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Mold background. Macro shot of mold. Mold spores in agar-agar. A mold or mould is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. Aspergillus. Accelerated macro photography.
Mold background. Macro shot of mold. Mold spores in agar-agar. A mold or mould is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. Aspergillus. Accelerated macro photography.
Weaving mechanism is fabricating cloth from coloured threads
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is touching with his hand fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in tailoring workshop. Concept of handmade, couturier, and tradition.
Spreading blue fiber wires in space. Camera movement for wires. The concept of distribution and transmission of information in the digital world. 3d render
Monochromatic animation of white grunge pencil doodle lines on black background. Low frame rate effect. Seamless loop.
microvilli surface of digestive system, Intestinal villi with bacteria and viruses. Microscopic villi, capillaries for digestion and absorption of food. Human intestine. H. pylori, 3d render
Edison lamps. Vintage light bulb pulsing light in the darkness. Burning retro light bulbs on black background. Depth of field. Concept of new idea, realization or discovery. 3d animation
The Concept of: Digitalization of Information Stream Moving Through Rack Servers in Data Center. Interconnected Threads Connect User Data by Icons, Tags and Interests. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
Designer student using a 3D printer in college. Female designer print prototype on 3D printer
4k Close-up Of A Tungsten Light Bulb Switching On And Off. Energy, Electricity, Innovation Concept.
Futuristic microchip processors on wafer with data neon lights. Hardware technology concept, Computer component lights. 4K loop, 3D rendering
Flickering Tungsten light bulb lamp over black background
Mold background. Macro shot of mold. Mold spores in agar-agar. A mold or mould is a fungus that grows in the form of multicellular filaments. Aspergillus. Accelerated macro photography.
Tungsten light bulb lamp cozy turn on slowly and off over black background, close up shot of old retro vintage light bulb brighten light. Comfort cozy concept. 4k.
cotton yarn making processes. Close-up shot of the machine working in the spinning mill. 4K.
Klaten, Indonesia, July 23 2021 : Big sewing machine factory crowded Factory employee
A loom weaving threads, working automatically at a factory.
Light Stripes Multicolor moving in space,Networking and Fiber Optics Light on Black Background
Enterprise for the production of cardboard containers . Closeup image of pleat cardboard row at factory background. Manufacture of cardboard boxes.
Multiple spools with coloured threads during mechanical sewing. Textile factory production equipment.
Weaving Plant For The Production Of Plastic Or Polypropylene Bags . Rows Of White Reels With Ropes Making Plastic Sacks In A Modern Production Plant
The multi colored wool yarn is close up to show the detailed texture. Vertically sliding camera moving along a bright rainbow yarn. Dolly super macro shot.
Close-up view of tailor works on sewing machine in private leather craftshop, stitching belt in process. male seamstress sewing leather belt in leather workshop in 4k slow motion
Hand touching knitted wool cloth or warm fluffy sweater. Handcraft knitting woolen fabric surface.
Medical face mask factory. Close up dolly shot. In the frame visible hands with gloves working, which the thread sticks to the masks.
4k Striped domestic kitten playing home. Cute Cat with pink ball skein of thread on white bed.
Detective board with photos of suspected criminals, crime scenes and evidence with red threads
Gorgeous long hair smoothing. The magic smoothing hair.  Before and after smoothing  beautiful long hair.
Printing mechanism is adding layers to an orange 3D-object. Three dimensional 3d printer working at 3d printing lab.
Spinning clews with threads on a rack at a textile plant.
Video error. Abstract noise of analog television. Digital glitch. Damage to the video signal with pixel noise and noise. Black and white dreaming background. Retro tv.
Thread is Wound on a Robbin. Close-up of a Spool with Thin Thread on Working a Vintage Sewing Machine. Spool with thin white thread on working a sewing machine. Sewing bobbin being wound up on a
Female worker is taking extra threads out of the machinery. Textile factory production equipment.
Wires cables binary fly through data internet power electric circuit fiber 4k
Silicone wafer with iridescent CPU litography.
Macro shot of blue denim jeans material. Slider dolly extreme close-up of clothing material fabric texture. Seams sewn with yellow threads. Shot with laowa 24mm lens
The incandescent lamp with a tungsten filament wobbles on the wire. The light flashes due to a poor contact. Electric power was lost in the room. Light from a light bulb. Bulb close-up.
Wave carbon texture background seamless motion loop. 3D animation
Double chin lift in women. Video before and after plastic surgery, mentoplasty or facebuilding. Chin fat removal and face contour correction
Concept of fiber optic cable on a colored background. Future cable technology. Detailed curved cable in cross section. Powerful communication technology network. Seamless loopable 3d animation 4K
Sewing machine stitching of yellow clothes close up, macro. Slow motion frame of thread and needle. Textile fabric. slow motion 120 fps
The Concept of: Digitalization of Information Stream Moving Through Rack Servers in Data Center. Web, Net, Threads of Interconnected Bits of Data Moving. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
denim factory using laser beams to make design on blue jeans. Shooting of the latest technology laser machine in jeans making factory.
