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4K Group of man and woman friends enjoy party drinking champagne together while catamaran boat sailing at summer sunset. Male and female relax outdoor lifestyle on sail yacht tropical travel vacation
Indian female student makes conference video call on laptop computer talks with web tutor, online teacher in remote webcam chat on screen. Distance education class concept. Over shoulder close up view
Lock Icon. Cyber Security of Digital Data Network Protection. High-speed connection data analysis. Technology data binary code network conveying connectivity background concept.
Private airplane flying over clouds: Aerial view of a small jet plane during a flight over the ocean
Big jet airplane flying over the sky in beautiful sunrise light. Aerial view of plane above the clouds. Footage in 4K, 16 bit depth
Commercial spaceship flight from Earth to international space station. 3D Animation. UHD. 4K. 3840x2160.
Online teacher communicating with teen girl school student by webcam conference call. Internet tutor teaching giving web class. E learning from home concept. Over shoulder close up laptop screen view.
Businessman touch network using padlock icon technology with virtual screen icons, Business Technology Privacy concept, Internet Concept of global business.
Aerial drone tracking video of luxury yacht cruising in deep blue open ocean sea
Luxury yacht cruising out at sea. Aerial view of luxury yacht cruising in turquoise lagoon. Aerial drone tracking video of luxury boat. Motor Yacht sailing on open ocean
Happy young european woman doctor wearing white medical coat and stethoscope looking at camera. Smiling female physician posing in hospital office. Positive general practitioner close up face portrait
Cyber security data protection business technology privacy concept.
Smiling happy cheerful male Indian latin doctor medical worker in white robe with stethoscope around neck standing in modern hospital clinic with arms crossed looking at camera. Headshot portrait.
Solar panel installation on private countryside house in western Norway - Forwarding closeup of panels with nature background
Luxurious villa with palm trees and yacht. Private house on the island. Luxury yacht on the island background with villa. 3d visualization
Aerial view of residential houses at spring (may). Establishing shot of american neighborhood, suburb.  Real estate, drone shots, sunset, sunlight, from above.
4K Group of man and woman friends enjoy party drinking champagne together while catamaran boat sailing at summer sunset. Male and female relax outdoor lifestyle on sail yacht tropical travel vacation
Small wave, Soft wave on sand beach for opening video, text space. white sand beach, Ocean Wave On Sandy Beach
Airplane Window View Above the Clouds at Sunset
Entering a luxury private jet using the airplane stairs
Old retired senior woman wearing a mask at doctor consultation during COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare system, disease treatment in modern professional private clinic or hospital
Portrait of a physician or surgeon who looks proud room, happy and smiling for his work in the clinic or hospital. Concept: doctor, patient care, health and wellness in hospitals or private clinics
Private luxury Villa with Swimming Pool and palms. Realistic 3d visualisation in 4k resolution.
Luxury classic door opening to the white background. 4k, Animation with green chroma key.
Cybersecurity protection of internet connected systems from cyberthreats
Luxury Jet waiting for a flight. Sky taxi. Choose your destination. Perfect weather. Clear sky. Tourist or businessman. Aviation. Personal. Luxurious journey. Classy. Lifestyle. Heading camera.
Clouse-up male spy sends secret documents to the woman, instead of receiving the envelope with money. Industrial espionage. The work of foreign agents
What? I can't hear you! Confused girl having hearing problems, asking to say louder, difficult to listen quiet talk, misunderstanding in communication. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Family entering their new home that they just bought / New life
Young father checking homework helping cute school child daughter with studies sit at kitchen table. Adult parent or tutor explaining kid girl distance learning at home. Private education concept
Young couple checking into private luxury beach villa hotel. Woman opening the gate and walking trough the door holding companion's hand. Follow me to concept.
Motorized moving shot of entering password at login page, shot with macro probe lens
Security video camera moving to scan the area for surveillance purposes. Robotic CCTV recording technology.
Over shoulder view of woman student worker makes conference video call on laptop talks with online teacher, boss or partner in web cam chat on computer screen. Distance work, remote education concept.
Classic door opening to the white background. 4k, Animation with luma matte.
Password Entry. Someone entering their password on a computer screen. Log in to your account. Typing password on Login page
Cyber security data protection business technology privacy concept.
Cyber security data protection business technology privacy concept.
Robot home futuristic security camera scans the surroundings. Digital HUD overlay.
Armoured personnel carrier and a group of soldiers.
Side view of a private airplane flying over clouds: Aerial view of a small jet plane during a flight over the clouds
Jet being pushed out of hanger
Mykonos, Cyclades  Greece - September 4 2021: Aerial drone video of beautiful modern super yacht with wooden deck cruising in high speed in Aegean deep blue sea
Top view Nuclear power aircraft carrier or Battleship Navy
Generic Unmarked Executive Business Private Jet Airplane Landing at International Airport near Lisbon Portugal Touching Down on Runway with Tire Smoke on a Sunny Day in Europe
Airplane Window View Above the Clouds at Sunset
School building ready for learning, kids and teenagers, teachers return to classroom
Modern interior of an art exhibition. Empty gallery interior. Exhibition center interior. Exhibition of contemporary art. Hall of modern art museum. 3d visualization
Padlock of Cyber Security Digital Data, Technology Global Network Digital Data Protection, Future Background Concept
Blue luxury classic door opening to the bright light. Animation with luma matte.
