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Milking cows by hand
A men's hand feeds a chicken in the yard
Hand-feed the chickens in the yard
Beautiful dust in the room against the window. Light rays. Slow motion . Close-up
A woman is milking a cow.
Close-up of cork popping off champagne bottle
Hands open the curtain on the window. Sun rays. Close-up.
Beautiful chicken eat grass and grain
Slow motion of dust in the air. Beautiful light from the window. Close-up
Soy milk. Environmentally friendly product. Milk farm. Slow motion. Close-up
Grinding coffee beans close-up
A ginger cat on a green lawn HD
Female hand picking a red apple. Beautiful rays of the sun
Funny face goat. Slow-motion. Close-up
Close-up of chicken
Straight road in the autumn park. Beautiful birches on the sides. Bright sun rays
Hand stroking the dog. Smiling dog. Slow motion
Sewing clothes on an old sewing machine. Close-up of needle and thread. Slow-motion filming
A woman picking apples from a tree. Close-up. Slow motion
Closeup of a goat. Funny animal face. Close-up. Slow motion
the girl applying sunscreen to the sea. HD
Girl drinking green smoothies with fruits and vegetables
Cooking smoothies in a blender of fruit and vegetables
A close-up of a chicken that eats wheat
Hand picked ripe peach from peaches tree.
Fuming land after an environmental disaster. Special arson. Human factor. Ecological catastrophy
Preparation of alcoholic drinks Sangria
Dust in the air. Slow motion. Sun rays
The little sparrow fell from the nest to the grass.
Many diverse smoothie stands on a table in a glass
Two cats sit and look at each other. Slow motion.
Feeding the calf milk. HD
Girl with a suitcase is walking at the airport
Beautiful white fence with a green lawn. Bright rays of the sun. Camera in motion
A beautiful chicken in the countryside is looking for worms in the ground. Slow motion
Preparation of alcoholic drinks Sangria
The goat touches the camera lens. Funny animal face. Close-up. Slow motion
Little goat eating grass. Beautiful and curious animals
Little white goats in the meadow. The camera in motion. Slow motion
Beautiful goats in the meadow. The camera approaches the goats.
Fresh milk. Traditional milking of a cow.
Milking cows by hand. Close-up. Slow motion
The cow waves its head in front of the camera. Close-up. Slow motion
Smoothie with banana and kiwi
Interior of the apartment. Large windows in the room. Sun rays.
Beautiful model applying sunscreen on the body. HD
Girl with beautiful legs rubbed into the skin sunscreen on a sea background. HD
Girl with beautiful legs rubbed into the skin sunscreen on a sea background. HD
Chickens eat food. Slow motion
Chicken or the egg. In one hand the chick in the other hand is an egg.
In one hand the chick in the other hand is an egg. Chicken or egg
Cutting through wood with chainsaw. Close-up of a saw. Slow motion
Young woman walks in the park with yellow leaves in her hand. Beautiful sunset. Beautiful place. Camera is in motion. Slow motion
Beautiful treetops in a pine forest. The sun's rays shine through the branches of trees. Camera moves forward
The girl on the mountain looks into the distance. Slow motion. Green grass on top
Girl rides in public transport. The ride on the bus. Looks out the window. Slow motion. Close-up
Beautiful view from the windows for the sea
Beautiful girl with curly hair lies in a hammock in warm summer weather
Beautiful girl in glasses throws bread into the lake and birds grab bread on the fly
Young beautiful woman in glasses feeds seagulls with bread throwing it into the lake
Young woman in picturesque forest at sunset enjoys colorful autumn
Young beautiful woman walking in pine forest at sunset
The process of sewing clothes on a sewing machine. Close-up of needle for sewing. Slow Motion
Sea sunset horizon in the autumn
Summer sunset by the sea
Wheat grain in a hand on sunset background. Slow motion. Sifting wheat in hand
Feeding the group of domestic chickens at a farm
girl walks at sunflower field and touches her hair
Manual watering of seedlings in the greenhouse. Slow motion
The rooster is talking
Mother cat feeding kittens HD
Tiny kittens in a basket HD
Two tiny nice kittens HD
A ginger cat in a garden HD
Chopped walnut. Slow motion. Close-up
Crack the walnut with a nutcracker. Slow motion
Smoothies spinach and different vegetables
Beautiful building with columns. Bright sun shines into the camera. Slow motion. Ukraine, Kiev. 07/11/18 Park VDNH
Grind coffee in an old coffee grinder
Feeding the calf milk
Cyclists drive past. Slow motion. Close-up
Subjective camera moves forward through the autumn forest. Beautiful nature. Yellow leaves around. Slow motion
Attractive girl takes pictures on the retro camera. Close-up
A beautiful girl holds a camera and takes pictures. Close-up
Small dust particles in the air. Beautiful sunlight from the window. Slow motion. Close-up
Dust on the background of light rays. Slow motion. Close-up
Chickens in the countryside eat grain in the feeder
Beautiful apple tree. Red apples. Bright sun rays
Autumn leaves swaying in the wind of river in background
Bright orange camp fire closeup
A mother cat feeding her kittens
Feeding of domestic chickens at a farm
Feeding of domestic cock and hens
Beautiful field with flowers and green grass. Blue sky. Slow-motion. Camera in motion
Funny face goat. Close-up. Slow motion
Beautiful goat. Green grass. Blue sky. Camera moves back. Slow motion
Beautiful white goats graze in the meadow. Slow motion
Beautiful goats stand against the blue sky. Beautiful landscape. Slow-motion
Goats are running in a field on a background of blue sky. Slow motion
Beautiful goat is on the field. Slow motion
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