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Wandernde Vögel am Himmel mit Wolken
Vianden Castle in Luxembourg in the Eifel
Frühlingswiese mit Kronleuchter
zwei Arbeitspferde mit Karren auf dem Weg
Hohes Venn in the Eifel in Germany and Belgium
Radfahrer wandern im Frühling durch die Natur
Frosch blickt aus dem Wasser
Portrait einer norwegischen Waldkatze
pink water lily with reflection
eine Apfelblüte in Nahaufnahme
eine Apfelblüte in Nahaufnahme
eine Apfelblüte in Nahaufnahme
two faded roses in close-up
ein Porträt einer Katze
Banner of a yellow water lily
Greylag goose in flight over lake
a portrait of an elephant
rosafarbene Wasserlilie im Gartenteich als Banner
exempted gooseberries on a white background
Schloss Nideggen in der Eifel in Deutschland
two horses at the field work
Kingfisher (alcedo atthis) sits on a branch
young lynx in black and white
Landscape in the Eifel in spring
Gaff sailer with compass
Creek with stone in winter
Path with wooden bridge on the lake
some birch trees in the evening sun by the lake
two ravens in the fog with the rising sun
Roman lime distillery in Nettersheim in Germany in the Eifel
Lake in the evening light with wooden bridge
Foggy mood with castle and raven
a blue peacock in horizontal
white orchid flower with buds
banded splendor dragonfly in closeup
Poppy flowers with sun as a banner
Kasselburg in Germany in the Eifel
four gray geese in the river
Thunderstorm with lightning and dramatic clouds
Borage blossom in backlight as a square
Hand with cross
Tree in the evening light in vertical
Lamp with candle in the snow
Cat looks out of a box
Man and woman with dog in backlight
two joggers at the lake
Tree in the heathland in the evening light
Creek in the Eifel in Germany
two faded roses in close-up
Castle Manderscheid in the Eifel in Germany in the fog
Summer banner wheat
Banner mit Arbeitshandschuhen
Lake Como in Italy
Close-up of a walnut with dried-up leaf
a portrait of a horse
Katzensteine in the Eifel in Germany
Fly agaric with autumn leaves
a workhorse on field
Navigation in vintage
Banner with spring meadow
Walnuts in the basket on wood
two calf horses with the harvest

Capricorn lies on rocks with mountains in the background
Panorama from a forest in the autumn
Empty tin can is in nature
Harvest thanks decoration on straw
Cat creeping up as a portrait
two horses on a sheet of paper
Raindrops on autumn leaves in closeup
Sailboat on water with backlight
Raindrops on foliage in autumn on the forest floor
Sailboat with rainbow and forest
Forest with woodpile in autumn
A slice of wholewheat bread on wooden board
two yew fruits in closeup
old wooden cart filled with wood
Portrait of a horse eating grass
Sparrow on a branch with leaves
Forest with a wooden bridge and a small stream
Wooden bridge with foliage and fog
Indian summer in the forest
Portrait of two cold-blooded horses
Butterfly on pear blossom as a banner
increasing moon in black isolated
Bird feather on white background
two horses on meadow
two workhorses with cart
pink roses blossom in closeup
Stone pyramid with water and butterfly
Schlappiner Joch in Austria
in the morning in the woods
High Venn in Germany and Belgium
Forest in autumn with oak trunk
Forest in autumn with path
blood red damselfly in flight
Moorland in Germany and Belgium
Forrest in the morning with sun
Portrait of a sea eagle
Climate change
Admiral butterfly on blossom in closeup
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