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Factory Worker at Advanced Factory of railcar manufacturer train production plant, wide cinematic shot, dolly out
Pharmacy Drugstore Checkout Counter: Black Male Pharmacist Explains Use and Manual for Prescription Medicine Beautiful, Senior Female Customer Paying Using Contactless Credit Card to Terminal
Manufacture of Railcar or Carriage, Train Wagon Production, Factory Workers are Welding in Protective Helmets and Glasses, Beautiful Epic Shot, Dolly Out, Slow Motion
Group of Solar power plant Engineers Team Meeting and discussion to brainstorming with blueprint on solar cell top table Planning for a New Project of Environmental Power at construction site outdoors
Building workers are constructing a metal framework
Doctor scans the patient's teeth in the clinic. The dentist holds in his hand a manual 3D scanner for the jaw and mouth. Dental health. Creates a 3D model of teeth and gums on a medical monitor.
4K Portrait beautiful smiling female welder in metalwork shop. Slow motion.
Smiling civil engineer and manual worker shaking hands at construction site with happy business women. Construction manager and supervisor shaking hand on building site. Team of workers meeting.
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is touching with his hand fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in tailoring workshop. Concept of handmade, couturier, and tradition.
Light A Gas Cooker Manually With Match Slow Motion.
Car service worker welds and repairs an exhaust pipe of a car. Close-up welding work on a lifted car. View from the back. Mechanic welds the bottom of the car.
Time lapse cargo aircraft loading - Panning
Time lapse business of air cargo freighter with import and export - Fisheye lens
Auto mechanic working underneath car lifting machine at the garage. Auto repair shop, Car service, repair.
Senior farmer walking in soybean field examining crop during sunset.
Installing ceramic floor tiles - measuring and cutting the pieces. Construction, renovation, repair apartment. Cuts tile. Tile cutting
Fishermen fishing in the early morning golden light manual hand pulling the net
Construction site with cranes and the engineer working with metal
Tough Work of a Welder in Green Uniform and Protection Yellow Helmet at Steel Making Factory. Angle grinder at Metal Production. Sparks, Slow Motion, Close Up
Automotive factory in China. View of the assembly shop, industrial robots collect equipment
Businessperson Turn Off the Lights Living Office Room Thru the Entrance Door
Business of air cargo freighter with import and export at twilight sky - Time lapse
CU view of driver's legs pressing on pedals while racing inside a sports car. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
Factory Worker at Modern Rail Car Plant Train Carriage Steel Manual Work by Welding Machine Blue Light.
Yellow warning sign wet floor. Sign showing warning of caution wet floor and workerw cleaning hall floor of  business building.
Factory Worker Grinds Metal Construction using angle grinder. Bright Golden Sparks comes out, Heavy Manual Work at Modern Steel Making Industry. Slow Motion.
Laying floor ceramic tile. Renovating the floor. Construction workers laying tile over concrete floor using tile levelers, notched trowels and tile mortar.
Pharmacy Drugstore Checkout Cashier Counter: Female Pharmacist Explains Use and Manual for Prescription Medicine Beautiful Senior Female Customer Paying Using Contactless Credit Card to Terminal
Planting forests manually. Reforestation on the planet. Working process of planting a tree. Planting forests manually. Reforestation on the planet. A forest worker is planting a tree.
Factory Man at the Modern Rail Car Train Manufacture Welding the Huge Metal Structure Welder in Protective Mask Sparks Flash Light Comes From the Hose
Car mechanic replacing a car tire in garage workshop. Slow motion. Auto service
Closeup masseur hands pouring massaging oil to female back preparing to relaxing or revitalizing massage procedure at spa beauty salon pleasant woman lying on couch enjoying skin and body care
Roofers working on roof of a detached house. Sideways view
Woman volunteer in hand gloves sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine at home, making cotton fabric medical mask. Coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection
Blacksmith is using hammer to forge metal
African male worker checking level of the wall with the bubble level tool. Portrait of afro-american builder using spirit level inspecting apartment renovation
Medium shot of a man with a hammer hitting red-hot metal. A blacksmith works with metal in a forge. Sparks from impacts to metal
Close up of builder putting safety hardhat and gloves on wooden box. Cropped shot of construction worker leaving uniform at construction site and going home in evening
Young and beautiful woman gets hot stone massage therapy in the spa salon. Healthy lifestyle and body care concept.
CU view of driver's legs pressing on pedals while racing inside a sports car. Shot with 2x anamorphic lens
New residential with wooden truss post and beam stick built construction framing
Loading cargo outside cargo plane - Zoom out time lapse
Arabica coffee being picked manually by woman agriculturist hands. Brazilian special coffee. Cinematic 4K.
Grinding Work with Smooths Equipment for Steel Metal, Iron, Sparks at Manufacturing Heavy Industry Factory Closeup Indoor. Metalwork Assembly, Heat Detail Welding by Professional Laborer Using Grinder
Surgeon operating with medical robotic surgery machine. Manual control by Minimally Invasive Surgical System. Modern automated medical device.
The master in the repair service of trucks goes from the camera to the depths of the shop.
Welding man works at Train wagon manufacture. Railcar manufacturer. Welder Soldering the Steel Structure wears protective helmet. Bright Blue Green Light, Sparks, Automated Welding Machine, Welder
Confident people working in construction site. Portrait of happy hispanic man at work in new house inside apartment building. Professional latino worker using ladder and smiling at camera. Slow motion
Professional car cleaning, car waxing. Applying a layer of ceramics protective antirain cover on the car surface to prevent erosion and oxidation, sun and water damage
Aerial view of an industrial roof. Roofers installing a new roof on an industrial building.
