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Closeup shot of chef hand decorating ice cream with cherry and cream.
Mayonnaise sauce pouring onto vegetable salad, healthy and dietary food from fresh ingredients with salad dressing in bowl on blue background, slow motion
Cream Milk Splashing Macro Shot on Phantom Camera
Bowl of sour cream on blue background, greek yogurt
Super slow motion of pouring milk stream, macro shot. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Scooping a spoonful of mashed sweet potatoes
Whipped White Egg-Sugar Cream Close-up.
macro - video shooting,Slow motion of mixing yogurt with spoon in the cup
fall strawberry into strawberry milk shake,pink splash with falling red strawberries into milk in slow motion.Close-up background, soft focus. Top view
sweet breakfast for kids , fresh milk shake
Funny joke. Young businessman have a smartphone talking. Goof stupid competitor running and giving kick ass to suit clothes man and runs away. Businessman overtake rival. Glossy business centre
Cheesecake with chocolate sauce. Chocolate sauce pouring over slice of classical New York Cheesecake decorated with strawberries
An electric blender, a mixer with a glass bowl, in which smoothies are prepared, porridge for whipping, pour in protein powder, BCAA. Top view.
Chef is mixing ingredients with electric mixer in bowl. Preparing delicious cream to make cake. Out of focus.
melted caramel sauce flowing on rotating whipped cream close up on black background
Close up whipped cream on top ice cream on a blue background.
Strawberries Flying Falling in the Air Tabletop Shot on High Speed Phantom Camera
Top view of milk or cream or white souces animation with light reflections. 3d rendering. Seamless loop.
Moisturizing face cream in white bottles moves. Cosmetic products in jar for makeup and skincare. Hyaluronic acid for hydration skin. 3D animation, pattern. Top view.
Bowl of sour cream on blue background, greek yogurt with spoon
Whipping white cream with a mixer in slow motion
Madrid, Spain - September 20 2021:  Detail of hand taking a pumpking spice latte, the perfect autumn beverage
Decorating cupcake with white cream. Using cooking bag, confectioner make muffins for party. Shot of woman's hands putting butter cream on the tasty cakes, homemade bakery
Baker hands knead the dough with a whisk in a glass bowl. Cooking dough, baking ingredients, top view
Kneading the dough. The process of making a delicious treat or dessert. Ingredients for baking on the table. Top plan for chef cook. Home cooking with care for relatives.
Homemade waffles with color ice ream topping rotating. Pastry topping falling on pink and green ice ream balls on waffles in slow motion.
Kitchen mixer whips cream custard pastry whisk rotates rapidly. Food processor beat the eggs white egg whites into a thick foam. Kitchen machine in operation.
Belgian waffles for breakfast or brunch with fresh blueberries, strawberries, melted chocolate and whipped cream on top. Rotating stack of waffles
3D realistic ice cream with waffel cone and decorative sprinkles on pastel background. Green screen footage. 4K seamless loop render animation.
two teams play together in Polo
Super slow motion of milk liquid splashing, close-up. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Whip piping skills. Confectioner decorating chocolate cupcakes
Bakery chef put cherry fruit decorate on cake cream. Concept Bakery chef, Making cake, bakery business
Mayonnaise sauce with golden spoon. Sour cream with spoon, fresh greek yogurt close up. 4K UHD video
Confectionery decorator. Pastry chef squeezing chocolate frosting on cupcakes from piping bag
Maple syrup is poured on French toast in slow motion.
Bowl of fresh greek yogurt on blue background, sour cream with spoon
An extrovert man receives a whipped cream pie in the face while dancing. Funny classical slapstick comedy gag.
a woman in black underwear sensually moves in a bdsm studio with a whip-flogger on her body. The concept of domination and submission with the help of sex toys
Checking the Readiness of the Cream for Use in Pouring on Cakes.
Drizzling caramel sauce on a fried ice cream dessert. Food truck serves up a decadent sweet dessert with a crunchy fried shell, ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, candied nuts and carmel sauce
Cream cheese with knife, extreme close up of making sandwiches, 4k ProRes uncompressed
Woman and girl whisking eggs on kitchen. Daughter and mother cooking together
Woman on the procedure for eyelash extensions in beauty salon. Cosmetologist in pink gloves applying tape on lashes on silicone curlers. Close-up of girl eye
Strawberries Flying Falling in the Air Tabletop Shot on HighSpeed Camera 4K
Pastry chef decorates biscuit tartlet with cream from pastry bag, close-up. Preparation of cake at commercial bakery with piping bag. High quality 4k footage.
