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SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Freestyle skier takes off a big kicker and does a spinning grab trick with crossed skis. Cinematic shot of a pro skier doing tricks on a sunny winter day in the Julian Alps.
Aerial Top Down Drone Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Tow Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Bright Open Space Office with Businesspeople and Salespeople
Vintage Television Set Green Background with Noise and Static. Zoom Out. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want with “Keying” effect in AE (check tutorials in YouTube).
Smiling african businesswoman or student finished computer work, take off glasses stretching relaxing seated at workplace feeling stress relief, satisfied by project accomplishment, task done in time
Turning off the lights in the warehouse. End of the day, turning off lighting in a large warehouse
Time lapse day to night transition blinking office windows lights in business center building downtown. Corporate business, high skyscraper glass surface. Light in building windows turn on and off
Driving down a desolate Mojave Desert road covered with sand by wind and storms - point of view
Big Heavy Rocket (Space Launch System) Launch. Slow Motion. Full 3D Animation. 4K. Ultra High Definition. 3840x2160.
SLOW MOTION TIME WARP, CLOSE UP: Extreme snowboarder does a cool spinning big air trick on sunny winter day. Active tourist snowboarding in the Alps rides off a kicker and performs a spinning grab.
Day to night transition timelapse of Hong Kong apartment buildings. Chinese crowded city with lights turning on and off at midnight. Fast paced modern Asian night-scape time lapse in urban metropolis
Slow motion of pretty asian woman take off mask looking at camera smile coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is over
Close-up of male hands tearing off the December page of 2021 wall calendar followed by the January page of a new 2022 calendar
Time lapse modern glass business center windows lights turned off after working day, blinking office windows light building facade, people working late night. Corporate, skyscraper surface. End of day
Rally car driving fast in cross-country road. Fast car is going with dust. Speed off-road riding on dusty road.
Pan across empty classroom in school or university - chairs and desks without anyone sitting vacant room elementary or high school during day off or summer break vacation - no students - camera move
Calendar Mark Off Days Go By Time
Close Up Shot of a Beautiful Young Ethnic Couple Laying in Bed on a Sunday Morning, Talking About Their Day As They Cuddle Together, Celebrating Valentines Day With a Day Off in a Fancy Hotel.
Aerial Top Down Drone Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Tow Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Bright Open Space Office with Businesspeople and Salespeople
Car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race. Footage. Slow motion video of sport vehicles right back wheel the tire burns against the asphalt with smoke
SLOW MOTION: Joyful tourist couple decides to jump off a rocky cliff and dive into sea. Unrecognizable man holds his girlfriend's hand while diving into the deep blue sea on a sunny summer day.
A nighttime exterior establishing shot of the upper floors of a typical Brooklyn brownstone residential home as a room lights up then turns off.	Day matching: 1045545877
Top View of a Time-Lapse of a Whole Working Day of a Creative Designer. Working on His Desktop Computer, Drinking Coffee, Going To Lunch, Writing Down Stuff in His Notebook and Going Home.

Slow motion of a female hand is touching a clear transparent water and enjoys the day at the sea alongside the waves of the boat. Concept of happiness, boat life and holidays in exotic places
Wheel close-up, a car driving along an empty forest road, over vivid fallen autumn tree leaves in fall. Brown car driving through the beautiful autumn forest, swirling colorful leaves. Slow-motion
A night or dusk wide establishing shot of a typical middle class New England home. Various lights turn on and off. Moon in the distance. Pittsburgh suburbs. Day winter versional available.
Aerial shot of off road vehicle riding on route near wheat field. Black pickup truck rides through empty rural road. Flying over car driving at countryside way on summer day. Concept of farming
Wide locked down shot of two snow ploughs driving up the highway and clearing the snow off the road in snowfall.
4K Big passenger airplane taking off from the runway with city skyline in the background.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Expert freestyle skier rides up a kicker and does a spinning trick on a sunny day. Athletic male tourist rides off a snowpark kicker in Vogel and does a spectacular 360 grab.
