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Woman drinks tea a cup, and relax on terrace at home in autumn rainy day. Health care, authenticity, sense of balance and calmness. Work from home. 4K Video
Attractive young african american woman stand on balcony looking out over city drinking a cup of tea or coffee. Relaxation, travel, interior, apartment. Slow motion
Handsome caucasian middle aged man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sun shine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy
Happy senior elder father grandfather and young adult granddaughter grown daughter talking bonding drink tea sit on sofa, loving 2 two generations family embracing enjoy friendly conversation at home
Close-up steaming hot coffee or tea cup on saucer, slow motion. Hot ceramic white coffee cup with smoke on old wooden table in nature background. Hot Coffee Drink Concept
Young inspired woman standing on her terrace, enjoying drinking tea, watching views of sunrise landscape and scenery. People at home. Peaceful morning.
farmer woman inspects the tea fields and selects best teas by examining tea leaves for the light. Selective focus on girl agronomist. Organic smart farming and digital farming in the tea industry
Slow Motion Golf Swing Drive Shot. Silhouette Asian male golfer enjoying vacation luxury resort using driver to tee off golf course fairway over sunset background.
Young green tea leaves on the tea bush close up. Fresh tea leaves on tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala state, India. Slow panning steadicam shot
Portrait of satisfied woman drinking tea on kitchen. Attractive lady enjoying cup of coffee at home in slow motion. Smiling woman holding cup of tea in hands at morning
Putting Golf Ball on green in golf course hitting the golf ball to hole for birdie score, sports relax in holidays summer vacation at sunset golden time, cinematic Slow motion footage
Back view of unrecognizable man goes outto the balkone looks around breathes in fresh air enjoys a great morning feeling happy sun shine outdoors lifestyle casual
BAO LOC, LAM DONG, VIETNAM - NOVEMBER 2018:Crowd of tea farmer picking tea leaf on plantation, Vietnamese farmer working on sunny day, green scene of farm, row of tree, top view with tea hills.
a woodcarver processes a walnut wood board with a chisel. artisan makes a tea tray
Aerial view of fresh green tea terrace farm on the hill at Sichuan China drone camera moving close to the tea plantation with mountain landscape 4k footage
4K Young beautiful Asian woman farmer in blue dress walking in nature at tea plantation farm field in springtime. Female hand touching and stroking fresh green tea tree plant leaves in summer morning.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Beer Vortex at 1000 fps.
Attractive peaceful dreamy woman holding cup enjoy favourite tea drink morning invigorating coffee beverage while sit at desk in modern living room before start work. Break, pause, daydreaming concept
Happy young family couple relaxing talking laughing holding cups drinking coffee tea sitting on sofa together in living room, loving husband and wife bonding enjoying pleasant conversation at home
Sunrise golf, man swinging and hitting golf ball in slow motion
Close-up steaming hot coffee or tea cup, slow motion. Hot ceramic white coffee cup with smoke on old wooden table in nature background. Hot Coffee Drink Concept
Coffee cup with natural steam smoke of coffee on dark background with copy space, slow motion. Hot Coffee Drink Concept.
Dense rainforest jungle covered with mist aerial view in slow motion, Malaysia
White steam spins and rises from the pan. White smoke rises from a large pot, which is located behind the frame. Isolated seamless loop black background.
Man playing golf on beautiful luxury resort golf course, swinging and hitting golf ball in slow motion
Fresh tea leaves in the field,Closeup and slow motion
Super Slow Motion Shot of Pouring Tea
Women hand picking up tea leaves at the tea plantation in Munnar, Kerala state, India. Fresh green tea leaves close up on tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala state, India.
Abstract 3D animation of flying green mint leaf. Close up Render footage with fresh nice leaves on white background with alpha matte chanel. 4k.
Man playing golf at sunrise, swinging and hitting golf ball, slow motion
Turkish tea on a tray. Waiter carrying set of glasses with tea in traditional outdoor tea garden. Close up shot of full tea tray in slow motion.
