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Exhausted or bored young sleepy woman falls down on sofa. Apathetic tired lazy lady sleeping on couch at home alone. Funny girl lying asleep feeling lack of motivation, fatigue or depression concept
Zoom out view of door opening into sunlit old tomb and revealing holy cross on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on easter morning
NEW YORK - APR 25, 2020: Times Square street empty with one car on road during coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic quarantine lockdown in Midtown Manhattan New York City NYC.
Aerial drone view of American suburban neighborhood. Establishing shot of America's  suburb, street. Residential single family houses, lush greenery. Autumn colors, Fall season, trees with yellow red
Driving a Car on a Road in Norway at dawn
White Alam clock 10 o'clock, Time lapse moving fast, Time concept.
Aerial Madrid city center. Breathtaking view. Puerta de Europa and Four Towers Business Area (Cuatro Torres), Spain
Portrait of a mother lovingly embracing her daughter. Her mother is hugging and kissing her daughter. Mother's Day concept.
Calm young woman having healthy daytime nap dozing relaxing on couch with eyes closed hands behind head, peaceful girl sleeping breathing fresh air resting leaning on comfortable sofa at home
Friends toasting, saying cheers holding tropical blended fruit margaritas. Watermelon, tamarind, and lime drinks and cocktails.
London, United Kingdom, 28-11-2020: Aerial Drone Helicopter London City above the clouds and fog, The Shard Skyline, Thames River, London Eye, The Gherkin, Cityscape and Iconic commercial Skyscrapers
CU View of sports car driver in protective overalls racing on a speedway. Fast speed, motorsport. Daytime shot. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
CU on hands and steering wheel, sports car driver in racing on a speedway. Fast speed, motorsport. Daytime shot. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem Easter
sadness, depression - pensive woman looks out the window in a rainy day - macro
Exhausted Or Bored Young Sleepy Woman Falls Down On Sofa. Apathetic Tired Lazy Lady Sleeping On Couch At Home Alone. Funny Girl Lying Asleep Feeling Lack Of Motivation, Fatigue Or Depression Concept
Aerial pullback reverse dolly tracks vehicle on urban city street in USA. Fly by church, homes, residential district during sunny day.
Natural meadow grass slowly swayed by wind blow. The beautiful green swaying grass field is relaxing & romantic. It waving along wind breeze. Slow motion & copy space. Green environment concept.
CU portrait of sports car driver closing helmet visor, starting a race on a speedway. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Portrait of beautiful young Arab muslim woman in black traditional hijab looking straight to camera and smiling. At home. Close up of female pretty face with smile. Arabian headscarf. Indoor.
woman volunteer help feed the homeless with free meal. Close-Up. . High quality 4k footage
France, Paris Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch) in Champs Elysees and Eiffel tower behind, at sunset (or sunrise). 4k Quality shot, forward drone shot, aerial view
Wedding decor beach set up seaside floral roses arch sunny summer Germany. Best Wedding Western details Wood chairs gold concept. Setting stage festive marriage patterns tropical island sunset.
Cinematic aerial shot of an endless mountain and forest landscape in southern Slovenia
Chisinau, Moldova - March 17, 2020: Empty children playground in cathedral square park in the center of city during quarantine by reason of coronavirus AKA covid-19 virus threat. State of emergency
Solar Panels Being Installed On Roof Of House By Workers. Aerial Parallax
View from inside of cardbox on young cheerful Caucasian woman with red hair who looking in it and smiling. Close up of pretty happy smiled girl opening carton box. Female getting parcel.
rising and spinning reveal of BLM sign on Fulton St. in Bed Stuy Brooklyn
lovely small pretty corgis running in the clover field one after another straddling legs their hair waving in the wind happily and cheerfully on the daytime group of happy Corgi puppy running outdoor
Aerial: London Cityscape and Iconic Skyscrapers, United Kingdom
Aerial view of garbage collection for recyclable materials.
Young handsome businessman who walks to electric car. He opens door and gets inside. People and transportation. Success. Wealth.
