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Relaxed young woman using smart phone surfing social media, checking news, playing mobile games or texting messages sitting on sofa. Millennial lady spending time at home with cell gadget technology.
Fake 3D video game. 4K racing around the city
Curious cute preschool kid girl using digital tablet technology device lying on carpet floor alone. Small child hold pad computer surfing internet play game at home. Children tech addiction concept
Speed Racing 3d Video Game Imitation With Interface. Sports Cars Compete On The Desert Road With Rocks. Gameplay Screen.
Close up side view millennial woman holding cellphone, swiping photos in online dating app. Young girl ordering food taxi in mobile application, web surfing typing message in social networks.
Attractive Indian woman standing alone indoor holding in hands smart phone dial number on touchscreen. Cheerful young female surfing internet, websurfing website, choose buying goods on-line concept
Close up of african female hands holding smartphone. Happy mixed race female enjoy online chat, internet purchase, browse web, download new cool freeware application. Modern wireless tech user concept
Roulette table Slow Motion close up at the Casino - Selective Focus
Young asian lady surfing social media on mobile phone, enjoying amazing news , sitting on sofa at home
Speed Rasing 3d Video Game Imitation With Interface. Sports Cars Compete On The City Bridge Road At Night. Gameplay Screen.
Close up view troubled man bowing his head cover face with hands crying due life grief sorrow, personal troubles, alcohol abuse drug addicted desperate guy need help. Break up, health problems concept
Seamless looping animation of marihuana grow. Camera moving along green marijuana plants. Huge cannabis plantation. Concept of legal hemp cultivation for medical purpose. Vast herbal farm. Farming.
Man Using Computer At Night, Internet Addiction, Social Networks, Gaming, Searching the Internet All Night
Businessman working at night looking at monitor, reflections in eyeglasses. Person stock market trader using laptop at office or home office. Business concept. Distance work.
3d fake Video Game. Racing simulation. night city. lights after rain. part 2 of 2. Hud
Depressed man sitting on floor. Sad unhappy person holding his forehead suffering from mental illness.
Risky man betting all chips in while playing in casino.
Sad dreamy busy young blonde girl experiencing internet addiction looking at device screen typing on smartphone keyboard
Red soda can pouring out white sugar on a bright blue background showing an example of how bad sugar and how we all eat to much sugar in health food concept. Slow motion
Prescription pill bottle falls on a pile of narcotics in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. The painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, addiction and overdoses.
3d fake Video Game. Racing simulation. night city. tron style.Hud
Happy african family parents and little children enjoy using devices together sit on sofa, technology addicted couple with kids having fun with laptop tablet phone at home, people gadget addiction
Macro  shot of child eyes while using a tablet, smartphone or computer. Concept: future of web technology, video technology, connections and vision of the future of children with the web.
Big cannabis farm at sunrise
Speed Racing 3d Video Game with Interface. Rain and jungle. Baggy dirty rally. Gameplay Screen.
Happy family young parents couple and cute preschool kid son using laptop looking at computer screen enjoying watching funny social media video doing online shopping relaxing on sofa at home together
Happy african family with a little cute daughter having fun using smartphone indoors. Portrait of lovely smiling girl lwith braids laughing and watching fun videos with parents on couch.
Sports Car Racing On A Racing Track 3d Video Game. Gameplay Screen. Finish
Risky man betting all chips in while playing in casino
Group of young friends phubbing each other while sitting in a row on the couch in domestic room. Busy teenagers using smart phones with disinterest on each other. Technology and smart phone addiction.
Prescription pills fall into a pile from a bottle in slow motion. Pharmaceutical bottles sit in the background. Painkillers represent the opioid crisis in America, narcotic addiction and overdoses.
3d fake Video Game. Racing simulation. night city. lights after rain. part 1 of 2. Hud
Asia female people laugh enjoy fun chat typing on app, relax watch viral live video play hit post button follow like love, share and send smile emoji icon, scroll web feed sit on sofa in urban home.
