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3D animated bar graphs and pie charts slick, clean, elegant white on blue background. Great for corporate presentations
Liquid Transitions is an excellent Motion Graphics Pack. Alpha channel included. Easy to customize. Works with any video edition software. More elements in our portfolio.
Overjoyed black male student sit at desk look at laptop screen scream passing exam getting high grade, excited african American guy feel euphoric receiving pleasant email message on computer
Rows of cargo shipping containers under clear sky. Industrial containers are excellent for cargo import export shipment. Camera endlessly moves thru cargo boxes of different transportation companies
Jet helicopter landing on large super yacht heli deck at sea. Filmed in 200fps for excellent cinematic slow motion.
3D animation black on white background of corporate charts and bar graphs.
Applause crowd manager conference product closeup active clap hand congratulating colleague 4K. Many men clapping award businessmen excellent job. Vivid emotion audience conference with applause.
Positive opinion. The concept of customer experience
CIRCA 2020 - U.S. Air Force Thunderbird fighter jet aerial acrobatic team cockpit footage, ground crew, air show, formation flying.
Closeup portrait, appointment with office manager, job interview, hiring, isolated indoors office background. Getting that first job or excellent customer service with a smile
Spaceship Corridor is a stock motion graphics video that shows the interior of a moving spaceship. The POV moves along the corridor. This 1920x1080 (HD) video clip is excellent to use in any project
Aerial perpendicular view of a luxury yacht navigating fast.
Five golden stars rating Animation 4k, alpha channel.
Picturesque View Of Happy Family Riding Ski And Heber Valley Mountains. Excellent beautiful shot of happy family looking to Heber Valley mountains in Utah.
Reading many customers reviews online on a smartphone. Swiping between many different comments.
Financial Document On The Computer Screen
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Quality Assurance service guarantee standard.
COVID-19 charts and graphs of economy stock market crashing due to Coronavirus Pandemic. 4k HD 3D Animation in red.
Rating Five Stars. Motion Graphics. Transparent Background.
webpage form to give feedback about customer service, quality rating or product review, from 1 to 5 stars, number counter and score (3d render)
Column of White Smoke Rises Up. Alpha Channel. White vapor or smoke slowly rises upwards gradually dissolving. Excellent for simulating smoking pipes. For example, geysers, steam locomotives or steamed
Close up of diamond under microscope held by tweezers shallow depth of field. Engagement, marriage and wedding concept
Sommelier tasting wine in the cellar, he is pouring an excellent red wine in a glass
Health care and medical icons loop background from hexagons. Geometric elements of design for modern communications, medicine, science and digital technology. Hexagon pattern
LENS FLARE: Professional biker raising his arms victoriously after winning race. Cheerful biking athlete celebrates victory in quiet countryside. Pro cyclist cheerfully rides road bike with no hands.
RAJA AMPAT, INDONESIA - CIRCA 2020s - 2020 - Excellent aerial shot of the Wayag Islands, Raja Ampat, Indonesia.
CIRCA 1965 - Fans scream and crowd the Beatles' car as they drive away from Buckingham Palace in London.
Futuristic interface with a stage in the center. Excellent for any kind of hi-tec, science, technology or futuristic concept
Red wine forms beautiful wave. Wine pouring in wine glass over black background. Close-up shot. Slow motion of pouring red wine from bottle into goblet. Low key
Legs of a male athlete on a treadmill. Close-up of male excellent legs with big muscles in sneakers in the gym overlooking a large window.
Rating Five Stars. Thumbs Up with review sign. Animated footage with Rate us text.
COWRA, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent tracking shot through Canola Fields in Cowra, Australia.
Cargo shipping container stacks under cloudscape. Industrial containers are excellent for cargo import export shipment. Camera seamlessly moves thru cargo boxes of different transportation companies
A delivery man with a yellow backpack, face mask and gloves appears in the video on an electric moped and shows a thumb up. Excellent delivery during quarantine.
Male hand marking feedback from 5 silver and golden stars on transparent screen. Male finger rating five yellow and grey stars on black background
NAMIBIA - CIRCA 2018 - Excellent drone aerial of black wildebeest running on the plains of Africa, Namib desert, Namibia.
Set of Stars. Five Star Rating on Transparent Background. Animation with alpha channel. Just Drag and Drop. Product Quality, Feedback, Customer review.
Credit Score Concept Credit Score Concept with knob button changing  best to poor and reverse
Customer experience concept, Five stars rating, Hologram Design, Motion graphic.
Everything is Fine, Okay Sign, Gesture
Woman winks. Positive smiling woman in office or apartment room looking at camera and playfully winking with her right eye
Golden meteor tail. Frame for celebration countdown. Exclusive border for special element. Abstract loading comet. Seamless loop.
Finance statement report of company. revenue and profit statistics
Accountant making calculation over a spreadsheet with a marker
Incredible technique for performing jump on skateboard. Skateboarder making trick in urban space. Jump on flipping skateboard. Perfect experience and training for skater. Concept of active leisure
Hockey player in blue uniform hits the puck in slow motion. Excellent close-up (4k, 3840x2160, ultra high definition)
Blue hologram HUD circle interfaces. Digital data network protection, future technology network concept. Excellent for any kind of hi-tec, science, technology or futuristic concept.
Happy African American man look at smartphone screen overjoyed by great news. Motivated businessman reading excellent online message. Good work result. Emotions of young man from business success.