Golf club hits a golf ball in a super slow motion. Drops of morning dew and grass particles rise into the air after the impact.
A transparent kettle of water boils against the background of the sunset shining through the window. The concept of coffee break and end of the working day.
Woman Holding Steaming Cup of Tea or Coffee and Reading a Book, Enjoying Cozy Morning. SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP. Unrecognizable Girl hands with a mug of hot drink indoors. Cinematic light. Lens Flare.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Droplet Falling from Fresh Green Leaf at 1000fps.
Adding milk to a cup of black tea. White and brown swirling. Closeup. Slow motion. Rotation. Abstract chaotic movement
Fasting during Ramadan. Breaking the fast.Religious Muslim man praying to God.Muslim will breaking their fasting after sundown with date following the tradition of Muhammad with water or tea
Dreaming european middle aged man stands in the balcony with great views and drinks hot coffee or tea, sun shine, enjoying beautiful morning feeling happy slow motion
Gorgeous young woman in the house holding and drinking a cup of tea near the window smiling looking outside feel happy
White Steam Ascends Over the Pan. White Steam rises from a large pot that is behind the scenes. Black background. Filmed at a speed of 120fps
Tea leaves fall to bottom of clear glass pitcher. Making refreshing glass of tea. Steeping tea leaves to make flavorful concoction and drink. Golden light through pitcher of tea with brown leaves.
Woman playing golf on beautiful course on the ocean, swinging and hitting golf ball in slow motion, luxury resort vacation
Crowded and hungry Turkish Muslim family having delicious breakfast together (traditional serpme kahvalti) to celebrate Eid-ul-fitr, Feast of Sugar, after the holy month Ramadan
steaming Cup of coffee or tea
Happy loving adult grown son embrace old middle aged mother sit covered with warm blanket on chair drink tea on cozy weekend at home. Two 2 age generations hugging look at camera posing for portrait
Close-up shot of happy female passenger opening airplane window, enjoying hot drink and amazing sunny view during flight
Cultural heritage of Japan: traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Tea master mixing matcha tea in chawan bowl with the use of special tools: chasen, chashaku, Chaki. One of the practices of Zen Buddhism
Relaxed young woman using a smartphone and drinking coffee from a mug while sitting on the sofa. Millennial girl spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Close Up.It fills Turkish tea into a glass special to the Turks.Slow motion.
Close up woman hand gently touching young tea leaf, Planting the trees, protect nature sustainability, agriculture environmental health, caring for mother earth, new start beginning of new chapter
Multiethnic woman doing budget and counting money at home, girl checking dollars to pay utilities bill late at night. Young latin people reviewing invoice, planning family business and filing taxes
Smiling senior man pouring tea in cup from teapot in care facility with wife sitting at table in the common area. Elderly man in care centre sitting on wheelchair and serving tea.
Slowmotion shot of different spices and flavours on a market.
Hot Coffee Mixing with Pouring Milk Cream. Filmed on High Speed Cinema Camera.
Healthy iced lemon drink for detoxification poured in glasses. Iced lemon drink is a healthy beverage for detoxification. Some might drink lemon infused water with gin for cocktail.  Pouring concept.
Top view of person hand stirring coffee with spoon
Closeup smiling couple drinking tea at home together. Happy woman bringing cups of tea for husband in living room. Portrait of joyful couple taking coffee break on sofa in slow motion.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Golden Liquid Whirl Isolated on Black Background at 1000fps.
Pouring tea with orange, lemon and lime out of transparent tea pot into glass with nint.Brewing tea with honey and pancakes in background. Slow motion tea. Full hd
Golfer placing golf ball on the tee at golf course. Closeup.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Waving Golden Liquid Luxury Background at 1000fps.