Contemporary house with pool. Pool deck at private villa. 3d visualization
Business people shaking hands after signing documents in luxury house. Closeup handshaking in private house. Professionals shaking hands after agreement.
Cyber security data protection business technology privacy concept.
several security cameras investigate people with the help of artificial intelligence. Sorted Data is displayed on top of the screen in a colorful information style.
young asian male businessman talking online on video call, conference or meeting looking at camera. Webcam view. Asia Man in business suit indoors. Office negotiations distance Consultation or advice
Female Asian nurse support senior male patient stand up and walk from bed in hospital. Nursing home, medical service, physiotherapy, hospitality, or recovery treatment concept
Doctor in white coat consulting to older female 65s patient seated at desk in private clinic office looking at laptop screen provide explanation about treatment disease, show medical check up results
Controlling lights with an app in smart home / Smart house features / Changing mood/color of the lights
Aerial shot of a fast speedboat going around in the circle and making beautiful doughnuts in the sea. Top travel destination. 4K. Vacation in Croatia
Female doctor talk to old unhealthy male patient during visit in private clinic, show bottles with meds explain prescription, give professional consultation. Chronic disease treatment pharmacy concept
Woman walk on deck of luxury yacht. Beautiful white private yacht cruise in calm quiet ocean. Holiday paradise destination on tropical island. Rich and famous lifestyle
Aerial perpendicular view of a luxury yacht navigating fast.
4k video of Recreation near the pool in expensive mansion. 3d render of Private villa. Expensive mansion in oriental style. Pool near the house.
Aerial view above Pasadena neighborhood northeast of downtown Los Angeles, California, USA
Aerial view of residential houses at summer. Establishing shot of American neighborhood, suburb, house.  Real estate, drone shots, sunrise, sunlight, from above
Expensive private villa. Swimming pool in a private house. Luxury villa with swimming pool. 3d render
Business jet is taking off at sunset. Private jet, or bizjet takes off at dawn
Top down shot moving across different secretive official important documents. Panning over papers with Top secret classified text and stamps with crossed and censored black lines. Exposed information.
A business owner changes the sign on the front door with the inscription OPEN to the CLOSED due to COVID-19 close-up
Aerial view of charter private jet flying above white clouds in the sunset light, 3d render
High barbed wire fence around prison or secret military base, detention facility
Pan across classified text documents and top secret censored information files. Leaked papers of covert activity and operations of military, army or government agencies. Close up of sensitive info.
Beautiful aerial view of yachts and boats anchoring in a bay in Mallorca with clear turquoise water - Mediterranean Sea - Spain holiday - Beach in Majorca
Los Angeles, California, US / 09.09.2018 / Modern High-End House in Hollywood Hills . Luxurious Celebrity Residences
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Virtual button labeled: Investigation
Futuristic security cameras scanning the street in 4K
Modern military radar of a new generation, infrared camera, night vision device, periscope for heavy equipment, military touchscreen device, the device moves in different directions
Close-up view of tailor works on sewing machine in private leather craftshop, stitching belt in process. male seamstress sewing leather belt in leather workshop in 4k slow motion
Slow motion - Beautiful shot of a woman in a long flow dress walking by the poolside and splashing water with her foot at colorful sunset. Girl leaning on the railing to enjoy the view at end of clip
Friends chilling in private villa swimming pool, lie in the sun on inflatable flamingo, swan, floaties. Young people relax on party at luxury resort on sunny day. Bikini girls sunbathing. Slow motion.
Aerial view of unfinished brick house with wooden roof frame structure under construction.
The girl is sitting in a spaceship. Touch screen on the shuttle. Outer space, planets. Graphic space design. Spacecraft of the private American company in space.
Aerial - Couple holding hands and jumping in the pool like a cannon ball at the same time. A fun summer day in the pool at home (slow motion)
Friends have party in a private villa swimming pool. Happy young people in swimwear dancing, bonding and clubbing with floaties and inflatable mattress in luxury resort on sunny day. Slow motion.
Side view smiling young female patient shaking hands with happy middle aged mature male doctor in white uniform, thanking for help or feeling excited about healthcare treatment results at meeting.
Roofing work. Laying a soft roof on the roof of a private house.
Autism boy during therapy with his school tutor, learning together. Autism childhood mental illness therapy concept
The pilot pushes the lever to lift the plane in the cockpit. 4K video.
sunset sun light jakarta city downtown luxury private residence district aerial panorama 4k indonesia
eyes closeup. Man sees at sunset / Slow motion
Close up of a Cell Phone during a call from an unknown number - Canon EOS 6D
Animation of a private jet standing in the hangar. Lights gradually turning on.
Cyber security data protection business technology privacy concept.
sexy female stripper is seducing client by erotic dance in privat room of strip club, closeup
Aerial view of charter private jet flying above white clouds in a clear sunny day, camera chasing the plane from the right back side, 3d render
Young male afro doctor wearing scrubs and cap walking along hospital corridor. Portrait of afro-american surgeon in uniform and safety mask putting on hat preparing for surgery
Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop, online client consultation. office at home. slow motion
Happy young biracial mother nanny babysitter helping little daughter pupil preparing for test. Focused small afro american primary school girl doing homework with smiling mommy, distant education.
Closeup smiling couple drinking tea at home together. Happy woman bringing cups of tea for husband in living room. Portrait of joyful couple taking coffee break on sofa in slow motion.
Portrait of beautiful dreaming young woman tasting red wine enjoying summer stay in vineyards on lovely sunny day. Female sommelier on wine degustation.
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