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High voltage power station. View from flying drone. Wide angle, high voltage substation with tall pylons and voltage distribution cables. Transformation station and electric power plant.
Pole Mokotowskie Warsaw Park field with lake and city aerial view
Aurora and Milky Way Galaxy Summer 85mm Southwest Sky Time Lapse Sunrise Simulated Northern Lights
Tabular icebergs melt at turquoise ocean bay. Huge high ice glacier at polar nature environment. Arctic winter landscape at global warming problem. Desert white land of snow and ice drone shot.
Ukrainian flag in the wind. Blue Yellow flag in the city of Kharkov
Aurora Borealis Milky Way Galaxy Rise Time Lapse Stars Over Mountains Simulated Northern Lights
Aerial view of the Flag of the United Arab Emirates waving in the air, the Blue sky in Background, The national symbol of UAE over Sharjah's Flag Island, United Arab Emirates, 4K Video
The polar Northern lights in Norway Svalbard in the mountains (time-lapse)
Emperor Penguins with chicks close up in Antarctica
electrical silhouette worker engineer a working with digital tablet, power near tower with electricity. energy business technology industry concept. electrical engineer studying reading on tablet
Traveling slowly through an ice cave and exiting the other side onto a beautiful ocean scene.
Ice breaks under Polar Bear Feets, Arctic Sea, Svalbard
Slow Sunset Overt Asia. The Earth Seen From Space. Asian City Lights.
Silhouette of engineer standing on field with electricity towers. Electrical engineer with high voltage electricity pylon at sunset background. Power workers at work concept.
Emperor Penguin chicks on the ice
Active mother with her little son climbing mountain. Woman and child with trekking poles and backpack hike together along a rocky path
Flag of Saudi Arabia Waving in the wind, Sky and Sun Background, Slow Motion, Realistic Animation, 4K UHD 60 FPS Slow-Motion
American Flag Waving Slow Motion. Large American Flag flies. US flag slow motion. National American Celebration - Labor Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Memorial, Veterans, Patriots, President Day
Transmission tower, power tower or electricity pylon. Consist of steel structure framing to support or carry cable, high-voltage powerline or overhead power line. For electrical grid in aerial view.
Antarctica Melting Blue Water Iceberg Aerial View. Antarctic Ocean Environment. Arctic Ice Nature Landscape of Global Warming and Climate Change Concept Top Drone Shot Footage 4K (UHD)
Aurora Borealis Milky Way Rise Time Lapse Southeast Sky Wide Shot Simulated Northern Lights
Two Electricity man Work Concept. Silhouette Of Engineer In Helmet Standing On Field With Electricity Towers. Electrical Engineer With High Voltage Electricity Pylon At Sunset. Voltage Tower Support.
Aurora Borealis Milky Way Aquarids Meteor Shower Time Lapse Simulated Nothern Lights
Aurora and Milky Way Galaxy South Sky 24mm Aquarids Meteor Shower Simulated Northern Lights
Amazing underwater scene with floating particles and plankton in macro and light rays shining through
Jockey on a horse running around a dirt track at sunset. White horse running around arena. Equestrian sport, competition outdoors. Sprinting horse.
CIRCA 1945 - Iwo Jima iconic image of Marines soldiers raising the American flag in this patriotic world war two image.
Polar bear wandering on Fragile frozen Ocean, Svalbard
Polar bear Walking on waving  Melting broken sea ice in arctic sea
Moon Phases - Northern Hemisphere time-lapse video. Extremely detailed including libration, position angle, and smooth exposure adjustment to reveal Earthshine.
Ukraine Flag Loop. Realistic 4K. 30 fps flag of the Ukraine. Ukraine flag waving in the wind. Seamless loop with highly detailed fabric texture.
Pan around view of flags of various UN members fluttering on wind against cloudless blue sky
From great heigh fairytale mountain landscape snow covered alpine sharp peaks. Wild winter untouched inaccessible nature Russia Switzerland Alps abstract. Thick white clouds. Open space. Aerial 4K
Aurora Northern Lights Green Animation Loop
Emperor Penguin with chicks in Antarctica
Competitive woman rider on horse jumping over obstacles, slow motion. White horse leaping fence on sandy parkour riding arena, equestrian competition outdoors. Training jumping hurdle.