Happy family in Dubai . Artistic digital sun flare in the background
Concerned worried mature African American black woman holding a hot steaming tea or coffee cup looking out a window
Steam from a Freshly Prepared Dish. White Steam rises from a large pot that is behind the scenes. Black background. Filmed at a speed of 120fps
Close up young african american woman stand on balcony looking out over city drinking a cup of tea or coffee touch sun. Relaxation,travel, interior, apartment. Slow motion
Loving senior husband grandfather cover old mature grandmother sit on sofa drink tea with blanket plaid showing care warming embracing elderly wife enjoy autumn leisure retirement lifestyle at home
Old coffee pot on camping fire. Wonderful evening atmospheric background of campfire. The concept of adventure, travel, tourism and camping.
Super Slow Motion Abstract Shot of Pouring Golden Liquid in Glass Bottle at 1000 fps.
Businessman sitting on balcony working on laptop at tropical beach resort. Young professional male freelancer type on computer and drink hot coffee or tea from white mug from remote home office
Fresh green tea leaves close up on tea plantations.
A cup of tea, glasses and a stack of books by the window. Raindrops run down the glass. Streams of water flow down the window. Drops, rain, thunderstorm. Relaxing, soothing video. For looping video 4K
Super Slow Motion Shot of Ice Tea Vortex at 1000 fps.
Pineapple Fresh on turquoise Background. Loopable
Exploding green leaves in 4K
Tea being poured into tea cup. Slow motion. Breakfast concept.
Woman is enjoying her cup of tea or coffee or chocolate sitting at home in the evening.
Middle-aged guy having hot drink, working on laptop
4k Young Asian woman using hand touching and stroking tea plant leaf while walking on tea plantation farm. Pretty girl relax and enjoy walking in nature on agricultural field in fresh summer morning.
White natural rising steam from food or hot drink isolated on a black background. Сan be used in any projects with hot food. Slow motion, 4K, 300fps, Blackmagic Ursa Pro G2.
A teenage girl is covered with a blanket, her fever, headache, flu.
Man working at home office, spilled coffee on documents at workplace
Close up handsome businessman drinking coffee and admire view standing by window in office
Relaxed middle aged mature old mother and young adult daughter talk drink tea on sofa. Happy 2 two generation women family chatting. Mom and grown child enjoy trust friendly honest conversation
Super Slow Motion Shot of Droplet Falling into Golden Liquid at 1000fps.
Attractive young woman with cup of tea or coffee using smartphone while sitting on couch. Beautiful girl relaxing while chatting on mobile phone.
Cinematic Golfer At Sunset, Close Up Of Ball Hit Off Tee In Golf Drive Shot.
Woman drinks a hot drink from a Cup standing at the window and looks at the rain through the glass.
Happy small adorable preschool baby girl sitting on floor carpet, playing tea ceremony game with affectionate young father, imagining drinking from toy cups together in living room, feeling playful.
Closeup business woman looking laptop computer in home office. Smiling girl drinking tea near notebook indoor. Close up happy businesswoman smiling to laptop camera at remote workplace
Slow motion.It fills Turkish tea into a glass special to the Turks.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Brown Liquid Splash Isolated on White Background at 1000fps.
Dreamy happy middle aged mature woman looking away drinking morning coffee or tea at home, smiling senior old lady holding cup relaxing with positive thoughts dreaming enjoying pleasant memories
Animation showing the 3 main types of heat transfer
Super Slow Motion Shot of Droplet Falling from Fresh Green Leaf at 1000fps.
Apartment children room child plays bright toy car crashes drops pours glass coffee tea carpet. Sloppy handling child leprosy. Dirty floor carpet apartment. Kid fidgety. Splashes different directions.
White Steam Ascends Over the Pan. White Steam rises from a large pot that is behind the scenes. Black background. Filmed at a speed of 120fps
Portrait young Asian lady barista waitress holding coffee cup feeling happy at urban cafe. Asia small business owner girl in apron relax toothy smile looking to camera stand at counter in coffee shop.
Close-up of falling down dried tea leaves into black bowl on pink background. Shooting of ceylon tea in studio. Macro footage of pouring out brewed tea into pile. Food and drink cooking video.
Happy muslim family spending weekend time at the park in Dubai
Cup of coffee on a rainy day
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