Women in STEM Kollektion

Life science professional observing cell culture samples on LB agar medium in petri dish.  Scientist grafting bacteria in microbiological analytical laboratory.  Focus on agar plate trough glass.
Student of medicine examining anatomical model in lab
Schoolgirls working with microscope in classroom
Portrait of a female doctor using a tablet
female scientist doing research in a quantum optics lab
Beautiful female computer expert professional technician examining board computer in a laboratory in a factory. Troubleshooting. Technical support. Engineering. Manufacturing.
Little girl experimenting in elementary science class with protective gloves and glasses
African scientist, medical worker, tech or graduate student works in modern biological laboratory
Woman Engineer (Art Development)
Mining Engineer in Lignite Mine
Attractive woman is working in data centre with tablet.IT engineer specialist in network server room.Running diagnostics and maintenance.Technician examining server in data center full of rack servers
Looking at camera. Portrait of a beautiful woman architect, working on an ecological construction project in her office. There are models of wind turbines at the foreground. Black and white
Female tech student learning how to wire a prototype circuit board
Young woman, schoolgirl print 3D model on 3D printer
Double exposure of Engineer with safety helmet in front of Oil refinery and gas industry - refinery at sunset background, Business Insustrail concept
Close up view of charming smiling motivated short hair attractive middle aged industrial female engineer with eyeglasses working with blueprints and laptop in the workshop.
Young engineer make a visual inspection of the air compressor pump system
school girl on math classes finding solution and solving problems
Cute lovely Arabic school children at classroom having education activities
Kindergarten Student Mixing Solution in Science Experiment Laboratory Class
Girl checking circuit board with multimeter on the wooden table at home and building a robot as a school science project
Adolescent girl in a design and technology lesson. She is smiling at the camera with a robotic arm that she is building in front of her.
female science researchers in protective uniform and equipment works with dangerous hazard virus material at microbilogy laboratory
Students Electronic Electricity Circuit System Learning Concept
Female Pupil Using Molecular Model Kit In Science Lesson
High school student hand holding molecule structure in chemistry class
Technology made by small parts. To try seriously to know about the machine is fun.
Low-angle rear view of an experienced female pharmacist using a computer while managing the drug stock in a contemporary pharmacy with modern technology
Using technology outdoors
Asian women Engineers and technicians are repairing aircraft.
School project Little scientist
Female technician
Fixing mechanic toy car
young engineer working on the checking status switchgear electrical energy distribution substation
Asian young women engineer people work safety control and seeing paper drawing at power plant energy industry and construction, Thailand.  Engineer Concept.
Oil Petroleum Engineering. Beautiful Woman Engineer wear White safety hard hat helmet for security equipment working at Petroleum Oil Manufacturing Industry Plant . Industry Concept.
Young female businesswoman in the office
Side view of African American girl solving math problem on whiteboard in classroom
Girl architect draws a plan, graph, design, geometric shapes by pencil on large sheet of paper at office desk.
Young girl on extra math lessons with her young teacher
Tough day at school! Cute child near the blackboard indoors. Kid is learning in class. Complex math, arithmetic and examples. Numbers written with chalk on board.
Group of diverse kindergarten students learning planting experiment in science laboratory class
Curious Vietnamese girl pouring reagent into flask
girl in robotics class research electronic device
Professional distinguished Science specialist at work.Young Asian scientist with test tube making research in clinical laboratory.Innovative technologies in science and medicine
Schoolgirl prints 3d model from plastic on 3d printer
Young biologist pouring liquid chemicals in flower pot with sprout in greenhouse. Plant protection and biotechnology concept
School girl friends learning science in the lab classroom
Little Girls Using Microscope Learning Science Class
Scientists are certain activities on experimental science like mixing chemicals or entry data to develop medicine, foods for everyone on the world, film effect.