Happy relaxed young woman rest lounge lean on couch enjoy peaceful mood, healthy lazy calm girl dreaming breathing fresh air sit on comfortable sofa in living room on stress free cozy day at home
Empty Downtown LA Streets Inner City 4K 48FPS SLO-MO
A golden retriever dog fails to catch a disc in slow motion and it hits her in the face.
woman volunteer help feed the homeless with free meal. Close-Up. . High quality 4k footage
Camera zooming in male face with beard and in glasses outdoors. Portrait of young handsome Caucasian guy hipster in hat and with ears tunnels smiling joyfully at street. Close up of stylish man.
April 3,2020: Phuket International Airport,Phuket,Thailand : Interior view inside international terminal in daytime without people due to coronavirus outbreak covid-19 crisis.Phuket airport closed
overhead aerial cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC centered 4K and 1080 HD
Establishing shot of small town in America. Homes in quiet quaint residential housing district. Aerial drone view.
Banff National Park aerial view, flying over the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies during summer, Alberta, Canada.
Pan around view of flags of various UN members fluttering on wind against cloudless blue sky
Time lapse view of dramatic skies over Bogota, the capital and largest city in Colombia, South America.
Happy kid in park in field. Kid run his arms to side. Games in park in airplane pilot. Chidhood dream. Kid airplane pilot. Happy kid run in park. Child in field. Child dream at sunset
Closeup of White Clock Face in timelapse in daytime of office dark grey wall
Pretty multi-ethnic women in sunshine outdoors. Beautiful Caucasian girl in hat walking on street in city. African American female walks in town and holds shopping bags. Buyer, urban concept
Walking along an American suburban neighborhood sidewalk on a sunny spring day
Flying low over an ocean, sea or water as the sun sets on the horizon 3D animation.
Attractive mid-30s Caucasian female clinking glasses while chatting with a friend or partner online in video chat, using a tablet
aerial view hyperlapse 4k video of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. hyper lapse in hong kong city.
Sick young female standing outdoor and coughing and sneezing. Close up portrait of unwell beautiful Caucasian woman coughs and having pain in chest. Infection and virus. Health concept
Looking up trees blowing in the wind with blue sky. Azure sky and bright cloud in daytime is beautiful. Branch of tree is beautiful bright green leaf and It is refresh for looking on summer time
Close up portrait of cheerful beautiful female in good mood with camera standing outdoors in city. Happy pretty young Asian woman tourist taking photo. Photographer taking pictures. Urban concept
Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia. Beautiful view from the inside of the mountain caves of Al Trulah (time-lapse)
Budapest, Hungary - 4K drone flying at Fisherman's Bastion by Matthias Church with clocktower and Parliament of Hungary at background on a sunny summer day
lower flying over BLM sign on Fulton St. in Bed Stuy Brooklyn
Calm relaxed african american young man resting napping on sofa with eyes closed at home, happy healthy guy breathing fresh air lounge on couch hands behind head enjoy stress free peaceful day
Hands of hope. An elderly man and woman touch the palms of their hands through the glass window that separates them from each other during the strict quarantine period.
Moving to new apartment of young couple in love smiling friendly coziness home optimistic moment floor box family indoor lifestyle room together amazing funny happiness slow motion
Back view of Caucasian young rested woman waking up after sleeping stands up from bed and opening curtains looking at window at home in sunny morning. Female awake after healthy sleep greeting new day
April 3,2020: Phuket International Airport,Phuket,Thailand : Interior view inside international terminal in daytime without people due to coronavirus outbreak covid-19 crisis.Phuket airport closed
Modern Robotic Technologies. The robot looks at the camera at the person. The robot shows emotions. Raises his hands up, dances or is indignant. Or attacks
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Second Bosphorus Bridge from Istanbul Turkiye. Aerial View.
Tokyo, Japan-04 February, 2020: Overhead view of Japanese business men and women wear face masks. People wearing the mask as precautionary measures during coronavirus from Wuhan, China
Beautiful 3d Animation of Changing of Day and Night on Planet Earth Seamless. Daytime and Night Cities. Sun Shining and Rotating Earth Looped. Realistic View from Satellite. 4k UHD 3840x2160.