Giving a positive feedback on customer satisfaction app using smartphone
NEW YORK - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent orbiting aerial view shows the upper half of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York at night.
Double blue hologram HUD circle interfaces. Digital data network protection, future technology network concept. Excellent for any kind of hi-tec, science, technology or futuristic concept.
NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial view of the Boco Rock Wind Farm in New South Wales, Australia.
Castelfranco Emilia, Modena - 03 March 2021: an excellent espresso made with an inissia nespresso coffee machine
University of North Carolina campus grounds. Hospital Medical Center. Aerial reveal shot in summer. UNC.
Corn field, flight over the cream of corn stalks, excellent growth, good corn harvest, ripening of the corn field.
Close-up of a Horizontal Phone with a Green Screen Green Background in the Hands of A Person. Video Conferences, Video Content, Blank, Advertising, A Place to Advertise Your Business.
Woman man working check Eggplant in greenhouse on Content of chemicals. Moderate dry air moist nutrient soil preferred. Excellent response to nitrogen fertilizers ash. Vegetables grown in glasshouse
Rating of the best services
Close up macro of a chef who cuts a slice of ham, of excellent quality, with the knife according to tradition. Concept of: ham, food, Spain and Italy, catering.
Business People Hands Applausing After Succesful Business Conference. Selective Focus On Nice Woman Hands.
5 Star Rating Bestseller Symbol Given By Business Man Hand 2D Animation
Caribbean nature of the Dominican Republic. A bright green golf course with sandpits and a blue ocean background.
Five golden stars appear on the black relief surface.
The concept of company reputation and business excellence. 4K UHD FullHD. Loopable, 3D rendering.
Young man showing okay hand sign and winking as if approving suggestion, millennial guy completely agree and support, dressed in white t-shirt, isolated on blue studio background with copy space
Beautiful, suburbs with stunning houses and landscaped yards, early morning, aerial view.
portrait doctor man takes mask and smiles
Offsite car cleaning staff provide excellent service. He is wiping the glass and the body of the white car. Worker washing car in the outside.
London UK - April 2020: Aerial view ExCel Convention centre Docklands now temporary Nightingale Hospital for Coronavirus patients England
NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial view of the misty Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.
Engagement diamond ring rotating on black background, macro with shallow DoF
Effectiveness - Animated Word Cloud
Risk speedometer icon or sign of different colors with black arrow. Motion graphic.
Young man winking and vigorously showing double thumbs up, like gesture, demonstrating approval, feeling enthusiastic satisfied with excellent result, wears t-shirt, isolated on yellow background
Kumamoto, JAPAN - Mar 2 2021 : Man scrolls Microsoft Office website on iPad. Office is a family of client and server softwares (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, OneDrive etc). Slowly Zoom out
First Place animation.
AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020s - 2021 - Excellent aerial shot of damage done by Cyclone Seroja to homes in Kalbarri, Australia.
Life insurance agent explain to customer with customer.
CIRCA 1940 - Excellent aerial footage of New York City skyscrapers, and the Trylon and Perisphere statues at the New York World's Fair.
CIRCA 1970 - Excellent view of the Statue of Liberty near the Twin Towers, and ships docked at Chelsea Piers in New York City.
working on the computer at the office,
Excellent satisfying close up shot on wood burning slowly with orange fire flame in cozy brickwork fireplace atmosphere. Rural life. Burning chop wood in the stone fire-place from fire-bricks. 4K.
a male hand putting tick to a customer satisfaction survey
COWRA, AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial view of Canola Fields in Cowra, Australia.
Handsome teenager Asian guy holds educational material folder posing in public or university library, smile looking at camera. Portrait of excellent student, high school education, knowledge concept
Woman with chopsticks eats sushi. Lady tasting sushi rolls. Better than I expected. Excellent taste of japanese food.
Financial Document On The Computer Screen
Beautiful asia lady sitting on sofa feel exciting with great news at home. Success interview, Graduate achievement, Dating match accept, startup credit approve, Pass Test, Employer accept job concept.
Red wine forms beautiful wave. Wine pouring in wine glass at dramatic background. Close-up shot. Slow motion of pouring red wine from bottle into goblet.
Principle Animated tag word cloud,text design animation kinetic typography seamless loop.
Young people and education. Group of hispanic students in class at school during lesson. Sad male student depressed for bad grades on test, unhappy boy with papers
Credit score app on smartphone showing a bad credit history result to the user.
The winner with a reward in his hands raises his hands up, rejoices at the success. slow motion, 1920x1080, full hd
Abstract golden comet background with tail and glitter particles. Winner screen. Flare rotating. Countdown screen for ceremony. Unique border for excellent choice. Seamless loop.
Giving a positive 5 stars review on a smartphone screen
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial shot of people kayaking on the American River in Sacramento, California.
Young Caucasian Positive Man Showing Double Thumbs Up And Smiles To Camera, Demonstrating Approval, Showing Ok, Gesture Over Blue Color Background Studio. Concept Of People Emotions Lifestyle
CIRCA 1965 - Excellent silent footage of the civil rights movement Selma-to-Montgomery march for African American equality and equal rights in the US.
Scrolling down a generic online financial statement on a website
Good mood meter measure happiness or satisfaction level. Color scale with arrow. The measuring device icon. Colorful infographic gauge element. 3D rendering
Rating score of golden stars from 5 to 1. 3d stars rank animation with alpha channel.
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