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Relaxed serious millennial african ethnic guy student freelancer using laptop device leaning on sofa at home office, focused mixed race entrepreneur working distantly typing on notebook in apartment
Serene attractive young woman resting on couch taking deep breath of fresh air holding hands behind head, healthy calm lady relaxing on comfortable sofa napping feel stress free at home lounge alone
Silhouette of a sad man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide
Pensive confused guy leaning hand, rubbing beard while thinking over difficult choice, imagining plan in mind, having doubts, pondering idea looking puzzled clueless. indoor studio shot isolated
loving old asian couple walking talking outdoors in park
Woman resting standing in kitchen lean at dining table hold smartphone choose goods on internet, make food delivery order on-line. Modern wireless tech simplifies life, easy e services usage concept
Calm young woman having healthy daytime nap dozing relaxing on couch with eyes closed hands behind head, peaceful girl sleeping breathing fresh air resting leaning on comfortable sofa at home
Jack Russell Terrier looks out the open window of the car. Close up Slow motion
Smiling african businesswoman or student finished computer work, take off glasses stretching relaxing seated at workplace feeling stress relief, satisfied by project accomplishment, task done in time
rear view of loving asian senior couple standing by a river looking at sunset
Corporate Meeting Room: Confident and Handsom Executive Director Decisively Leans on a Conference Table and Delivers Report to a Board of Executives about Company’s Record Breaking Revenue
Silhouette of a sad young girl sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
young business man sits at table with a laptop working in home office. He gets great news and is delighted. clicks fingers and says yes. leans back of the chair and smiles
Calm happy healthy young man resting holding hand behind hand eyes closed lean on comfortable armchair, relaxed serene guy breathing fresh air lounge on chair enjoy stress free peaceful nap at home
Woman On Scales Measure Weight. Girl Legs Step Bathroom Scale. Fitness Diet Woman Feet Standing Weighing Scales On Room. Female Dieting Checking BMI Weight Loss. Barefoot Measuring Body Fat Overweight
Extreme Close Up view of a Hand Seasoning Cooked piece of Meat in a Bright Light. Chef Accompanying Steak with Garlic, Rosemary, Pepper, Salt. Delicious, Modern Cuisine, Exclusive Recipe. 120 fps.
Happy relaxed young woman rest lounge lean on couch enjoy peaceful mood, healthy lazy calm girl dreaming breathing fresh air sit on comfortable sofa in living room on stress free cozy day at home
Serene young woman relaxing on comfortable sofa with eyes closed wearing headphones. Pretty lady enjoys listening chill music audio sound meditating feeling no stress at home. Close up side view
Corporate Meeting Room: Confident and Beautiful Female Executive Director Decisively Leans on the Conference Table and Delivers Report to a Board of Executives about Company’s Record Breaking Revenue
woman morphing from fat to lean
Young pretty girl in car, leans out passenger side car window, wind stirs her hair, she looks at the night city, night road, girl looking at the camera.
Happy Young Woman Leans Out Passenger Side Car Window, She Looks In Wonder And Awe At All The Beautiful Sights Of The City (Slow Motion)
Healthy calm tired attractive young woman serene face relax on comfortable sofa taking deep breath of fresh air rest on couch enjoy welfare peace of mind and no stress concept at home, close up view
Shadows silhouette woman waking up doing stretching and morning exercises at home sunset or dawn in the rays the sun reflected on wall. Golden hour through window curtains. Blurry and out of focus.
Depressed african child abandoned in lavatory and leaning against wall. Young afro boy sitting alone with sad feeling at school. Bullying, discrimination and racism concept
Seven Stylish Diverse People Lean on a Conference Table While Energetically Discussing Daily Business Plans. Shot on RED EPIC 4K(uhd).
Calm young adult lady lounging on comfortable sofa in modern living room interior. Relaxed tired woman napping on couch hands behind head. Smiling girl feels no stress enjoying peaceful chill at home.
Slow motion - Beautiful shot of a woman in a long flow dress walking by the poolside and splashing water with her foot at colorful sunset. Girl leaning on the railing to enjoy the view at end of clip
Sexy woman sitting on the edge of the swimming pool at an exotic hotel in Florida wearing botched spotty monokini and striped hat looking at sunset beach, back view slow-motion handheld
Smiling young woman leaning over table, looking at computer screen, reading email. Pleasant millennial businesswoman typing response to client, working remotely on laptop online alone at office.
Tired sad African American woman doctor in uniform and gloves taking off medical mask and leaning on wall in despair. Upset female nurse resting, having break. Coronavirus. Rest at work. Covid-19.
Happy young businessman wears suit taking break leaning on comfortable ergonomic office chair. Relaxed male executive puts hands behind head at workplace feels no stress after computer work well done.
