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Thoughtful creative young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie thinking over future business plan, taking notes in paper notebook, writing creative idea and smiling inspired happy. indoor isolated
Close up of Man’s hands drawing lines on the Large Format Paper at Modern Office. Architect using Ruler and Pencil to make Blueprints on the Paper. Having very Responsible Job. Great work.
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Stylus in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Entrepreneur. POV is Contract and Initials of Client
Happy family young parents drawing coloring picture with pencils helping cute child daughter enjoying talk play laying on warm floor at home, mom dad and kid girl having fun in living room on leisure
Happy beautiful student girl in summer dress making notes in paper notebook, writing creative idea, future plans and to-do list, looking inspired. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Set of Animated Hand Drawn Doodle Arrows. Arrow sketch handmade doodle swipe up symbol sign isolated on black background.
Team of engineers and architects working, planing, measuring layout of building blueprints in construction site. top view
Happy family mother baby sitter teaching cute child girl playing on warm floor at home, mom helping kid daughter learning drawing coloring with pencils together enjoy creative activity in living room
Monochromatic animation of white grunge pencil doodle lines on black background. Low frame rate effect. Seamless loop.
Art of young woman drawing ecological image of flowers in hands at display of digital notepad. Artist sketching colour painting by stylus at tablet computer closeup. Girl in comfort of home interior
Female hands write to do list on blank notepad. Setting goals concept. Top view desktop. Productivity and success. Office workspace flatlay
Hands of the artist designer draw a storyboard on paper. Storytelling. Story frames with heroes.
Hand Student use pencil writing on paper optical form of standardized test examination, Answer sheet, doing final exam attending in examination classroom. 4k
Businessman write report, pen writing article
Happy family leisure at home concept, couple parents relaxing talking on sofa couch in comfort living room lit with light while little kid child daughter enjoy activity playing drawing on warm floor
Funny little asian kid drawing at home. Boy with curly hair using his imagination, creating art in evening at home, dreaming of becoming artist - childhood dream, hobby concept 4k footage
Graphite pencil draws a straight line on a white background paper, macro shot
Pretty business woman working on tablet computer and analyzing a marketing report in her office on white desk using a pen
A person checking off a to do list. Check all the boxes of a checklist,  close-up, 4k
Cute small 6-7 years kid daughter learning writing with young mom tutor. Adult parent mother teaching school child girl helps with homework studying sitting at home table. Children education concept
Architect's desk: drawings, tape measure, ruler and other drawing tools. Engineer works with drawings in a bright office, close-up. Insturments and office for designer. Male hands draw with a pencil.
tangle, knot, animation, confused, confusion, difficulty, difficult, unhappy, overwhelmed, string, messy, simple, line, complex, ball, brain, hand-drawn, Doodle, sketch, pencil, symbol, icon, element
On Exam Test Person Colors Right Answers with a Pencil. Filling up Answer Sheet with Standardized Tests, Marking Correct Answer Bubbles. Macro Close-up Footage
Architect's desk: drawings, tape measure, ruler and other drawing tools. Engineer works with drawings in a bright office, close-up. Insturments and office for designer. Male hands draw with a pencil
Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper.
Back to school Background - Blank paper 4K animation - school supplies - study - education and learn
Businesswoman signing a contracts, legal agreements, papers. Business woman in white shirt sitting in her workplace in office and signing a many documents. Closeup, selective focus
Macro of pencil drawing straight line on white paper. Architect using ruler for sketch plan. Unknown designer making construction plan with pencil. Architectural concept
In the Dark Industrial Design Engineering Facility: Male Engineer Works with Blueprints Laying on a Table, Uses Pencil, Ruler and Digital Tablet. On Desktop Multiple Drawings. Focus on Hands
Caring young asian ethnic mum or nanny helping cute kid daughter teaching toddler child daughter drawing picture with pencils lying on warm heated floor in bedroom learn creative art activity at home
Portrait of disabled asian boy sitting on wheelchair and looking at the camera with smile in art class with friend. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
Mortar and pestle witchcraft alchemy still life selective focus, witch craft pharmacy and medicine. Spiritual occultism chemistry, magic alchemy and ritual arrangement.
