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Side view of pretty caucasian worker in black apron and gloves stocking the fruits in supermarket. Young employee at work. Curly female arranging fruits on shelf
Pharmacist inspecting medicine stock in pharmacy drugstore.
Close up of pretty caucasian worker in black apron and gloves stocking the fruits in supermarket. Young employee in glasses at work. Curly female arranging big red apples on shelf. Slow motion. Side
Young adult chinese salesman employee workman using tablet computer management controlling quality and number of alcohol bottles in grocery store.
Close up woman legs in pink hiking boots walking by the green grass meadow in the forest on sunny summer day. Female traveler explorer 4K slow motion. Outdoor adventure and wild nature travel concept.
Bethesda, Maryland / USA - April 1, 2020:  A man wearing a protective mask and rubber gloves searched for instant coffee at a Target grocery store during the COVID 19 pandemic.
Retail store asian chinese adult worker arranging potatoes on vegetable section in supermarket. Organic market. Grocery store. Concept for consumerism, food shopping, profession.
Camping woman lying in tent Close up of Girl feet wearing hiking boots relaxing on vacation POV
Close up of female worker in black gloves stocking the lemons in supermarket. Young employee at work. Curly female arranging lemons on shelf. Slow motion
Meal Prep delivery. Food order online. Stocking freezer with homemade meals. Healthy Frozen Dinners
Pharmaceutics worker is closing a box with a duct tape
Warehouse hall with a cyborg and male workers crossing it
Coronavirus quarantine shopping. Preparing and stock up for coronavirus quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic. Panic. Deficit. Buying toilet paper. Local residents shop at a supermarket.
Miami, USA - March 17, 2020: Empty shelves at grocery store. Sold out goods due to covid-19 coronavirus disease.
Pharmacist holding computer tablet Inspecting medicine stock in pharmacy drugstore.
Women kicks over table lamp while trying to work out in her cluttered living room.
Soccer football player put on his shoes. Slow Motion.
The Boy In The Underground Passage Plays With A Soccerball
Sold Out and Out of Stock Signs on Empty Inventory Pallets
1970s Greensboro, NC. A No Nonsense Pantyhose or hosiery, leg wear TV AD takes place in a  Supermarket. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Vintage Television Commercial Advertisement
Close up footage of a young girl basketball player training and exercising outdoors on the local court. Young woman in white golf socks training cross bouncing with basketball ball
Young Red-Haired Girl On The Street. Girl Has Long Curly Hair. Urban Fashion Concept. Pretty Girl In Raincoat And Sneakers Sits On The Stairs Of Modern Building. Girl Playing With Her Hair.
Miami, USA - March 18, 2020: Empty shelves at grocery store. Sold out product section due to covid-19 coronavirus disease after customer make panic purchase. Side panning shot.
Woman is warm knitted woolen socks near a home heater in cold winter time. Using heater at home in winter.
Two funny dachshund dogs in ridiculous colored handmade balaclavas on their heads are standing and barking, waiting for a masquerade party, front view.
Female Feet In Knitted Socks And Dog Sleeping On Bed. Coziness Concept.
Soccer player wearing socks in locker room
A young guy finds a lost sock under the sofa in the living room
Young Woman Taking Out Red Sock Mixed With White Laundry From Washing Machine
The girl puts on compression stockings. Special gloves for wearing compression stockings. The process of putting on medical stockings. Graduated compression stockings. Prevention and treatment of
Portrait of attractive freelancer girl in glasses with a laptop on the bed in an eco-hotel with transparent walls behind which there is a winter forest. Travel and work concept with free schedule.
Grocery store worker caucasian bearded guy arranging items on shelves riding shopping trolley at modern organic supermarket grocery store.
Dancing woman in kitchen moonwalk silly wearing pajamas at home having fun
A specialist is packing blisters of medical capsules. Pharmaceutical company produces antivirus.
Slow motion close up of construction worker putting on steel cap work boots before work in the early morning.
A man in protective gloves and a mask at empty shelves in a supermarket.
Moscow, Russia - March 5, 2020: Pyaterochka supermarket. Large packaging with toilet paper and paper towels. Big choice. Merchandiser in trading floor unpacks the goods for laying out on the shelves.
Person checking the weight on the scale
4K footage video of time warp or timelapse of shopping the the supermarket hypermarket which presented in point of shopping cart view
Happy young woman in pajamas walking and using cellphone. Side view. Full body isolated on green screen background
Close up of an attractive sexy brunette girl with a sexy figure posing . latin american brunette in blue underwear with big breasts in stockings in blue Red camera, slow motion
Woman Sexy Legs In High Heel Shoes Walk. Business Woman in High Heels Shoes Walking. Elegant Lady Girl Legs Come In High Heels Shoes Silhouette. Relaxed Woman Excitingly Walking. Romantic Moments Lady
Chinese retail store worker in orange uniform arranging fresh fruits in supermarket section indoors. Asian ethnicity. People and profession. Grocery shop. Consumerism.
Close-up of a young woman's feet in heels and her body in a sexy suit, she is sitting on the bed.
Inflatable waving tube man, generic advertising sign outside
Small business owner of a food market stocking shelves
Funny nerd man in glasses and blue shorts is doing complex of fitness exercises at home. Sport humor concept.
Stocking a pantry shelf with canned goods - 4K
Childhood dream. boy holding soccer ball run in the park silhouette. happy family kid dream concept. kid boy run on the field silhouette at sunset carries a soccer fun ball. baby winner
Puppet holding an american flag
Young Asian woman in medical mask go grocery shopping, at supermarket cashier register counter, stocking up on foods, lifestyle during covid19 corona virus, say no to plastic bag, getting foods supply
Female basketball player in shorts and white socks on professional court running with ball and successfully thowing ball to the net. Handhelded footage. Outdoors
CIRCA 1950 - Supermarkets grow and thrive in the 1950's and 1960's.