Zoomed in shot of a spinning machine, inside a wool production factory, as its multiple wheels are going at a rapid speed with the wool
Top view of fried chicken wings flying upwards with blazing fire. Slow motion video on black background
Industrial textile factory
Green algae of the cyanobacteria Oscillatoria under the microscope, the family Oscillatoriaceae, the threads in the colonies can slide and move to the light source for photosynthesis. It is believed
Starch molecule background. 4k video concept
collagen in younger skin and aging skin / healthy to aging skin
skin care products and collagen fibers. skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, cream or lotion
Show how to remove stains on cloth or fabric.3d
Close up view of presser foot making seam on white cloth with built-in hardware lamp turned on. Fingers straightening, drawing up fabric on darkened blurred background. Cutting off thread in the end
Fast movement of the sewing machine needle on the blue fabric. The needle of the sewing machine stitches the fabric. Close-up of the sewing machine needle
Dalat, Vietnam - march 18, 2020 : Silk farm, clothes produce from silkworm insects cocoon, textile factory. Factory for production of silk threads near Da Lat, Vietnam
Sparkling spider web with water drops swaying in wind at night. Scary Halloween decoration. Slow motion. Close up.
A lamp with a tungsten bulb assembly slowly turns on and off on a black background, a close-up shot of an old retro-vintage light bulb brightening the light. A comfortable cozy concept.
Three retro lamps hang and turn on at the same time on black background. Antique bulbs with old lamp holder are switched on
IT Engineer Patching Network Equipment In Server Room. Network Engineer Maintenance Work In Server Room . IT Technician Works With Ware And Cables in Big Data Center. Connecting Lan Cable To Mainframe
A woman sewing protective medical face masks on a sewing machine.
Industrial textile factory
Sewing workshop. Young woman, tailor or fashion designer with tape measure is taking a roll of fabric and walking away past mixed race seamstresses working sitting at sewing machines. Slow motion
3D printer working. 3D printer, printing a human bust with blue plastic wire filament in additive manufacturing technique. 4K time lapse video
High frequency trading of stock prices and currency are sent through high speed data cables. Seamless 4k looped video
Wires cables binary fly through data internet
Pleasant woman sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine, attractive young female making cotton fabric medical mask indoors studio, coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection
Cotton Thread Spun On A Spinning Machine In A Textiles Manufacturing Factory
Sea of Particles. Looped Textures showing squared particles. Particle system simulation. Atmospheric lighting. Abstract background idel for vjing, videomapping, motion graphics and live events.
Fashion designer drawing clothes sketch
3d printing vase. 4.0 industrial revolution. 4k time lapse video
Microfiber filament production. Concrete admixtures. The skeins of thread rotate around their axis.
A teaspoonful of psyllium powder over an aluminum can on the kitchen table. Falling husks in slow motion. Close-up. Natural supplements
Millions of fiber optic cables with light movement, camera moves along wires transmitting data signal in blue color. Seamless loop 4k animation
Light streaks, loop section 12:00-24:00. Abstract background animation of flowing red, blue, purple lines on black. Please also see file 1069073116 for a version with shading and reflections.
Industrial textile factory
Working 3D printer, printing a human bust. 4K Time Lapse Video
A young woman sews clothes, sitting in a light workshop at a table with a sewing machine. She smiles and enjoys creative work. Medium shot. Fashion designer, fashion business.
macro shooting, camera goes back between colored threads
Textile factory female worker works with thread coloring machine. Modern technology in dyeing yarns with Machines for Textile Industry, Dyeing Machine Chemical Tanks
3d Printer Device Makes Heart Organ With Liquid Material. 3d Printer Machine Produces Heart Organ For Medicine. Mechanism Of Robotic 3d Printer Fabricates Heart. Replicating Organ For Transplantation
A female hand pushes material through a sewing machine
Wavy denim surface. Microtexture. The classic fabric for making jeans. Seams and threads close up. Smooth rotation
Exposure of multiple types of vintage light bulbs
Tailoring loom with rotating sewing reels. Textile factory equipment.
Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric.
On a Sunny winter's day, a skier in a black suit rolls a carving ski on the ski slope in the mountains, it is removed on the action camera
Light bulb on and off
Fiber Optic Cables Global Data Transfer Background Loopable
4k shot of white fluorescent lighting turn on and off and in industrial building. Many neon lights blinking and flashing on the ceiling.
Sewing spools managed by a factory machine in a close up
Carbon fiber background seamless motion loop. 3D animation
Needle for sewing machine in motion. The close-up of the sewing machine needle quickly moves up and down. The seamstress sews gray fabric in the sewing workshop. The process of sewing the fabric.
3d printing printer bright yellow model close-up. Automatic 3D printer performs plastic modeling in laboratory. Modern additive technologies, 4.0 industrial revolution. Timelapse
Dolly shot. Young Asian woman entrepreneur drawing and designing clothes. Asian woman online seller working at home. New normal lifestyle working from home while Corona virus or COVID-19 pandemic.
collagen in younger skin and aging skin , 3 type collagen skin version graphic animation
The automatic embroidery machine is working at high speed. Close-up
Abstract technology background. Optical fibers animation of distribution of the light signal from a diode towards a bunch. Used for high speed internet connection. Full HD seamless loop animation
The serum penetrates the skin with wrinkles and rebuilds it. The concept of the cream on the problematic skin.
Young multi-ethnic woman, fashion designer or tailor of sewing workshop is choosing a pattern or mold hanging on ceiling. Her colleague working at sewing machine at workstation. Close up
Beautiful artwork and the frame as the girl examines samples of beautiful fabric. Sewing workshop. The concept: art, inspiration, beauty. 4K close-up
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