Maintenance repair man climbs up high electrical pole. Closeup shot zoomed in.
UAE National day. 50th UAE National Day with waving UAE Flag inside. 2 December UAE National Day. Dubai Flag. HD Video
a scuba diver photographs moodful scenery under impressive icebergs
Ukrainian flag in the wind. Blue Yellow flag in the city of Kharkov
Side view of two caribou, reindeer walking in deep cold snow in Lappland, Sweden. Tracking shot in slow motion.
Electrical engineer wearing a helmet and safety vest walking near high voltage electrical lines towards power station during sunset shot in 4k super slow motion
Antarctica Aerial Majestic Landscape Drone View. Snow Covered Arctic Extreme Nature Mountain Beauty. Frozen South Pole Winter Land Helicopter Above Footage 4K (UHD)
Northern Lights-Aurora Lights 4K Beautiful romance background. Full HD Video. Sky Time Lapse
USA Flag Waving Slow Motion on the green background perfect for easy keying. Large American Flag flies. National Day Celebration
UAE National day. 50th UAE National Day with waving UAE Flag inside. 2 December UAE National Day. Dubai Flag. HD Video. Happy National Day.
Tower of power lines in the forest. Electric tower line in Landscape view with Electricity and environmental problem concept. Ariel view High voltage power pylons.
Perspective up view of subway car. Moscow metro. Empty metro wagon lately in evening.
A thin starved polar bear (Ursus maritimus) walking on ice and shakes
A compass with a green arrow that shows the direction. Concept of travel, adventure, expedition, business, choice and possibilities.
United Nations flag flying in the wind. UN blue flag waiving at a flagpole.
Drone top down Epic red steel icebreaker ship tanker breaks winter frozen sea, overcomes. Bow of ship floats through ice floe. Huge white block of ice. Sailing, navigation. Unique Polar expedition. 4k
Rear view of a woman travels through an autumn pine forest with a backpack and sticks
Droneflight over the polar region, a frozen sea including icebergs and icy, cold snowy mountain peaks in the arctic, ellesmere island, north pole
Silhouette, Flag of the United Arab Emirates waving in the wind, Sky and Sun Background, The national symbol of UAE over Sharjah's Flag Island, United Arab Emirates, 4K video
Drone shot of powerlines running alongside a gravel country road in rural America
Underwater ice with rising water bubbles. Macro shot of beautiful blue underwater ice.
A polar bear sniffs the air and the ice, very close to camera, and stands up on 2 legs
Ice Comet Hitting North america creating Large dust shockwave
Mushroom Cloud created over earth, 3d illustration, Outer space view
Sharjah, Aerial view of UAE flag waving in the sky over Flag Island in Sharjah. UAE flag day, Sharjah Flag Island
Aurora Borealis Milky Way Galaxy Reflections on Lake Simulated Nothern Lights
Portrait of Asian lunar astronaut placing a flag pole on the Moon surface. Easy to track and add your flag. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
close up light skin asian female hand grab on subway pole, hold on to pole handle  standing in subway train, virus contaminated surface, new normal covid-19 public transportation, out door risk
Pole Vault Jumping Championship: Professional Male Athlete Running with Pole Successfully Jumping over Bar and Landing on His Feet. Dramatic Colors, Slow Motion Close-up Shot of Sport Achievement
A polar bear walks in ice and water landscape
A clear starry night with the Aurora Borealis over a mountain and trees silhouette.
Timelapse with light towers of a football stadium against a sunset and summer clouds, cinematic fast and smooth movement of sky. Soccer stadium flashlights and evening time lapse.
Earth Zoom in On South America, Space view
Map Zoom ,Outer Space Travel Concept 3D Animation, South America
Many American USA Flags fluttering in the wind on flag poles against blue sky. Three dimensional rendering animation.
