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Green fresh smoothie blended in blender, top view. Healthy eating concept. Super slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Plastic cocktail cup with a plastic straw slowly drifts underwater in blue water column in sunrays. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem in seas and ocean.
cute fat dog of dachshund, black and tan, lies sunbathing at the beach sea on summer vacation holidays, wearing red sunglasses with coconut cocktail
Low angle view of friends having fun at pool party, clinking glasses with colorful summer cocktails near hotel swimming pool. People toast drinking fresh juice at luxury summer villa in slow motion.
Friends toasting, saying cheers holding tropical blended fruit margaritas. Watermelon, tamarind, and lime drinks and cocktails.
Camera Follows Ice cubes Falling into Glass of Fresh Mojito Cocktail. Super Slow Motion filmed on High Speed Cinema Camera.
happy celebration woman pouring champagne tower at glamorous dance party celebrating with friends enjoying crazy nightlife wearing stylish fashion dancing on rooftop at night 4k footage
little girl child drinking milk. healthy eating a child eating breakfast kid dream concept. daughter girl in kitchen drinks yogurt milk and kefir licks her lips. positive kid smiling having breakfast
Close up of two people are cheering with cocktails in a bar or disco club.
Close-up of falling sliced limes, oranges and lemons into the water on orange background, making a cocktail of citrus fruits, drinking cold lemonade, shooting of carbonated water with sliced fruits.
Green smoothie blended in blender, top view, slow motion. Healthy eating concept.
Multi-ethnic friends drinking wine at a party. Group of men and women raise their glasses for a toast at new years party.
African american couple dancing on party in bar. Happy african man and woman having fun in nightclub. Joyful afro lovers moving with rhythm in luxury restaurant in slow motion.
Close up shot of an young carefree romantic couple in love is drinking and cheering with cool alcohol cocktails while enjoying a happy hour time together in city center bar on a weekend in a sunny day.
Woman squeezing almond milk from almond in kitchen at home
Bartender threw cinnamon powder to flame a cocktail, Flaming Cocktail Alcohol Drink, Bar Party. Barman sprinkling cinnamon over flaming beverage. sambuca cocktail. Full hd
Close up of a professional bartender is mixing an alcoholic cocktail with professional crystal long lasting ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
Fresh fruit and vegetables smoothie blended in blender, back view. Healthy eating concept. Super slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
The profession of bartender. The process of making a cocktail at a bar in a restaurant. the bartender mixes the ingredients of an alcoholic cocktail by shaking a shaker.
Tropical neon cocktail drink collection ,on brick wall background.Concept of bar,nightclub,dance,party,drink,alcohol, light sign advertising .This is a 4k animation
Refreshing mojito cocktail vortex on black stone table, slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Authentic professional caucasian bartender creating a cocktail drink. Experienced barman pouring alcohol beverage in shaker - food and drink concept close up 4k footage
Athletic African American beautiful woman drinking protein shake or water and wiping sweat off her face with a towel, workout in a cozy home environment.
Professional bartender masterly creating a cocktail in modern bar. Experienced barman mixing red alchoholic beverage before serving - food and drink, nightlife close up 4k footage
filling glass by tap water. Fresh and pure home water, drink water is healthy lifestyle. Ecological and healthy drink
Iced Coffee with Milk Closeup
Grandfather funny moments on colored backgrounds
Macro Shot of Fizzy Soft Drink with Ice, Bubbles, Mint and Lemon. Phantom Flex 1000fps
Burst of Strawberry Raspberry Blueberry in White Background with Alpha Channel
A professional bartender is preparing an alcoholic cocktail with ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
Healthy iced lemon drink for detoxification poured in glasses. Iced lemon drink is a healthy beverage for detoxification. Some might drink lemon infused water with gin for cocktail.  Pouring concept.
Defocused Crowded bar with people chatting and drinking
Super slow motion of pouring whiskey or rum with camera motion. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Super slow motion of pouring beer or spirit drink in twister shape. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
4K Professional male bartender pouring mixed blue liquor cocktail drink from cocktail shaker into shot glass on bar counter at nightclub. Mixologist barman making alcoholic drink serving to customer
tray with variety of Canapes: traditional snacks or appetizers for parties, events, and cocktails, served before the main meal at formal receptions. With bread as base and different toppings on top.
Red berry smoothie blended in blender with splashes, top view, slow motion. Healthy eating concept.
Pouring Delicious Raw Strawberry Smoothie In Glass. Healthy Refreshing Vegan Summer Cocktail
cute dog of dachshund, black and tan, wearing red sunglasses,with a cocktail, having relax and enjoying buried in the sand at the beach ocean on summer vacation holidays
Macro close-up,refreshing soda tonic fizzy water, lime in Glass, ice. Slice of lemon, mineral bubbles. Detox or thirst concept. Healthy, dietary nutrition. Cold lemonade mojito drink. Black background
Champagne bubbles in glasses in slow motion
Super slow motion of falling ice cube into cocktail drink. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Super slow motion of pouring milk stream, macro shot. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Couple arriving hand in hand at gala night, meeting and greeting friends. People welcoming guest at their dinner party.