Car Assembly Plant in Chengdu, China - September 19, 2014. Chengdu economic growth. State-level economic and technological development zone of Chengdu.
Close-up view of tailor works on sewing machine in private leather craftshop, stitching belt in process. male seamstress sewing leather belt in leather workshop in 4k slow motion
One Person Pull the Switch Cord and Turns Off the Light in a Room. Shutting Down the Led Light in the Office and Leaving the Room.
Close-up 4K scene operation of lathe machine cutting the brass shaft parts and the cutting chips. The metalworking process by turning machine.
Follow footage of factory worker in a hard hat that is walking through industrial facilities. Shot on RED Cinema Camera.
Hammering a nail into a piece of wood. Building and creating on a construction site. Getting back to work. Shot on RED camera in 4k.
Worker polish a red car. Car detailing - Men are using machinery car polishers maintenance to remove marks repair according to the surface of the car's paint before contin
Asian engineer Foreman female worker working checking at Container cargo harbor holding tablet device to loading cargo containers. Dock female worker  Logistics import export shipping yard concept.
A tiler applies adhesive to the floor to install ceramic tiles. Laying tiles at a construction site. Selective focus, plenty of copy space
Close-up portrait of young attractive carpenter standing with crossed arms smiling positively into camera. Slow motion
Portrait Dirty Mine Worker. Sweaty Exhausted Man in a Hard Hat. Filthy Job and Physical labor. Coal mining. People Working Equipment. Close up.
Workers assembling car engines at an industrial factory.
Aerial view Builders working on construction and laying bricks. Bricklaying of a brick multi-storey building
Installing underfloor heating pipes for water heating. Heating systems. Pipes for a heat-insulated floor.
Professional fashion designer measuring fabric according to pattern at modern studio. Mature woman creating new clothing collection at work.
Plastic granules are poured from the hand. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
Aerial view of an industrial roof. Roofers installing a new roof on an industrial building.
Carpenter sanding wood with sandpaper. Male hands polishing wood with sandpaper. Carpentry, craftsmanship, Handicrafts.
Close up shot of man typing on old vintage retro typewriter; backlit; news, media or communication concept
Bricklayer finishes brick row, fills last gap in brickwork, distributes mortar, takes out brick, stacks it, adjusts it with trowel according to level, removes excess mortar, construction site
Factory worker welds metal. The man is welding. Welding with argon or electrode, using a welding machine. An industrial enterprise producing metal structures. Sparks and flashes fly. Slow motion
Female worker is taking extra threads out of the machinery. Textile factory production equipment.
Carpenter blowing sawdust away from handcrafted wood plank on workbench outside the garage atelier. Artisan working wearing safety protections . Build home creative ideas, slow motion blurred subject
Plastic black and white granules are poured from the hand. Plastic granules, dye, polymer granules are used for the production of plastic products
the electrician connects the socket
Side view of senior farmer walking in soybean field examining crop.
Close up video of Man's Hands working with Piece of Furniture and a Lathe in his Workshop. Carpenter scrape on the lathe a piece of Wood on his Workplace. Slow motion.
Portrait of handsome man carpenter standing crossed arms smile in furniture factory. Happy young attractive carpenter wearing plaid shirt standing with crossed arms smiling and looking to camera.
Pain in the back. Backache. Back view of a woman having problems with the spine. Healthcare concept
Wood home framing at construction site with wooden truss framework
Installing ceramic floor tiles in construction site
LOS ANGELES - OCT 30: A Tesla Model 3 performs automatic lane changes on Interstate 405 in Los Angeles on Oct 30, 2020. Tesla's Autopilot is updated over the air, increasing autonomy.
Automatic transmission, automatic gear shift, is moved from P Park to D Drive and back. Car start, starting a modern car.
Repair of dishwashers. Repairman repairing dishwasher in kitchen
Tax form filing by hand with manual process and paperwork for tax year 2018.
Young woman reading book in cozy living room, turning page, learning, studying, education, read books, stay home concept.
American Worker Uses Angle Grinder To Cut Part while Working in Manufacturing in USA, fiery sparks
Shot of a professional masseuse massaging back and shoulders of a male client. Man receiving full body massage at spa relaxing rest wellness resort wellbeing pampering enjoying occupation service
Workers working on the construction site removed from the drone. Builders build a house. View from the quadcopter
Professional car cleaning. Сar wash. Interior detailing. Dry clean and detail a car interior. Deep seats cleaning. Wiping foam in car wash. Cleaning the car panel from dust. A vacuum cleaner
A reusable DIY fabric cotton mask is dried on a clothesline in the open air for reuse. Covid-19 Pandemic. Cloth Face Mask Washing, Drying, Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization
Blurred sparks and light caused by metal welding
Female car mechanic looking under vehicle bonnet using digital tablet in automotive repair workshop
Staff worker control in freezing room or warehouse
male mechanic using wrench to repair the engine, car service
unload cargo for air freight logistic
Caucasian senior worker docker hand open container cargo for checking examine product,logistics worker wear safety helmets and protect suite open cargo container door and working and checking process
Men with a laptop walk near working oil derrick. Fossil Fuel, Oil industry concept.
Sewing machine stitching of yellow clothes close up, macro. Slow motion frame of thread and needle. Textile fabric. slow motion 120 fps
Low-section shotof nurse pushing driving wheelchair with handicapped patient through the corridor with mirror floor
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