Children are fishing from a boat with their dad
American Flag Waving In The United States Of America Shows Independence. National Patriotism And Celebration With Banner Flying - Slow Motion Video 4k 30fps
Electrical worker engineer working with digital tablet near tower with electricity. Energy business technology industry concept. Electrical engineer studying reading on tablet
Aurora Northern Lights Green Animation Loop 11
4K Animation Of A Iceberg Floating Underwater In Blue Ocean. Climate Change. Melting The Icebergs.
Aerial of massive American Flag slowly flapping in breeze in slow motion
Arctic Circle in planet earth, aerial view from outer space
Snow Covered Antarctic Surface Timelapse Aerial View Flight. South Pole Ice Landscape. Winter Frozen Ground Continent Snowy Frost Rock Epic Drone Fly Footage Shot in 4K (UHD)
Emperor Penguin with chicks in Antarctica
Antarcica Iceberg Turquoise River Top Down View. Nature Lake with Blue Water and Broken Ice Flow. Ecology, Melting Ice, Climate Change and Global Warming Concept Aerial Drone Shot Footage 4K (UHD)
Jockey on a horse running around a dirt track at sunset. White horse running around arena. Equestrian sport, competition outdoors. Sprinting horse.
PARIS, FRANCE, JUNE 30, 2019 France Flag in Paris, French Banner Waving on Blue Sky at Sunset, National Patriotic Symbol, Patriotism Sign View in Europe
Cruising in Antarctica. Giant floating Iceberg from melting glacier in Antarctica. Global Warming and Climate Change. Landscape of snowy mountains and icy shores in Antarctica.
Union Jack flag of the United Kingdom proudly fluttering in the breeze.
Emperor Penguins on the snow in Antarctica
Camera slowly pans to a generic red formula one race car at pole position - realistic high quality 3d animation
The Flag of the United Arab Emirates waving in the air, the Blue sky and city development in the Background, The national symbol of UAE over Sharjah's Flag Island. 4k Footage
High voltage electric tower on milky way sky background, transmission power line and a Parts of electrical equipment and high voltage power line insulators at night
Young hot woman with long flowing hair performs sensual pole dance, slow motion.
Aerial view of snowmobile tour driving in snowy hills.Arctic expedition atmosphere, north pole,winter landscape of Vatnajokull Glacier Iceland. Extreme sport,adventure and travel destination concept.
Flag of Turkey Waving in the wind, Sky and Sun Background, Slow Motion, Realistic Animation, 4K UHD 60 FPS Slow-Motion
Flood river stream covers streets and roads in small town America, USA. Aerial drone revealing shot at golden hour morning sunrise.
Totem Poles Vancouver British Columbia Canada
NORTHERN LIGHTS, AURORA COLOUR. CLEAR WEATHER. Northern Lights on the Arctic sky, Green / Blue Northern Lights dancing over the sea, Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in a cloudless night sky, FHD.
Aerial - Young man hiking on top of snowy mountain at beautiful winter sunset. Male mountaineer with trekking poles and a backpack walking on mountain ridge in Julian Alps
Aurora Borealis Northern Polar Lights isolated on black , 4k, high-detailed popular compositing element , seamless loop
Generic formula one race car driving along the homestretch over the finish line - dynamic front view camera - realistic high quality 3d animation
Aerial drone flight over penguins, seals. Antarctica wildlife. Overview shot of snow, ice covered land. Polar ocean water, mountains. Antarctic winter landscape. Ice cold. 4k footage.
Jockey on a horse in starting gate. Gate opens and white horse sprints down the track. Equestrian sport, competition outdoors. Sprinting horse.
Transmission tower supporting an overhead high voltage power line - silhouette at sunset. The pylon carries wires that transport electric power from generating stations to electrical substations.
Aerial Forward Shot Of Religious Structures And Houses In Itchan Kala Surrounding Wall Against Clear Sky - Khiva, Uzbekistan
Many gentoo penguins swimming underwater in Antarctica, sunlight passing through the ice
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