Empty indoor swimming pool drained with no water in an old school or prison building with lane ropes, a stair case and blue tiles with lights turning on
CIRCA 1960 - Radar systems for the Nike Hercules are assembled and tested.
CIRCA 1957 - Sergeant Stuart Queen asks \xD4What Makes a General\xD5?
An empty building from inside, the camera zooms towards the window
Downtown: Los Angeles, CA USA Set #62 - Right Rear 3/4 View _ Los Angeles, CA USA - Car travels E on Wilshire Ave. on a sunny day in light traffic. Shot on RED Dragon.
CIRCA 1950s - An operator steers a bomb on a plane through television pictures and the airdrop is successful in the 1950s - .
CIRCA 1950s - A grandfather and his grandson bounce an egg off a springy doormat in the kitchen of a home.

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Küche mit großen Glasfenstern mit Meereslandschaft auf Hintergrund

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