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Sonnenuntergang in der Nähe von Syrakus an der Meeresschutzklippe von Plemmirio
Nordklippen von Siracusa auf Sizilien mit der Stadt im Hintergrund
M13 globulärer Sternhaufen im Sternbild Herkules, aufgenommen mit einem kleinen Teleskop
Detail of the eruption of the volcano Mt. Etna, near Catania (Sicily) in March 2017. The lava flow is erupting from the south-east crater.
Steigen Sie an der Nordküste von Syrakus in Sizilien ein
Birken Bäume im Winter auf dem Ätna in Sizilien.
Antike Sartorius-Vulkankrater auf der Nordseite des Ätna auf Sizilien
Front view of the "ponte dei saraceni", an ancient medieval bridge of Norman age located on the Simeto river, near Adrano - Catania, in Sicily
Typical Sicilian flat sfoglia pizza, filled with ham and mozzarella cheese
Ruinen antiker römischer Foren an der Küste
Ruinen antiker römischer Öfen entlang des Meeres
Night view of Modica in southeastern Sicily
Panoramasicht auf Palermo, die Hauptstadt Siziliens, mit umliegenden Bergen und das Meer vom Monte Pellegrino.
View of the Gullfoss waterfall, part of the golden circle in Iceland, at sunset
Icelandic landscape at Thingvellir national park
Icelandic landscape at Thingvellir national park
Panorama of Budapest from the Fisherman's bastion with view of the Danube river
Detail of a flower of Silene colorata. It's a typical sprinc plant in Sicily.
View of Noto a baroque town in Sicily, part of Unesco's world heritage list. On the right is visible the cathedral and on the left palazzo ducezio, the town's hall.
Prähistorische Gräber im UNESCO-Standort Pantalica - Sizilien
Delicious Sicilian torta setteveli, the typical chocolate seven veils cake from Palermo
Close view of a Flamingo
Mosaic of a lion, part of Ishtar's gate at the archaeological museum of Istanbul (Turkey)
Aussicht auf die Bucht und den Strand von Giardini Naxos, in der Nähe von Taormina (Sizilien)
View of the entrance of two prehistoric tombs in the Unesco necropolis of Pantalica near Syracuse (Sicily)
View of the Flame nebula (NGC2024) and Horsehead nebula (B33) in the constellation of Orion. Picture taken with a small amateur telescope.
Statue der Musik Europa mit Flöte auf weißem Hintergrund
Typical Sicilian Mpanatigghi cakes, made during Easter holidays in the area of Modica and filled with chocolate and fine mice
Flower of purple viper's bugloss (Echium plantagineum) also known as Paterson's curse
Collages of images of Taormina in Sicily. Images of monuments (greek theatre, cathedral), nature (beach, etna), shops and typical food
Side view of the ruins of the ancient greek doric temple of Apollo in Siracusa
The cathedral of St. Nicola and the Tauro fountain in Taormina (Sicily)
Close up view of a venomous Red lionfish (Pterois volitans) swimming at Vienna aquarium
Panoramic view at night of the town of Modica, in south-eastern Sicily, an Unesco world heritage. The baroque St. George's church is visible in the centre of the image.
Sunrise from sicilian reef in Fontane Bianche
Winter trekking in the snow on the top of mount Etna in Sicily (Italy)
Ancient Greek theater of Morgantina, an archeological park near Enna (Sicily)
Globular star cluster M3 in the northern constellation of Canes Venatici
SYRACUSE, SICILY/ITALY - JANUARY 31: Beppe Grillo, Italian showman, politician and leader of the political movement "Movimento 5 stelle" during his electoral tour on January 31, 2013 in Syracuse
Detail of a red flamingo
Group of pink flamingos in a pond
Close up of a Cheetah
Volcano mount Etna explosive activity
Part of the ancient walls of Constantinople in Istanbul. This part was known during the byzantine period as mesoteichion and is located near the Top Kapi gate.