Cute small  kid girl in headphones using funny editing application on digital computer tablet, enjoying cool video or photo content in social network, playing online games, communicating distantly.
3d fake Video Game. Flying racing gameplay
Closeup shot of different pills falling on table with tablets cans and syringes - mosern drug and pharmacy addiction, pharmaceutical industry concept 4k footage
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Roulette wheel close up at the Casino - Selective Focus
Concentrated young man freelancer in eyeglasses looking at laptop screen, working remotely at home. Head shot focused smiling guy chatting in social network, typing message, internet web surfing.
Happy young woman relaxing on cozy couch, using smartphone. Smiling millennial mixed race girl looking at cellphone screen, typing message for friend in social network, shopping online, web surfing.
Cocaine junkie snorting line of coke or crushed pills with rolled US dollar bill. Drug Addiction. Illicit drug trafficking, illegal business. Habit, drug addiction. 4K. High quality 4k footage
Team of Video gamers with headphones happy about winning the match while playing video game on mobile phone during online live streaming gaming competition or tournament league
3d fake Video Game. Gameplay screen. Racing simulation on modern gaming computer.
Smiling women greedily eating tasty pizza, fast food addiction, unhealthy diet
Speed Rasing 3d Video Game Imitation With Interface. Sports Cars Compete On The City Bridge Road. Gameplay Screen.
Macro shot of medications pills and drugs spilled out of pill container. Pills and drugs Pharmaceutical Industry. Probe lens shot Medicines.
Casino chips and playing cards in motion. Concept of gambling or poker and entertainment. Close up macro shoot
A gritty typographic texture created with high resolution scans of vintage newspapers.
World No Tobacco Day. The young man quit smoking for his good health. He broke a cigarette in two
businessman holding whiskey, a restaurant
Depressed Asian woman sitting alone on the bed in the dark with cuddle herself and crying. Loneliness sad female think grief trouble life problem in bedroom. Negative emotion and mental health concept
Chocolate pouring on vanolla ice cream scoops. Serving homemade vegetarian ice cream in a bowl with berries, nuts and chocolate syrup
Asian woman spend free time in internet social media, employee note on calendar event, take break have fun use virtual services, chat in e-date website, text email, enjoy distant communication concept
Drug Production. Blue and white pills. Pharmaceutical machinery for medicine production Pills
man smoking a cigarette outdoor close-up. smoke fire light. man's lips. addiction tobacco smoker poison
Close up of roulette wheel at the casino in motion. The wheel ball is spinning. Concept of casino and gambling.
4K Fake war shooter. 3D city shooter with hud
Overweight young man opening fridge and eating delicious doughnut. Obese guy with food addiction grabbing unhealthy food from refrigerator. Diet failure, unhealthy lifestyle concept
Handsome young european appearance man relaxing on comfortable couch, using mobile application in living room. Happy caucasian guy chatting in social network, dating online or web surfing internet.
Close-up of a Magician's Hands Performing Card Trick . Throwing and Catching Cards in the Air on black Background with smoke . Card Mechanic .  Shot on ARRI Alexa cinema camera in Slow Motion
Sad depressed young woman feeling bad stressed worried anxious ashamed, upset nervous teen girl in trouble having problem regret unwanted pregnancy need psychological help sitting alone at home
Two brothers watching TV, eating popcorn sitting on couch at home. Two boys watching exciting movie at home. Siblings on couch.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Flying Colorful Pills on Gradient Background at 1000fps.
Addict man dead cause of drug overdose. Social disaster and epidemic of narcotic addiction concept
In this close up type of shot you can see young woman holding Apple Ipad touch screen tablet device in her hands. She is scrolling the screen while searching for pictures or reading news feed online.
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear walking moving along stadium fence holding mobile phone, using online app on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen
Speed Racing 3d Video Game With Interface. Sports Cars Compete On The Road In Winter. Gameplay Screen.