Miami, USA - March 19, 2020: People waiting in line outside grocery store before opening as they want to get in first and purchase goods before products are sold out due to covid-19 coronavirus
Hipster Girl Reading Book With Hot Drink In Comfortable Cozy Sweater. 4K.
March 13, 2020: Woman wearing mask pushes shopping cart with toilet paper and other goods in Costco parking lot. Long line of people behind here trying to enter the store.
Cozy Winter Fall Season, Warm Knitted Socks. Woman Relaxing At Home. Comfy Hygge Lifestyle.
Close up of father wearing shirt and tie, brogue shoes and striped socks kneeling down on one knee to fasten the straps on his sons shoes before school, low section, close up of feet
Close-up of woman's hands putting on mismatched socks of different color on her feet. Woman wearing different colored socks on the carpet. Uniqueness, difference and independance concept. Front view
Couple Feet in Woollen Socks by the Cozy Fireplace, 4K. Man and Woman relax by warm fire and warming up their feet. Close up. Winter and Christmas holidays concept.
Camping woman lying in tent Close up of Girl feet wearing hiking boots relaxing on vacation POV
Rear view of young caucasian woman laying on couch with colorful socks. She puts her feet on table and relaxes. The girl watches TV and holds remote control
Small business owner of a food market stocking shelves
Gamer sitting in the gaming club and fixing her fishnets stockings
Close up of a female soccer player tying shoelace on football field, slow motion
Slowmo tracking shot of cheerful young female counter attendant talking on mobile phone and using laptop while working in bakery Elderly male baker putting fresh croissants on shelf
Portrait of female shop assistant in gloves and black apron filling up fruits and vegetables storage stands with assorted organic groceries in supermarket. Slow motion
Exumas Bahamas Island Chain, beautiful afternoon AERIALS of colorful water and sand patterns view North at 2000 feet.
CIRCA 1950 - Supermarkets grow and thrive in the 1950's and 1960's and the checkout girl is a key part of their operation.
A shot of a crazy red wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.
Stylish cute sexy girl posing in stockings on the floor by the window. Slow-motion red camera. back view
Woman in stockings walking to car on night road, illegal business, prostitution
Woman Wearing Face Mask During Coronavirus Shopping And Stocking Up For Household Chemicals At Supermarket.
Legs in blue socks lie in front of the TV. Close-up on his feet. Cozy atmosphere of the room. A man watches ads on smart tv. Watching TV. Rest on a day off. Point of view TV watching. Man watch movie
Young bearded man working from home with laptop wearing shirt, tie and pajama pants in kitchen
Schoolgirl and office man walk at railway station platform, slow motion shot of legs. Japanese commuters come to train at end of weekday. Passengers seen on background
Chinese workman seller employee wearing uniform counting bottles in alcoholic section managing number and quality measures. Supermarket. Profession concept.
Close-up, low angle shot disabled young guy with spinal cord and leg problems (multiple sclerosis) puts feet on wheelchair footrest
Tailor sews lingerie on a sewing machine, thread and lace, handmade underwear and clothes, sewing machine at work process, work in a sewing studio
female hands washing clothes in basin. wash stain of dirty clothing by hand with detergent. motion 4k footage
Seamless looped dancer's legs close-up. Girl dancing solo jazz swing dance on the city's square pavement. Funny dance.
Women's hand beats the face. Slap in the face. Slow motion
Female feet in dancing indoors in socks of different color. Woman making funny funky dance moves with legs and feet in mismatched socks at home.
Man steps on the mechanical floor  scales for checks his weight. The concept of tackling overweight and obesity.
Sexy woman in stockings is dancing a Strip dance, strip of plastic. Silhouette of sensual blonde moving on a black background with blue spotlights. Slow motion.
spinning roll of toilet paper on gold background - coronavirus covid shortage concept
Teenager girl slide with rough boots striped stockings sits on ornate wall of an abandoned building Slow motion. Alternative in youth. An alternative in youth. Hipster, freak, emo, grunge, LGBT
Teenager girl slide with rough boots striped stockings sits on ornate wall of an abandoned building Slow motion. Alternative in youth. An alternative in youth. Hipster, freak, emo, grunge
Portrait of shocked afro american business man. Surprised and shocked face of black man in suit, close up. Bright office, windows background.
Funny dog takes laundry out of laundry basket
Footballer tying his laces getting ready for a match. Cinematic shot with lens flare
A woman's legs are shown, she is suffering from Chronic Venous Insufficiency with mild cellulitis in her legs. In bed as she rest to relieve heaviness, swelling, pain and redness in the leg. Top view
A specialist is packing medical products into boxes
Beautiful sexy lady posing.Model striking expressive pose in studio.Stylish makeup, hairstyle,Portrait of fashion model girl.Woman with attractive body in lace lingerie.Closeup naked girl.Female ass
Front view of diverse rugby players playing rugby match in stadium. They are tackling each other in slow motion
Moscow, Russia - June 1, 2021. A football player walks on a football field
Girl in a knitted sweater and bare feet sitting on the window, close-up.
Camera follows heavy duty brown leather boots with handmade wool socks walk in slow motion towards sunset or sunrise. concept forever young, adventure, explore more, travel inspiration
Slow motion:Camera follow hiker's feet on top of the mountain.Close up hiker walking down the valley on sunset.Follow adventurer in magical sunset light on wild mountain.Outdoor activity.Holiday relax
Children perform a dance step and dance. In a special black shoes with metal taps. Slow motion. Close-up.
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