Sicilian stuffed swordfish with tomato sauce, olives and lemon
Closeup view of a delicious dish of mussels au gratin with lemon slice and basil
View of the nature park on the volcano Etna in Sicily with autumn colors
Front view of the castle of Donnafugata, near Ragusa, Sicily, countryhouse of the last leopards.
View of the ancient byzantine Hagia Sophia church in Istanbul (Turkey) at sunset. Nowadays a museum and Unesco world heritage
Ruins of the castle of medieval age, Liechtenstein, in Lower Austria
Fresh fruit salad meal  with strawberries, peaches, bananas and oranges
Side view of the cathedral of Palermo with detail of che dome and towers. This ancient building is a tourist highlight for its arab-norman style
Wild blackberry (Rubus ulmifolius) fruits on a bush
View of the hill with the church of San Matteo in Scicli (Sicily), a town in the Unesco world heritage list
Dekadrachm, ancient Greek silver coin
View of Ibla, the ancient baroque historic centre of Ragusa in Sicily
View of the byzantine church of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, the ancient Constantinople and of the fountain in the park in front of the monument
View of the ruins of the byzantine walls of Constantinople in Istanbul (Turkey). This part of the medieval fortress was the ancient gate of Charisius, today known as Edirne kapi
Panorama of the industrial area of Augusta, near Syracuse (Sicily) with its oil plants, the sea and mount Etna in background
Yellow flowers of Bermuda buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae)
View of the baroque cathedral of Noto - Syracuse (Sicily)
Statue of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Palermo, in front of the cathedral's dome
Crops near a power plant
View of the ruins of the ancient greek temple of Apollo in Syracuse
View of the old town center of Modica, a baroque town in Unesco's world heritage list, located in eastern Sicily
Krapfen, typical german donuts with jam
Slice of traditional austrian Sacher Torte cake with whipped cream
Grave of the componist Ludwig von Bethoven at Zentralfriedhof (central cemetary) in Vienna (Austria)
Modern street lamp with solar panel
Chocolate and strawberry ice cream cup
Traditional closed italian calzone pizza with tomatoes
View of London at sunset from the London eye
Statue of the greek goddess Pallas Athena with spear and Nike. The sculpture is on the front side of the Austrian parliament building
Romantic sunset on the sea from Tropea looking at Stromboli volcano island.
Romantic sunset on the sea from Tropea with the volcanic island Stromboli in background
The famous sicilian island Isola Bella near Taormina
View of the seaside of Siracusa in Sicily during a windy day.
The grave of the composer Franz Schubert in the Zentralfriedhof (central cemetery) in Vienna - Austria
View of the salt pans in Marsala (Sicily) during the winter, with windmill in background.
Close view of the tower of the medieval castle of Mazzarino, near Caltanissetta, in Sicily
View of the arena of the ancient roman amphiteatre in Syracuse, a major touristic attraction in Sicily
Fish and chips with ketchup, lemon and lettuce
The little Ciane river near Syracuse in Sicily
Detail of a flower of wild elmleaf blackberry (Rubus ulmifolius)
Delicious strawberry an chocolate ice cream with wafers and cream
Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) on snowy branch in Schoenbrunn zoo in Vienna (Austria)
Fresh sicilian lemons
View of a public garden in Sicily with exotic plants like palms and a fountain. It is the giardini iblei garden in Ragusa Ibla
Medieval tower in Sicily with volcano Mount Etna in background
Detail on the facade of St. Stephen's cathedral in Vienna - Austria
Ancient medieval tower ruins
Sicilian winter: isolated tree on a green meadow with dramatic sky with clouds in background.
Winter view of the volcano mount Etna in Sicily (Italy) with the lava craters know as "bottoniera" covered with snow.
View of the Liotru elephant a sculpture in lavic stone which is the symbol of Catania in Sicily.
Traditional sicilian Cannoli pastry with ricotta cream on black background
View of a tower of the Laxenburg castle near Vienna - Austria
Medieval tower of the Liechtenstein castle in lower Austria
Ancient greek doric columns of the Zeus temple in Syracuse
Little sand beach in a rocky bay along the coast of Syracuse - Sicily
Remains of an ancient little roman harbour carved in the rocks along the sicilian seaside
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