Jack Russell Terrier looks out the open window of the car. Close up Slow motion
Close up of cute healthy young female leaning on metal fence and smiling looking to camera, leisure summer morning of happy nice girl resting outdoor after power workout and physical activity
Side view portrait hispanic business man male serious pensive dreamy face young bearded boss leader businessman tourist guy stands alone in city leaning against stone wall outdoors dreaming thinking
carefree children leaned out the car window and smiling. two little girls having fun in car. slow motion
Late at Night in the Meeting Room: Handsome Executive Director Stands in the Head of the Conference Table Leans on it and Delivers Eloquent Speech to a Group of Businesspeople and Investors.
Back of a woman in Floppy stripped hat leaning on pool border inside swimming pool, template copy space
Close Up of Diverse Multiethnic Team Having Conversation in Meeting Room in a Creative Office. Colleagues Lean On a Conference Table, Look at Laptop Computer and Make Notes with Pencils on Notebooks.
Indian satisfied woman sit at homeoffice accomplish work on laptop relaxing puts hands behind head. Lady daydreaming finished task feel peace of mind, think of future success and opportunities concept
Happy lazy young man relax daydream meditate sit on comfortable sofa at home in living room, calm guy rest breathing fresh air having nap with eyes closed feel peace of mind, no stress free relief
Team of Industrial Engineers Lean on Office Table, Analyze Machinery Blueprints, Architectural Problem Solving, Consult Project on Tablet Computer, Inspect Metal Component. Flat Lay Top Down View
Close-up: the man bends over the desk and makes notes with a pen, leaning on the table. Close-up: a writing pen. The man's hand holds the pen and guides the line along the paper.
Young fit sporty brunette girl with pigtail in gray top, black leggings does exercises on mat in bright room. Doing sports and fitness training at home. Healthy lifestyle. stretching, leaning forward
A young modern stylish retro smiling Indian Asian woman or girl is standing outdoors leaning on red vintage car and looking at camera in a city setting. Concept of youth, ambition, rebel, revolution
Silhouette of a sad young girl sitting in the dark leaning against the wall in old condo, Domestic violence, family problems, Stress, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
Happy young smiling man driving a car on a road trip sunset sunlight transport holiday happy adventure car short hair free time journey smiling summer travel slow motion
Close up calm guy relax lean in comfy leather armchair closed eyes put hands behind head take break distracted from working on laptop. Breath fresh conditioned air inside of modern home office room
A close shot of a beautiful Indian young woman solo traveler in traditional salwar kurta sitting in a moving metro train leaning on a window and looking outside
Healthy serene young woman leaning on cozy sofa taking deep breath of fresh clean air. Calm lady relaxing on comfortable couch, napping, enjoying no stress concept at home, close up side face view.
Close up serene calm millennial smiling man put hands behind head lean on comfy sofa resting alone at home, feel satisfaction enjoy fresh conditioned air inside of cozy living room, relaxation concept
Asian woman in black protective mask using smartphone, stand leaning on the pole, covid-19 new normal, woman in subway metro, self protection on public transport, social distancing, lost wondering
Female On Scales Measure Weight. Fit Girl Legs Step Bathroom Scale. Fitness Diet Woman Feet Standing Weighing Scales. Dieting Woman Checking BMI Weight Loss.  Barefoot Measuring Body Fat Overweight
Teacher helping high school students with technology
Happy positive young woman fallen on cozy couch, enjoying lazy weekend relaxation time alone at home. Smiling millennial female resting on sofa, raising arms stretching muscles, reposing indoors.
POINT OF VIEW: Young Woman Pulling her Boyfriend Through Autumn City Street. SLOW MOTION 120 fps. POV: Happy Girlfriend Makes her Man to Follow Her to the City Bridge.
In Creative Bureau. Close Shot of a Busy Glass Conference Table  and  Coworkers Leaning on it in Collective Leap to Find Problem Solutions. Shot on RED EPIC (uhd).
Low Angle Shot of Confident Businesswoman Leans on Her Office Desk, Writes Down Information in Documents and Looks at Laptop. Successful Woman Doing Business. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera.
Exhausted doctor thinking about operation, overworked surgeon sitting on floor
Calm young woman relax with eyes closed take deep breath of fresh air dream nap on couch, healthy girl rest on sofa enjoy meditation do yoga exercises feel stress relief peace of mind lounge at home
Young woman with legs sticking out of moving car, back view
Portrait of tired female boxer standing on the boxing ring and looking intensely at the camera
The white kitten walks and leans over the green screen.
Pleased mature caucasian woman finishing her work. Remote senior worker closing her laptop and leaning on back of chair, joyfully smiling 4k footage
Medium slow motion zoom out shot of yoga class performing downward-facing dog / Provo, Utah, United States
Seven Stylish Standing Diverse People Lean on a Conference Table While Energetically discussion Daily Business Plans. Close Shot of Their Hands on the Table. Shot on RED EPIC (uhd).