Online Shopping Using Credit Card; Money Deposit in Trading Platform
Relaxed young indian biracial woman lying on comfortable couch, involved in web surfing information on digital tablet, communicating in social network, using dating application on weekend at home.
Seamless looping animation of marihuana cultivation. Green marijuana plants are grown by robots. Huge cannabis plantation. Concept of future legal hemp cultivation. Modern vast herbal farm. Farming.
Cheereful european young woman in brown sweater sitting on sofa at modern living room and greedily eating tasty pizza, enjoying and smiling. Fast food addiction. Slow motion.
Social issues and drugs, young man injecting heroin with syringe and sitting on stairs of abandoned house. Junkie with addiction, substance abuse, drug addict
CIRCA 1960s - Hippies smoke dope marijuana and pot and do drugs at a rock concert in the 1970's.
Classic vintage casino slot machine winning jackpot loop
Close up young african american guy holding cellphone in hands, scrolling personal page in social network, looking at photos, reading news in media, using dating application, web surfing information.
Teenager feeling relief after therapy session, psychologist giving good advice
Pocket aces in a deck of playing cards with poker chips
Stress with businessman and smoke in head
Time lapse effect of millennial female blogger in trendy clothing standing at crowd square with cellular phone for networking on websites ignoring life going near prefer mobile communication
Side view happy young handsome guy sitting on sofa, using dating online mobile application indoors. Smiling man enjoying communicating with friends in social network or playing games on phone.
Roulette table close up at the Casino Neon light  track - Selective Focus
Happy young woman relaxing on sofa with computer, chatting with friends online in social network, answering messages emails, web surfing information, shopping in internet store in cozy studio home.
Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear holding mobile phone, using virtual app, online service on smartphone, texting, chatting typing message, touching screen, standing at stadium
Mother and daughter buying sweets in supermarket during pandemic
Manufacture of Drugs in Pills for Medical Supply of Pharma Industry. Filling Sterile Blister with Medication on Conveyor Line of Pharmaceutical Factory. Preparation and Production of Capsules Closeup
Faked 3D video game. 4K racing through the desert. Without hud.
Bilten / Switzerland - 01 24 2020: Instagram Social Media App Opening, User Scrolling Through Pictures, Close-Up
Girl is cry in corner. Violence against children in family. Family violence. Cry kid. Family violence concept. Girl is cry with fear. Child abuse. Sad family. Fear of child in dark. Kid cry in corner
Bilten / Switzerland - 01 24 2020: Iphone User Powering Off & Shutting Down their Cell Phone
Close-up of female psychologist having session with her patient, mental health
Multi ethnic group of female and male college students walking outdoors on a university campus all on their mobile phones never looking at anything but their smart phones
Los Angeles , CA , United States - 11 23 2020: Skid Row, Los angeles
Speed Racing 3d Video Game With Interface. Sports Cars Compete On A Racing Track. Gameplay screen.
Woman dumps prescription pills from a bottle in slow motion. The pain killer drug tablets represent pharmaceutical substance abuse in teens, recreational drug use of opiates, overdoses, and the ACA.
CBD Hemp oil, Hand holding droplet of Cannabis oil against Marijuana buds. Alternative Medicine. 4k slow motion
Medical Cannabis plants growing under controlled conditions in a large greenhouse
Diverse people talking sit in circle at group counseling therapy session concept, multiracial patients communicating sharing problems get support at rehab addiction treatment meeting, close up view
Bearded man is playing poker in casino. Man is winning and throwing four aces.
Indian woman her little son sit on sofa use gadgets. Mom hold phone 4s boy put laptop on laps enjoy online fun play video games. Devices overuse, young generation internet technology addiction concept
Happy millennial indian ethnicity woman holding bank card, entering cvv code or payment information in mobile internet shopping application, feeling amazed of purchasing goods or services online.
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