A business woman sits in an office on a chair, takes off her high-heeled shoes and massages her tired feet
happy girl child run with an airplane. kid silhouette play plane. happy family dream freedom airplane concept. daughter kid run on wheat at field sunset holds in fun his hands dream toy aircraft
Large glacier reflecting off sunny day in winter, close up drone shot
Monaco, Monte Carlo- 05.12.2018: Helicopter takes off above luxury sports cars Lamborghini in slow motion, Monaco Monte Carlo Port
Antarctica Aerial Majestic Landscape Drone View. Snow Covered Arctic Extreme Nature Mountain Beauty. Frozen South Pole Winter Land Helicopter Above Footage 4K (UHD)
Astronaut During Rocket Launch Future Innovation Space Technology Travel Exploration and Human Colonization Concept Close Up Shot Of Courageous Male Pilot Travelling Trough Time Red 8k
Aerial Drone shot of Downtown Austin, Texas. Shot from the Southwest, coming from Zilker park. Coming over the trees revealing town lake and the downtown skyline.
Father and son have a good time on the river bank. Evening sunset. The men talk and laugh. Father takes off his glasses and rubs his eyes. Fathers day
Fancy woman enjoying sun in beautiful holland tulip field. Cheerful woman taking off sunhat in summer sunny day. Relaxed girl turning face to sun in spring flower garden. Girl in blooming spring park.
The rooster crowing, the countryside in the mountains illuminated by the rising sun
Aerial Top Down Drone Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Tow Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Bright Open Space Office with Businesspeople and Salespeople
white dove soars through the blue sky
Woman using movie stream service with tablet. Choosing series or film and lying on couch in home living room. Watching an episode of a tv show with mobile device. Streaming on demand video.
Aerial shot of black pickup truck fast riding through empty rural road. Off road vehicle going on dusty route near field. Flying over car driving at countryside way on summer day. Concept of farming
Portrait of the young joyful good looking African American fireguard taking off helmet and looking to the camera with a smile at the fire truck. Outdoors.
SELFIE: Awesome shot of mountains as man snowboards in the breathtaking Canadian backcountry. Extreme snowboarder shreds powder while carving between pine trees. Man heliboarding in British Columbia
Vertical video of heavy rocket launch. Slow motion. 3D animation. Ultra high definition. 3840x2160.
Young Man holding Old Telephone and Watching Retro TV with Green Screen. 4K Resolution.
A hand turning the light switch on and off. Int. day, detail close-up shot.
Close up portrait of joyful Caucasian beautiful young woman in medical mask standing outdoor in town. Happy smiling female putting off mask on street in quarantine. Healthcare. Safety measures concept
Sheets of calendars
Slow motion of model released man spraying himself in the face with a hose outside on a hot summer's day.
multiethnic friends entertaining in mall parking lot in bright day. energetic guys circling attractive cheerful girls in shopping cart enjoying free time slomo
Tourist man jumped in water from yacht.
elegant businesswoman sitting on couch typing email on notebook replying to clients in house. young confident office lady working at home reaching consensus and joyfully nodding head using laptop.
Loop of Hong Kong apartments at night. Chinese crowded city with lights turning on and off at midnight. Fast paced modern Asian night-scape time lapse in urban metropolis.
POV Shredding powder snow during a heliboarding trip in British Columbia. Cool first person shot of snowboarding off piste in the gorgeous Canadian mountains. Picturesque wintry landscape on sunny day
Pandemic Covid-19. Portrait nice brunette caucasian girl taking off medical mask looking serious outside at the airport. Health care, face protection. Quarantine.
FOLLOW CLOSE UP: Happy snowboarder having fun snowboarding backcountry on a sunny winter day in snowy mountains. Extreme freeride snowboarder riding fresh powder snow off piste in mountain ski resort
Drag racing car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race
Los Angeles, CA, USA 01/26/2020 - A typical California apartment exterior, establishing shot with a locked off angle during the day. Run down building with white stucco exterior.

Lifestyle portrait of a little boy takes off the mask from his face after school. Cute kid wearing backpack and protective mask, ready to study with new normal. The end of lockdown pandemiс covid-19
A happy couple husband and wife sleeping on a bed watching a comedy movie web series online on a digital tablet in a bedroom. A man and woman enjoying a a holiday together. Self isolation lockdown
SUPER SLOW MOTION, LENS FLARE, CLOSE UP: Snowboarder jumping in powder snow on winter day in sunny mountains. Extreme freerider sprays fresh snow over bright winter sun while jumping high in the air.
Crossing off days on desk year calendar. Counting down days speed up, flipping pages. Achieving targets goals. Camera fixed, 3d cgi 60fps 4K animation
Corn field. Harvest of juicy corn silage by a combine harvester and filling truck in field agriculture. Transportation by trucks, for laying on animal feed. Concept of: Tractor, Harvest, Drone, Eco
The dog shakes off the water. Pleasant coolness in summer. Slow Motion Video
flock of birds autumn taking off from a tree, a flock of crows black bird dry tree. birds ravens in the sky sunset orange silhouette
Rally car driving fast in cross-country road. Fast car is going with dust. Speed off-road riding on dusty road.