Weight loss Comparison Before After Dieting Exercise Results Losing Weight Overweight to Muscular Transformation Plus Size vs. Skinny Excess Body Fat Reduction Lean Muscles Alpha Map Loop Version 1
Happy calm african woman relaxing taking break holding hands behind head feel stress free relief sit at home office desk, healthy black girl student enjoy peace of mind dreaming breathing fresh air
Gray-haired man is putting feet on desk next to notebook and hands behind his head, smiling leaning back in chair, having rest. Working at home office. Remote job, freelance. Close up, slow motion
Multi-ethnic group of children and their Caucasian female teacher sitting in a classroom during lesson, using a laptop computer, in slow motion. Education at an elementary school.
Excited happy woman, smiling and laughing leans out of train carriage window. Traveling young woman with photocamera during amazing trip on bernina express train
Aerial footage from drone, of professional speed yacht or sailboat leaning to one side, ready to make a maneuvre, wind in mainsail attached to mast, team race or competition, with sun flares
Handsome Young Man in a Gray T-Shirt and Black Shorts Does Sports at Home Online.Doing Sports and Fitness Training at Home. Healthy Lifestyle. Stretching, Leaning Forward
Serene young adult african american woman relaxing on comfortable sofa eyes closed hands behind head wear wireless headphones enjoy listen chill music audio book meditate relax feel no stress at home
Two cute clean dachshund dogs in bathrobes and with towels wrapped around their heads after shower sit on sofa leaning against each other, they relax in spa weekend.
African American Businessman Using Smartphone And Leans On White Luxurious Electric Car That Is Charging. Plug Charging An Electrical Car. New Technologies At City Stops In Town Center
Happy children measuring to determine who is bigger, power struggle, funny youngest brother determined to prove that he is bigger, conceptual
Elderly man feeling chest pain, leaning on tree and looking around, needs help
Cinematic Pretty Asian Girl In Car, Leans Out Passenger Side Car Window. Opens Window To Breathe Fresh Air Of Countryside.
Millennial students discussing ideas for project. Creative diverse team brainstorming in office, making plans and strategies - teamwork, education low angle 4k footage
Diverse team of young office workers having brainstorming session, energetically discussing strategies. Millenial employees doing teamwork - modern business, creativity 4k footage
Calm serene young couple relaxing sitting on sofa at home with eyes shut. Smiling lazy husband and wife breathing fresh air, enjoying comfort, no stress in cozy living room holding hands behind head.
Silhouette of a stressed man sitting in the dark leaning against on steps in old condo, lost in life, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
Young freckled woman lean on sofa cushions waving fan, cooling herself at hot day, reduces heat inside living room without air-condition, climate control system. Discomfort, hormonal imbalance concept
Lonely disappointed bearded guy leaning on glass wall, receiving bad information
Female pharmacist standing smiling leaning happily against counter in pharmacy
Clothing designer is working with measurements mannequins in the sewing studio. Sewing clothing under the order. Young woman works in a sewing workshop. Female designer in studio
Lazy sleepy girl afro hairstyle in hoodie standing leaning on hand, looking at camera with bored indifferent expression, exhausted of tedious communication. studio shot isolated on pink background
Woman loses consciousness and falls down due to dizziness and disturbance of the vestibular apparatus. Severe headache and migraine. Concept of helping people suffering from migraines and dizziness
Upset African man leaning on metal fence. Angry black person shaking fence
Caucasian guy leaning closer to talk to his girlfriend during a date. Couple in love drinking red wine during a romantic dinner close up 4k footage
Clothing designer is working with measurements on a studio table. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Wide tracking shot of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Pisa Cathedral in Piazza dei Miracoli, Italy, featuring the famous bell tower. Pisa has more than 20 historic churches and several medieval palaces
Serious tired doctor in a medical suit walks down the hospital corridor, sits down on a chair and takes off his hat and wipes sweat from his forehead
Adult man playing with a children's toy car. Concept of nostalgia for childhood
Bachelor man enjoy weekends resting lean sit on comfy sofa in living room alone, hold remote control switch channel watch tv relaxing at home spend lazy time. Streaming digital television ad concept
Calm young man relaxing sitting in comfortable wooden chair enjoying lounge lifestyle on peaceful summer day holding hands behind head, breathing fresh air in cozy apartment. Rear back view.
Female African coffee shop owner wearing face mask walking up and leaning on counter
Indian woman spend free time using internet social media network website read multimedia news smiling sit on sofa in cozy living room. Smartphone new cool app usage, distant chat with friend concept
Mature man in glasses is leaning back in armchair, having rest being satisfied about done work at home office. Sitting at desk with laptop and notepad. Remote job, business. Close up, slow motion
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