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grass roofs and solar panels on Welsh eco cabins
Welsh Assembly Building public gallery and cafe seating lounge.
Barograph in green metal and glass case.
Golfer with putter rehearsing club strokes in the front room.
Golf practice at home.
Stained glass in subtle pastel shades. Interesting design background.
The tell tale signs of a morning caffeine fix spattered on plain file paper.
Smudged coffee rings and spills on pure white paper. A rushed morning tea break mess. Vector EPS.
Deckendetails des Regierungsgebäudes der walisischen Versammlung. Die Formen eines Sandstrandes spiegeln sich wider.
Isolated dark gray hand print on pure white background. Fingerprints and unique detail.
The tell tale signs of a morning caffeine fix spattered on plain file paper.
Handwritten letters, numbers and symbols. Ideal font for grunge design
Architektonische Details des walisischen Montagegebäudes. Hölzerne Bretter aus nachhaltigen Quellen. Umweltfreundliches Design auf höchstem Niveau.
Moderne, nachhaltige Architektur in einem Regierungsgebäude in Großbritannien.
Wales Millenium Centre and Pierhead Building, Cardiff Bay, UK. Film location for recent Doctor Who series.
Two large, brown teabag splashes isolated on plain white background.
Interior of lit up dashboard of car traveling at speed at night. Orange dials and light blurs
Welsh Assembly Building Lobby
The tell tale signs of a morning caffeine fix spattered on plain file paper.
Smudged coffee rings and spills on a pure white piece of paper. A rushed morning tea break mess.
Red mobile phone handset in center of other broken old cell phones.
Smudged coffee rings and spills on a pure white piece of paper. A rushed morning tea break mess.
Holzdecke des Regierungsgebäudes der Wales in der Bucht von Cardiff. Architektonische Details. Vielleicht ein interessanter Design-Hintergrund.
Landschaftsfoto von Straße und gelbe Geschwindigkeitskamera.
Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay, Wales, UK. Opera and the arts for the Welsh.
Scattered old mobile phone handsets. All makes and models in various states of disrepair.
Pile of mobile cell phones
Welsh Assembly debating chamber, UK.
Textured Steel Plate. Dimpled industrial feel with screw heads and fixings.
Überholte Technologie. Unerwünschte Mobiltelefone.
Young girl in the kitchen baking biscuits / cookies.
wine corks racked together. Collection from a restaurant kitchen
Very old scrawled graffiti words in the plaster of historic building.
Children in red coats running up farm road
Welsh Assembly Building, Cardiff Bay, Wales
Vector EPS Smudged ink fingerprint or thumbprint on white background. Unique patterns and swirl
Dyslexia concept.
Man resting on fence observing wildlife with binoculars.
Lush green vegetable plot with poly tunnel and forests.
Bright yellow speed trap camera on grey / gray metal post. Blue sky background.
Russian Military Cap. Green, red and gold.
The UK's largest freeway at night. Cars speeding fast creating light trail and blurs on motorway.
Debating chambers for the new Welsh Assembly Government. Sustainable modern architecture in glass, slate and steel.
Stained glass in subtle pastel shades. Interesting design background.
Welsh Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay, UK. Arts and theatre venue.
Ancient graffiti etched in to plaster wall. Monochrome. Gritty looking design background for that grunge look.
Isolated dark gray hand print on pure white background. Fingerprints and unique detail.
Muck and grime from repeated wet footprints on pure white paper background.
Sending or receiving a SMS message from a loved one.
Farmer collecting oysters from beds near Holy Island (Lindisfarne) in Northumbria, England.
Corks in a random pile. Natural materials and nice textures.
Shiny bright chrome wire wheels and spinners off a classic British sports car.
Smiling young girl in Satan costume and mask.
In den Sanddünen beobachten erwachsene Vögel mittleren Alters in Großbritannien.
Flaming light blurs from the whirling baton on a fire dancing street performer.
orange garden hose with adjustable nozzle watering garden in early evening.
Looking back at hotels on Porthcawl seafront from beach at low tide. South Wales, UK.
Reflections in the letter shaped glass windows of Wales new flagship arts centre in the capital city.
Bright blue sky and cell phone transmitter tower.
Fireside glow and wine. Space for text.
Speed restrictions, signs and camera on busy dual carriageway in Wales, UK.
Spectacular view across deserted beach towards Holy Island in Northumbria, England.
Child's hand with small plastic blue watering can.
Girl's striped wellingtons
Golf ball in the rough at an English links golf course.
Quaint old French fishing port in Normandy.
A trio of baked raisin and cinnamon beigels on a white ceramic plate.
Sending a cellular phone SMS message to a loved one
Aged paper background isolated on white
Welsh Assembly building interior, UK.
Obsolete technology. Unwanted cell phones.
Tall pile of mobile cellular handsets. A mini telecom Tower ready for collection by charity.
Letters in the Facade of the new Welsh arts centre in Cardiff Bay, Wales , UK.
Water supply high in the Welsh mountains shows dropping water levels.
Welsh opera and arts centre in Cardiff Bay. Poem as windows in modern architectural landmark building.
Yellow walker on wooden footpath signpost. Style and waymarker arrow in the background.
Lovely brown cooked quiche on blackened baking tray.
Young male watering garden. Toy watering can used to sprinkle herb garden.
Cars slamming on their brakes as they approach road works and speed restrictions. Blurred over long shutter delay at dusk.
Young brother and sister walking in the winter.
The neglected binding of an old Welsh bible close up. Ideal design background.
Young boy blowing the tiny parachute seeds from dandelion flower.
Farne Islands, UK. Home to famous Northumbrian heroine Grace Darling in the 1800's.
Female child mounted on small horse in indoor riding arena.
Silhouetted mobile cell phone transmitter aerial. This mast is covered in dishes and antenna.
Ancient graffitti etched into the crumbling wood and plaster of historic timbered building in Rouen, France.
Carrot sticks in steamer. Orange slices of health!
Female child painting with watercolors at the kitchen table
Parallel lines and tracks near a British railway station platform
The red brick building that were once the offices of the Bute Dock Company. Now part of Welsh Assembly.
Red brick Victorian Offices and clock tower built in Cardiff Bay for the Bute Docks Company, UK.
Sehen Sie sich die walisische Versammlung an, die sich mit der Diskussionskammer befasst, Vereinigtes Königreich.
Tracks left by father and son walking allow the shoreline on remote English beach.
Brightly painted wooden horse called Gemma on fairground ride.
light trails from the flaming torches of a street performance artist at night
Bright yellow flowers of this popular British crop seen in the early Summer.
Colorful files with space for your text on pink folder.
Lost golf ball in the sand dunes of a British links golf course on a bright Spring day.
solar PV cells and wind turbines high on the hill.
Young school girl blowing dandelion seeds. Tiny parachutes wafting in the breeze.
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