Two Muslim girl is studying online via the internet on tablet in living room at home, Asian elementary school children watching computer tablet. Concept of education at home. Close-up on the face kid
Stop motion animation. Multicolor school supplies are moving from and then to the school backpack on blue background. Back to school concept.
Asian girl is studying online via internet on tablet with headphone while sitting at home morning and sunlight. Asia children using digital computer and write homework. Concept online learning at home
Close-up writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters
Close up of Man’s hands drawing lines on the Large Format Paper at Modern Office. Architect using Ruler and Pencil to make Blueprints on the Paper. Having very Responsible Job. Great work.
Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.
Closeup of young woman's hands sticking adhesive note to a notebook, girl writing tasks and objectives. Healthy lifestyle concept
Office work flatlay. Setting goals. Business woman
Set of 3 Abstracts Spiral Tunnel Animations. Hand Drawn Style with Stop Motion, Low Frame Rate Effect.
Set of Animated White Brush Strokes, Hand Drawn Paint Stains, Blots, Splashes with Paper Texture. Silhouettes of watercolor stains on a black background. Grunge dirty shapes, artistic element for text
Person Ticks Checkbox Marks with a Pen, filling up To Do List. A person checking off a to do list with red pen. Check all the boxes of a checklist, close-up, 4k
Discussion by designers by the woman and man of the architectural project and interior.
Green screen freelance Graphic Designer's laptop computer home work desk station next to a lamp and plants. Drawing tablet, digital pencil shown in stunning 4K.
Handsome male Engineer looking at his Work, was wooden Model of Modern Airport Building. Looking at Details. Attractive man working at his workplace. Having interesting job and Modern Office.
Caring young adult father playing with preschooler child son help teach drawing pencils enjoy single parent and little kid creative lifestyle activity together lying on warm floor at home apartment
Close up of female designer using pencil and sheet of paper for fashion sketches. Mature woman in white blouse creating design of new clothing collection.
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Cheerful asian cute small kid girl artist playing alone drawing coloring picture with pencils, focused smart preschool child enjoying creative art hobby activity at home, children development concept.
Cute smart primary school child girl learning writing doing math homework sit at home table, adorable pretty little preschool kid studying alone making notes, children elementary education concept
Little Girl Drawing on Paper with Colored Pencils While Laying on the Floor near Puppies. Cute Funny Golden Retriever Puppies Playing with Child Girl at Home. Pets and Animals Concept
Cute adorable asian ethnic kid girl holding color pencil learn drawing lying on warm floor with young vietnamese mom daycare babysitter talking playing teaching helping little child daughter at home
Animation in motion graphics of a check mark symbol. Symbolizing right. Motion Graphics. Transparent Background
asian child student back to school or kid girl draw or write by pencil and read on computer tablet with doing homework to new idea think or people learn from home and study online on smartphone slow
Close Up of Diverse Multiethnic Team Having Conversation in Meeting Room in a Creative Office. Colleagues Lean On a Conference Table, Look at Laptop Computer and Make Notes with Pencils on Notebooks.
Social media campaign for pandemic coronavirus covid-19 prevention. Kid drawing with colored pencils during quarantine at home. Drawing with Inscription message Stay at home
CLOSE UP, Young Childs Hand Writing With A Pencil On Paper
cheetah running through savannah neon draw cartoon animation seamless endless loop \ new quality unique handmade dynamic joyful colorful video animal cat footage
Designers the man and the woman discuss and choose color of an interior of future project.
App Development User Interface Wireframes Hand Drawing Animation on Paper Background
Cute girl staying at home and doing homework
Young woman in hijab sits on sofa with her daughter and teaches her how to read, book, happy family concept, close up, home comfort in the background 50 fps
Asian school children sitting in school writing in book with pencil, studying, education, learning. Male and female students sitting at desk in classroom writing in notebook
Young Teenage Multiethnic Schoolgirl is Studying Science Topic About Robotics at Home. Girl is Working on Homework for School. Young Female Reading Research Articles About Her Hobby. Education Concept
CIRCA 1970s - Designers work on plans and automotive components are tested in laboratories, in 1970.
