Chef cuts a passion fruit to extract juice and seeds. Fast motion
Young woman preferring salad to crisp. Attractive young woman choosing to eat healthy salad for breakfast while sitting at table in stylish kitchen.
Fresh leaves fill the bowl in a kitchen.
Young girl putting a straw into glass with raspberry cocktail
Young attractive woman drinking tasty cocktail in cafe
Woman hand breaking eggs into bowl slow-motion 4k close-up video. Female preparing cooking food at home kitchen. Cracking egg yolk white pouring falling.
Red caviar being scooped from glass bowl

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Stock-Video ID: 1030815653

Nahaufnahme von Händen, die Minzblätter auf den Cocktail zur Lebensmittelfotografie legen. Aufnahme auf einer Canon C200 in 4K in Phoenix, Arizona im Jahr 2019.

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