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sad upset boy sitting in corner lifestyle . Child punished sitting crying in the corner. Domestic violence concept. Child abuse
Cutting with a Knife Crusty Artisan Bread in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Depressed worried beautiful young woman feeling nervous, upset about problem. Anxious sad doubtful girl reflecting, looking through window and thinking of mental stress concept. Close up side face
Domestic violence concept the boy is offended . sad upset boy sitting in corner. Child punished sitting lifestyle crying in the corner. Child abuse
Cooking cookies in electric oven Timelapse
Home Baking Handmade Dessert On Kitchen Oven.Warm Crispy Baked Croissant Cooked In Oven.Morning Homemade Breakfast.Fresh Tasty French Croissant On Breakfast.Appetizer Bakery Product Breaks Crunch Cake
sad teenage girl crying at home feeling alone depressed teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Little girl in the kitchen with her mother. Mom gives the daughter broccoli. The girl resolutely repels the vegetables with her hand. The baby is very angry and does not want to eat.
Chameleon catching food with tongue in super slow motion. Shot on Phantom Flex 4K camera.

Man Cutting a Piece of Bread with a Knife in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Serious angry grey haired old man sit indoor holding smart phone experiences difficulties with wireless modern gadget usage, wrong password, need device repair or help with app understanding concept
Bored and tired child.  A sad child in class. Elementary school student   at classroom.
Close up on a seriously looking elderly old man outside
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed cranky. domestic violence concept. kid close-up toddler roared all in tears lifestyle
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed lifestyle cranky. domestic violence concept. close-up toddler roared all in tears
Stressed young mixed race indian business lady feeling nervous, doing paperwork. Anxious depressed female multiracial employee crumpling paper documents, standing leaving workplace, deadline concept.
Portrait of a young bearded man in glasses, who asking for forgiveness. Feeling confused. Isolated on grey background.
sad teenage girl crying at home feeling alone depressed teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Depressed young woman brushing looking at split ends reflecting in bathroom mirror. Worried girl feels upset about brittle damaged dry hair loss concept. Women hormone problems or vitamins deficiency
Stressed woman waking up early in morning do not want to get up, go to bad work
Steampunk warrior robot with glowing eyes in red lit corridor. Sci-fi scene. Cinematic fantasy 3d animation. High quality 4k footage
Sandwich with crusty bread toast and poached egg. The cook in the kitchen of the house collects a Burger. A man puts pesto sauce on bread, ripe tomato slices and onion slices, and pieces of cheese.
Slicing whole wheat bread on cutting board.
KRISTIANSTAD, SWEDEN - JUNE 01, 2020: Angry Mad Emoji Pack ( 6 of 18)
4 emojis animated and rendered MOV alpha channel
Strong screaming due to a tantrum. child crying on bed
Rising and baking of white bread in bakery oven, timelapse video. Crusty of bread.
Very old man portrait with emotions. Grandfather is smiling and looking to camera. Portrait: aged, elderly, senior. Close-up of old man sitting alone outdoors. Slow motion. 4k
static view of mans hands tearing loaf of bread in half
Emoji Outrage Animated Icon. 4k Animated Icon to Improve Project and Explainer Video
Portrait of little girl crying and sobbing
Little girl, bored in the car - looking out the window through the window - street reflection
Beauty Asia youth serious girl sad unhappy upset negative stressed with boyfriend and deadline work stand over isolate yellow empty space background with bad mood. Negative face expression concept.
Frustrated young call center operators acting crazy, mad laughing and hilariously typing the keyboard, male operator looks straight to camera, shrugs his shoulders and smiles. Working too hard, no
sad and depressed old man looks: retired man, lonely man, depressed man
Red Devil Cartoon Emoji Character Holding A Pitchfork Over Flames. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With Raging Flames Background
Teenage problems, insecure teen having life concerns, unplanned pregnancy and abortion decision concept. Upset African 20s girl deep in sad thoughts, thinks looks aside, feels stressed and unhappy
Baker hands breaking homemade bread. Close up view
Cranky young woman saying no, looking at the camera indoor
Very old man portrait with emotions. Grandfather sad and depressed. Portrait: aged, elderly, loneliness, senior. Close-up of eyes pensive old man sitting alone outdoors. Slow motion.
Beautiful thai woman very sad from unrequited love,rethink,think over,vintage style,dark tone,broken heart,asian girl
Woman brushing hair with hairbrush, worrying about hair loss shedding or bad condition. Upset woman hair loss.
Side close up view of customer support operators with headset acting madly at workplace. Going crazy, funny prank, hilarious. Profession concept, working too long, unlimited working hours
Unhappy chubby persian cat with sad grumpy face leaning on a pillow. Exotic shorthair cat
Beautiful thai woman very sad from unrequited love,rethink,think over,vintage style,dark tone,broken heart,asian girl
Sad, depressed man drinking tea by the window in home
A sad child in classroom. Tired schoolboy. Elementary school student.
Children's loneliness. Abandoned. Homelessness. Orphans in slums. Video clip shows lonely children. Orphans in the refugee camp. Static Shot. Clip ID: children4_HD
Sliced sourdough bread falling on a table. Shot with high speed camera, phantom flex 4K. Slow Motion.
Anxious stressed young male manager employee entrepreneur in eyeglasses crumping paper documents, feeling nervous analyzing data statistics reports, standing and leaving workplace, deadline concept.
Puzzled thoughtful pensive young bearded man 20s years old wears mint shirt look aside put hand prop up on chin iterates over solution options isolated on plain light purple background studio portrait
Roasted bread jump out from a white toaster. delicious and toasted toast. the process of frying toasts
Little owl (Athene noctua) peeking out from behind the stone and yapping.
