the field, then shake hands. Use a tablet
Mom teaches daughter to ride a bike. Concept - the first success. At sunset
Bakc view of Woman with smartphone goes aquarius solar panels at home solar power plant
A man walks through the woods past a landfill made of household rubbish
A woman puts colored underwear in a washing machine
The farmer's hands are testing the soil on a field with young corn seedlings
Rome, Italy - June, 2017: Street life in the center of Rome. Visitors eat in a cafe, walk along the street and take pictures of tourists
The owner walks along the panels of the terrestrial solar power plant, the setting sun illuminates him
Amesterdam, Netherlands, May 2018: Walking in the streets of Amsterdam. Old houses and triangular orange flags at the top. Steadicam pov video, low angle shot
Ottawa, Canada, October 2018: Historic Canadian Parliament Building in Ottawa, many tourists visiting the sights. Hyperlapse video
Men movers in protective suits load cardboard boxes with medicines into the car
Silhouettes of two motorcyclists quickly pass by the camera on the highway against the setting sun
Owner hugs his beloved dog
Portrait of a smiling mexican farmer. Standing on the field, looking at the camera
Portrait of a cute dog, looks out the car window. Vacation with the pet, we travel together
A woman is holding a glass of red wine at sunset. Against the background of the vineyard. Tourists are tasting the wine concept
Arch of the famous Colosseum in Rome. The sun's rays shine through them. Steadicam shot
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