Busy Train Station People Travelling Time-Lapse 4K. Ultra HD locked off video time-lapse of people at bust train station in London, England. No recognizable logos or faces.
Slow motion parkour athlete in urban city doing extreme front flip off ledge with lens flare
Close up shot of sleepy Caucasian man waking up in the morning, taking smartphone from bedside table and turning off its alarm clock to get more sleep
slow motion of young lady call company boss in sick leave because of seasonal flu. ill woman sneezing talking on mobile phone request for day off. asian female having runny nose holding tissue cover.
When the sunlight fades out, it's time for the capital city light will brighten up. Time lapse 4K
Aerial Top Down Drone Shot of Big Busy Corporate Office with Tow Rows off Businessmen and Businesswomen Working on Desktop Computers. Bright Open Space Office with Businesspeople and Salespeople
Man come back home after coronavirus quarantine is over, happy couple hugs, boyfriend went home first days, home isolation, open boarders, end, back and return to family, happy girlfriend met hugs
Earth turning from Europe to north America while sun is rising and lights are turing off and stars are in the backround spinning beautifully.
4K Airplane landing at dusk
First day of school. A loving mother drops her son off at school for his first day back after pandemic lockdown. Waves goodbye and kisses son on the forehead.
Driving a Quad ATV on off-road in Spain. Point of view, POV driving a quad. Off-road adventures on ATVs.
Close up of bright shining sun rising above clouds. Colorful cloudy sky in the sunset. Loop. Beautiful epic scenic cumulus clouds rolling over sky background backlit by sunset. Dark red purple sunset.
Ballons fly through open door. Slow motion 3D render. Luma matte and color ID pass.
SLOW MOTION, TIME WARP: Snowboarder jumps off the kicker and does a rotating grab trick while riding in the Slovenian mountains on a sunny winter day. Spectacular shot of a man doing snowboard tricks.
POV: Shredding virgin powder snow while riding off trail in the scenic white Canadian Rockies. Cool first person shot of snowboard touring in the Rocky Mountains on a picturesque sunny winter day.
PHOENIX, AZ - 2019: United Airlines Boeing 737-800 Jet Airliner Departing Taking Off from Runway at Phoenix AZ PHX Sky Harbor International Airport Flying into a Blue Sky on a Sunny Day in Arizona
Generic Airport Air Traffic Control Tower with Departing Commercial Passenger Jet Airliner Taking Off past the ATC Communications Tower Flying into a Blue Sky on a Sunny Day
SLOW MOTION, BOTTOM UP: Athletic snowboarder flying through the air and doing a 360 grab on a sunny winter day in the Slovenian mountains. Spectacular shot of a snowboarding pro doing awesome tricks.
Elephants crossing a dirt road in Africa, single file in a line with adults and a calf, then some elephants stop and wait on the other side of the road.
ATLANTA, GA - 2021: Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 Jet Airliner Departing Taking off from Runway at ATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Flying into a Sunny Afternoon in Georgia
Tired after long usage of computer indian woman takes off glasses rub nose bridge reduces painful feelings rest sit at workplace. Overworked person, need vision correction, break from device concept
4K Plane landing
Extreme Motocross MX Rider riding on dirt track on a sunny late summer day on public training session in preparation for Motocross event - slow motion shot
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - 2020: Qantas Airbus A380 Jet Airliner Taking Off from Sydney SYD Kingsford Smith International Airport on a Sunny Day in New South Wales Australia
Slow video as a passenger plane takes off from the airport runway at night. Airplane headlight in foggy weather and wheels that come off the ground.
Low drone shot of a Kayaker paddling towards Downtown Austin Texas. Shot August 2020
Modern large plane flies overhead. Beautiful blue sky and white fluffy clouds in the background. The aircraft takes off, landing. Day time. Ultra HD stock footage
young woman plays the fool and drives a toy car. Credit machine concept. a young woman in a coat in a child car rides in the parking lot. woman drives a toy car.
Aerial, pov, a small motor boat among anchored sailboats off the coast of an island, Grenada
Pilot's view through the cockpit window during take off run - airplane taking off - acceleration until liftoff speed and climbing out
Paper tear off desk Calendar for October flipping through days of month
Portrait shot of the tired Caucasian young woman fire fighter taking off helmet and walking out from fire at the red truck. Outside late at night.
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