Crispy french fries dropping next to juicy cheeseburger on plate with sauce in ultra slow motion with 4k Phantom Flex camera
Delicious hamburger and salty fries falling onto a wooden board on a table with bright studio lighting. Close up slow motion shot on 4k phantom flex.
Juicy beef hamburger meal on a sesame seed bun topped with bacon and cheese and served with crisp French fries
Appetizing burger burger on the table
Fresh vegan burger on wooden table.
Mini burger being pierced by a toothpick
A hamburger, with a meat patty, onion tomatoes, revolves around an axis. Macro shooting

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Stock-Video ID: 1019032687

Hamburger Himmel. Die letzte Aufnahme, die du je brauchen wirst. Mund gießende knusprige Pommes frites fallen super langsame Bewegung. Aufnahme auf Phantom Flex, 4k 1000fps. Schaffen Sie diesen Schuss, bevor es jemand anderes vermasselt.


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