Moving to new apartment of young couple in love. Happy couple stroking dog. Cheerful playful dog licking the owners. People laughing.
Mom teaches her little son to ride a bicycle in the city park, slow-motion. Happy family moments. Time together mother and son.
Two business partners do handshake in front of view on downtown and skyscrapers. A good business deal.
Paramus, NJ - April 22, 2020: Shoppers with face masks social distance while waiting in line outside grocery store during Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
Drone Shot Above Fields of Wheat, Rural Midwestern Farm at Sunset
Aerial view of Toronto cityscape showing architectural landmark CN Tower and high-rise buildings in the financial district on a sunny day.
Clear very nice soft blue sky, white rolling, fast motion time lapse clouds in horizon, relaxing day, fluffu, puffy lightness weather, formating white cloudscape. -UHD.
Aerial video of Melbourne sporting venues and CBD at sunrise
Side view portrait hispanic business man male serious pensive dreamy face young bearded boss leader businessman tourist guy stands alone in city leaning against stone wall outdoors dreaming thinking
Tilt up shot of beautiful pregnant woman taking medication from pillbox and drinking glass of water while standing in kitchen at home
Rider comes out of the stables holding his horse for a guide, out of the stables at sunset . Animal care. Concept of horses and people.
Happy latin hispanic girl young business woman walking in city street looking into mobile phone smartphone screen chatting online in net smiling answering message in social media using gadget device
overhead aerial diagonal cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC 1080 HD
Gantry crane is unloading a container from a ship at daytime in the port of Hamburg / Germany.
Aerial timelapse of summer sun field with flowers. Nobody nature landscape. Green grass valley. Spruce and leaf forest. Rural wildflowers dale. Cinematic drone fly over countryside wild floral meadow
Aerial hyperlapse video of Melbourne city in Australia
Hong Kong, China - May 28, 2019: 4k aerial video of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong
White clouds, clear soft sky, time lapse formating cloudscape in horizon, rainy rolling & fast moving, beautiful summer sunny day, colourful weather.
Aerial video of beautiful park with lake and Melbourne CBD at sunrise
Pretty Caucasian young girl in headphones listening to the music on the smartphone, dancing and singing in the cozy living room. Indoors. Stay at home.
Aerial clip of rolling Dartmoor countryside in early morning sunlight, South Tawton, Devon, England, United Kingdom, Europe
Stay Safe sign on sidewalk with outdoor dining in bkrd Brooklyn Covid reopening
Cheerful and attractive woman in glasses and business style driving a car and singing while listening to the radio on the way to work.
Slow motion, Massive plastic and other debris slowly drifts under surface of the blue ocean in the sunrays. Plastics garbage environmental pollution problem. Massive plastic pollution of the Ocean
Washington, D.C. circa-2017, Aerial view of US Capitol building. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium.
Forensics Crime Scene Police Photographer Working In Woods, Murder Investigation. Part Of A Murder In The Woods Collection With A Variety Of Camera Angles And Stories.
Electric Car Charging At A Charging Station (evening version, v4). Watch for other versions in my portfolio
Day to Night Time lapse of USA neighborhood home with light coming on after dark.
An elderly woman using a walker receives meals from a man working with a benevolent group delivering food to those who are at high risk because of the coronavirus COVID19.
African American handsome strong male jogger in headphones running on road in countryside on summer day. Attractive sporty man jogging outdoors. Sport concept. Sportsman runner. Morning nature.
Portrait of a mother lovingly embracing her daughter. Her mother is hugging and kissing her daughter. Mother's Day concept.
2019/07/19 - Hong Kong. aerial view hyperlapse 4k footage of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. hyper lapse in hong kong city.
Team of stockbrokers works together in modern office at daytime.
Young man giving keys of car to buyer. Men shaking hands in beautiful car dealership on background of bought cars.
4k hyperlapse video of United States Capitol
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