Macro shot of hot dog poured with mustard. 4K Slow Motion
Young Asian Couple Are Watching Tv At Home With Sad Faces. Human Emotions And Television Concept
Making homemade bagel sandwich. Gluten free toasted bagel with hands spreading cream cheese and adding salmon, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado and cucumber. Healthy breakfast.
Creepy smile 2D animation in black and red colors. Scary demon clown with bloody fangs. Horror and nightmares for Halloween. Monster smiling face.	Gloomy person of dark. Zombie vampire wants eat you.
sad teenage girl alone at home feeling depressed moody teen thinking of emotional break up sitting in bedroom
Annoyed upset young woman brushing tangled frizzy dry bad long messy damaged hair looking in mirror, unhappy frustrated young beautiful lady doing hairstyle in bathroom get ready in the morning
The young angry blond woman aggressively looking in the camera over an orange background. Dangerous expression.
59.94fps (It can be in slow motion) Elderly dissatisfied, frustrated - Shaking head, negative sign, not accepted - disliked, disappointed - unhappy
Man sitting on couch unpack received delivered parcel small box feels mad and frustrated due fragile goods broken, wrong order, bad condition or low-quality dissatisfied online purchase client concept
Closeup portrait of a very grumpy senior man. Who is arguing with someone
Expressive young kid crying hardly and sobbing . close up of a kid with tears
Young grumpy man trying to falling asleep. Noisy neighbors. Young man knocking on walls. Home, night time. Emotions. Indoors, stressed, pain, pillow, problem, sick, sleep
The little girl angrily looks at the broccoli. Not hungry. Protest, lack of appetite.
Afro American woman gestures and asks someone demands answer makes face palm with disappointment feels unhappy or frustrated cannot hear what she wants dressed in knitted sweater poses indoor
young beautiful hispanic sad woman serious and concerned looking worried and thoughtful facial expression feeling depressed isolated grey background in sadness and sorrow emotion
Caring father talk with upset preschooler daughter helping with problem, loving young dad speak with sad girl child sitting on windowsill at home holding caressing hand, show support and understanding
Static shot of a turkey and a balkan sandwich, with sallad, tomato and cucumber slices, moving around on a wooden table.
Creating making baking Portuguese egg custard tarts with baking piping bag filled with delicious cream onto crusty and flaky dough on special molds.
Portrait of a little girl in the kitchen. Mom gives the daughter a broccoli and a carrot. The girl pushes the vegetables away. Healthy food. Childish whims.
young guy furiously angry looking at a brick wall background
Closeup of female displeased face. Portrait of angry upset bewildered young business woman student standing outdoors at background of city building looking sadly at camera shaking her head disagreeing
Pouring tomato sauce over french fries. Popular fast food, deep fried potato chips. Super slow motion video
Angry young mother scolding shouting at stubborn fussy little kid daughter demand discipline lecturing disobedient difficult rebellious child ignoring not listening to annoyed mom sit on sofa at home
Old man switching channels with remote control, bored and annoyed with ads
unhappy woman with curly long hair dressed white shirt express regret for something Isolated on Green Screen
Lots of fresh delicious crusty tasty traditional big round loafs of bread with flour, pan right, bakery scene, nobody, bread loaves stacked. Baking industry, healthy food, freshness abstract concept
Closeup of plates with typical spanish pinchos
Top view of hands picking freshly baked crusty buttery croissant up, breaking in half and showing perfect flaky airy dough to the camera
Portrait of Eurasian Eagle-owl (Bubo bubo)
Scared man shoots at mummies in temple of darkness. 2D animation in horror fantasy genre. Creepy Halloween backdrop. Scary animated short film. Gloomy ghosts in haze. Black and white color background.
Little boy who hates and cries
Dad feeds her daughter. The little girl does not want to eat broccoli. She gets angry and turns away.
Full moon night landscape with forest lake.
Woman's white hands pick up rolls with tongs from shelf in marketplace and put in craft package. Close up concept of selection and buy crusty freshness rooty for delicious morning breakfast
Three versions of yellow cat crossing frame. 4k green screen. Shot with Red Dragon.
cutting apple pie top view. Cutting a piece of delicious pie with crusty crisp with a knife.
The little daughter thanks her mother for dinner. She kisses and strokes her face with her hand. Thanks. Education of children. Love of a daughter. Mutual relations of parents and children.
crying businessman, for the sad moments..
Night  full moon landscape.
Angry annoyed woman raising hand up to say no stop right there
Sad, depressed woman drinking tea by the window in home
Abandoned. Lonely boy behind a fence, an orphan in refugee camp. Homelessness. Child in slums. Camera dolly.
Canon 7d, HD 1080 25p
Clip ID: boy4_HD
Male hands open plastic bag with bread on the table. The packaging is closed on a latch.
aggressive cat tries to bite a human hand
View through the lattice gate on gypsy ruined house. Poor gypsy family in the backyard. Male gypsy preparing firewood and two little kids come home after begging. Father blurred and children in focus.
Upset young mom and child daughter turn back ignore each other, avoid talk, feel depressed about bad relationship sitting on sofa at home after family conflict. Parents and children arguments concept.
Offended woman. Jealousy issue. Failure disappointment. Dissatisfied displeased unhappy sad lady in blue with folded arms isolated on bright orange vertical background.
free little 6-year old boy shaking his head and swinging his arms to express his refusal, boredom or happy disagreement, grey background studio
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