Flat type animation of a clipboard
Wooden school pencils of different colors are located on the white surface. Stop motion animation with colored pencils for use in infographics on school topics. Appearance, blinking, changing colors
Closeup graphite pencil drawing line on white paper. Macro of architect writing sketch plan on blueprint. Unrecognizable architectural designer making construction plan, slow motion
Architect working on blueprint with spesial tools and pencil, close up. Male architect at work, only hands with ruler and pencil. Design of the house. Engineer. Tools for drawing. Creating a drawing.
Architect Engineer Makes Drawing. Drawing Of Circle Line On Plan. Use Of Dividers , Stationery. Creation Of Schedules, Development Of Successful Business Projects For Offices, Implementation Of
Close up of female accountant or banker making calculations. Home finances, investment, economy, saving money or insurance concept. Hands closeup.
Looking up for inspiration while walking outdoor in green spring park garden. Close-up of young woman hands writing down her hopes and dreams of future into her diary, making plans. Planner To Do
Childhood, play, training, self-isolation concept - close-up dark-haired curly little six-year-old girl of Persian Middle Eastern appearance draws in notebook pencil lying on her stomach on floor.
Drawings are on the desktop, hands of engineer drawing by pencil
A young female architect draws a building plan, measures the dimensions of the blueprint with a ruler and a pencil on the desktop in the design office.
Translating text in a drawing: Side view
Macro Follow Shot of a Blue Marker Pen Being Held with a Hand. Person Drawing Graphs on a Whiteboard. Pencil is Connected to the Camera. Gripped Shot. Sketching with Fineliner.
Black and white animation of a cursive handwritten text crossed out by horizontal brush strokes on a grunge textured paper.
Cute five year old blonde girl using laptop to take class remotely at home, distance learning at home.
Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes, close up, macro, selective focus.
Portrait of asian girl with down syndrome smiling and looking to camera. Little kid show her hands with colorful painted in art class. Education, relationship and humanity concept.
Cute concentrated little kid girl draw color pencil play alone on floor. Pretty preschool child coloring picture at home enjoy creative activity relax sit on carpet, children playtime education concep
Concentrated afro american little girl child sitting at home at table draws picture chooses pencil wears headphones listens to Internet teacher watching video lesson on laptop online conference chat
The artist drawing a flat line with a black pencil. Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper.
Girl draws a pencil on paper. Female fashion designer drawing sketches. Fashion designer drawing and paint. Close-up
Concept on the theme of growing up children. Happy Caucasian boy writes at the growth mark on the wall his age is 6 years old, also on the wall is a mark with the inscription 5 years old. Birthday 6 y
Gold and silver, detailed quill pen writing with ink on a sheet of paper. Close up of a blue ink sinking into a sheet of paper. Sign of agreeing and fulfiling an agreement.
Minimal background for online education concept. Launching pencil rocket on blue background. 3d rendering illustration. Loop 4k UHD 3d render animation illustration.
Focused young indian female architects designers students team leader draw with pencil plan new design project with multiethnic people group at office corporate meeting study work at table together
hand of child student back to school or kid write or draw sketch on paper by pencil and read on computer tablet with doing homework to new idea or people learn from home and study online on smartphone
Hand drawn border frame animation.
Animated border design.
Red-haired attractive girl designer with a prosthetic limb is working on a project in her home office. Marks up drawings with a pencil and marker.
Mother and daughter doing a school homework assignment. Mom helps to deal with it.
An Elderly Man Is Completing The Us Individual Income Tax Return Form 1040. Fake sensitive information (credit card, bank account, medical information, signature)
Cute small 6-7 years african kid daughter learning writing with young mixed race mom tutor. Adult parent mother teaching school child girl helps with homework studying sitting at table, home education
schoolboy goes to school through the park along the path. kid dream concept. people in the park. schoolboy goes school in the park education. schoolboy walk after class with a sun backpack and book
the left-handed girl draws a rainbow with watercolor paints and brushes, children's joint creativity.
Flowers in full bloom are drawn , colorful , white paper texture
Girl Turn Off the Light in a Dark Room, Kid Turning the Light Off a Led Bulb, Child Turns the Light Off at Home, Pull Switch On Off
Electronic Signature on Tablet Computer by Pen in Male Hand. Sign Document of Deal on PC at Work in Office Indoors. Write Business Agreement for Partner. Executive Contract with Initials of Customer
Hand drawn arrows animation, frame of doodled arrows pointing to the middle of a white background
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