Barcelona, Spain - November 09, 2012: Person harvesting radishes
An elderly woman cares for plants in the garden, rips off young cucumbers stock footage video
A young man is taking a small lettuce head and he is planting it in a container that is full of fine soil. Close-up shot.
man' s hand Man cutting Grapes In The Vineyard- Harvesting grapes,South of Italy
Happy brunette woman make Christmas bouquet made of spruce branches awaits for New Year. Winter concept
A gardener is plucking weed in his garden. He is also hoeing the garden bed a bit. Close-up shot.
Asian old man Preparing salad vegetables collected from the backyard farm. To forward to customers , Slow Motion.

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Weibliche Bauern, die Minzblätter halten und in ihrem Garten pflanzen.Nahaufnahme. Aufnahme auf einer Canon C200 in 4K in Phoenix, Arizona im Jahr 2019.

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