Slow motion of mixing yogurt with spoon, 180fps prores footage
Ukraine, Odesa - July 15,2018: Horse racing at the summer racetrack. Riders on horses undergo a turn. Slow motion
Eating a Slice of Pumpkin Pie
sexy couple handcuffed. sex Toys. BDSM. plops whip
rotating bowl of sour cream or greek yogurt, top view
sexy adult woman with handcuffed hands plays sensually with a big-heeled shoe fetish
three licorice cticks falling into the water Underwater slow motion from 120 fps
Mango shaved ice, also known as Bingsu Korean dessert, served with sticky rice, whipped cream and mango ice cream on the table.
coffee cream macro close up shot 4K mixing with spatula
Pour chocolate sauce on top ice cream chocolate whipped cream on white background, Food concept Front view.
Closeup shot of texture yogurt with rotate.
Close up Cocoa smoothie Topped Whip cream on white background, Food concept Front view.
Dessert cook female hand decorates tasty cupcakes white cream topping with cutted strawberry pieces at kitchen
Slices of Peach Fruit Falling into White Yogurt with Splashes
The cook fills metal mixer with milk. The  milk factory. Mixing of milk and diary in bowl. Preparing sour cream and cheese. Making cottage cheese for restaurant. Cream production process. Ice cream.
Warm cut chocolate fondant with ice cream and cinnamon. Beautiful serving dishes.
Super Slow Motion Professional Motocross Rider On Dirt Track.
Chocolate icing on the cake. White cake covered with chocolate and cream. Chocolate cake decoration.
Happy Birthday cake with sparklers
Young woman stirring eggs with hand mixer, close-up. Cooking at home kitchen. Slow motion
Dalgona coffee. Trending Korean drink. Whipped coffee with chilled milk.
Kneading the dough. The process of making a delicious treat or dessert. Ingredients for baking on the table. Top plan for chef cook. Home cooking with care for relatives.
Gaucho herding
Close up: Whisks whipped egg whites and sugar in the bowl of glass. Whisk in glass bowl of raw egg in slow motion. Whisk for whipping. Whip the egg white: cook at home, make a cake, desserts, meringue
Satisfied woman eating fresh sweet dessert enjoying taste at public cafe. Beautiful brunette female feeling pleasure with delicious food cupcake whipped cream at cozy coffeeshop. 4k Dragon RED camera
Close on whipped cream and cinnamon on top of iced coffee as glass rotates
Close-up details Front view, Chef decorate the cake with fresh milk cream on the kitchen table.
Process of preparing milk foam for cappuccino or latte, heating and whipping. Barista steaming milk in the pitcher. slow motion.
bowl of sour cream or greek yogurt
Dalgona coffee, whipped coffee with milk
Close up of funny African family in kitchen cooking and tasting dough
Close-up details Front view, Cake decorated with Chocolate sauce on top.
Pour chocolate slowly whipped cream on white background, Food concept Front view.
Woman with a red bandage on her face and a man
CIRCA 1920s - Prospectors arrive daily in this 1920s footage of gold miners in Gilbert Nevada panning for gold.
Filling whipped cream. White gentle cream. Close-up shot.
Adding sugar while mixing sweet cream. Mixing white egg cream in bowl with motor mixer.
pastry chef preparing adding and Stirring meringue egg for cake desserts and bakery, Making homemade chiffon cake
couple, unrecognizable men and women. a woman dominates a man with a whip. men's back in a harness.
Rotating white cream. Close-up view. Looped animation.
Close-up of a pastry chef pouring liquid chocolate from a spoon on a white cream sponge cake. Decorating a cake with cream and chocolate in a professional pastry kitchen.
Smoothly Spinning Metal Top Looping Endlessly on Wood from the Front
Bowl of sour cream on blue background, greek yogurt with spoon, 4K UHD video footage
1970's a Group of Adults Laugh uncontrollably from Nitrous Oxide Whip-its. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film Showing Frame Lines and Sprocket Holes
Champagne vineyards in the Montagne de Reims area of the Marne department near to Ville-Dommange, Champagne-Ardennes, France, Europe
Lion and lion tamer dancing at circus
Wobbly Spinning Metal Top Looping Endlessly on Marble from the Front
Snow squall (snowstorm) whipping through the skyscrapers in Manhattan, New York City
Soft serve ice cream making machine bar
Close up portrait of a beautiful little girl decorating a big white cake with whipped cream.
Close up whipped cream on top ice cream on a blue background.
A blue light streak whips around a black background with smoke and light particles
Industrial mixer whip milk for gelato ice cream
Top down awesome perspective of household milk frother in black jug appliance starting up and turning around to froth white milk causing bubbles and cream in mesmerizing way. Slow motion macro.
dalgona coffee a cool fluffy whipped coffee latte espresso with coffee foam. Drink making recipe. Process of whipping up foam with mixer
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