Refreshing soft drink Lemon and sparkling water with ice.
Attractive Young Tourist Hipster Girl Drinking Fresh Thai Coconut Water Cocktail at the Beach Against Beautiful Sunset. 4K, Slowmotion. Phuket, Thailand.
4K Beautiful Asian woman friends meeting and dinner party together at skyscraper rooftop restaurant in metropolis at summer sunset. Female friend enjoy outdoor lifestyle activity in the city at night
Company of grooms friends sitting, talking, holding and clinking glasses of alcoholic whiskey drinks in their hands. Male hands are holding glasses of cognac, brandy, close-up. Celebrate wedding day
Cool professional caucasian bartender making a cocktail, shaking his shaker. Authentic barman making alcohol beverages in modern bar - food and drink 4k footage
Super Slow Motion Shot of Golden Liquid Whirl Isolated on Black Background at 1000fps.
Traditional drink from Mexico tequila.  The bartender's hand pours cold tequila from a bottle into a shot. Party time. Time to drink
Milk cream is poured into a iced coffee.  Coffee cold drink with ice and milk.
Macro refreshing soda tonic fizzy sparkling water, lime in glass, ice cubes. Slice of lemon, mineral bubbles. Healthy, dietary nutrition. Cold lemonade mojito cocktail twinkling carbonated soft drink
Super Slow Motion Detail Shot of Ice Cubes Falling into Glass With Alcohol Liquid at 1000 fps.
Healthy vegan smoothie with fruits. Beautiful happy young woman in casual home clothes is preparing fitness cocktail with vegetable milk and different season fruits on the kitchen at home. Sporty meal
Super Slow Motion Shot of Fresh Strawberries Falling into Cream at 1000fps.
Portrait of fit female drinking green juice detox cocktail in the kitchen at home. Shot with 2x Anamorphic lens
Close of Milk and chocolate streams in slow motion
people, leisure and communication concept - happy friends meeting and drinking cocktails and eat nachos at street cafe, slow motion shot
Grapefruit (orange) rotating with a cocktail umbrella in the sunlight on a colored blue background. Fruit juices, relaxation, tropics and relaxation concept.
Beautiful young woman pouring two bottles of champagne into glasses tower at gala night party. Smiling female in evening gown filling pyramid of glasses with champagne.
Refreshing mojito cocktail in a glass on black stone table, macro super slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Close-up pouring milk in Slow Motion with crown splash. Shot with high speed camera.
fall strawberry into strawberry milk shake,pink splash with falling red strawberries into milk in slow motion.Close-up background, soft focus. Top view
sweet breakfast for kids , fresh milk shake
Milk is poured into a milk glass on a blue background.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Brown Liquid Splash Isolated on White Background at 1000fps.
Happy kid playing with colorful swim ring in swimming pool on summer day. Child water toys. Children play in tropical resort. Family beach vacation.
Two cheerful women resting talking drinking cocktail eating burger in summer cafe street sisters cafe casual city friendship models outdoors slow motion
Super Slow Motion Shot of Blending Fresh Fruit Smoothie at 1000 fps.
African american woman in red swimsuit drinking non-alcoholic orange cocktail from straw, relaxation sitting in pool water, smiling at camera. Ethnic Girl enjoying vacation at luxury hotel in heat
Vegetables fall in blender, slow motion. Green smoothie in blender, top view. Healthy eating concept.
Professional bartender preparing a cocktail with ice
Variety of Ready Мade Cocktails.
Super slow motion of pouring red wine in twister shape. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Top view of the glass container of the blender, into which falls a red, ripe strawberry fruit for making smoothies, a cocktail. Healthy organic food. Full HD video, 240fps,1080p.
Slow motion strawberry shake mixing in blender. Top view. Healthy eating, healthy food concept
Young man drinking cognac at nightclub party. Beautiful woman having rest in bar at evening. Handsome man flirting with young woman in restaurant interior. Young couple dating at night club
Close up of a bartender is putting professional crystal ice cubes in a glass while preparing an alcoholic cocktail to customers at the bar or disco club.
Pouring Cola with ice cubes close-up. Cola with Ice and bubbles in glass. Coke Soda closeup. Food background. Rotate glass of Cola fizzy drink over brown background. Slow motion 4K UHD video footage
Fresh green herbs grow, young leaves with drops of water. Green leaf with raindrops in the summer in nature. Fresh mint leaf background closeup. Growing organic mint close up.
Pretty woman in stylish sunglasses toasting with friends, drinking cocktail of plastic straw at pool party. Group of friends having fun clinking glasses with beverage sitting at poolside. Slow motion.
fresh fruit blended in a blender. top view. strawberry. Healthy eating concept. Super slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Pouring Water over Ice Cubes, Lemon Slices and Mint Making Lemonade in 1000fps
Pouring red soft drink into a glass full of ice cubes against red background, close-up slow motion shot. beverage and drink
Almonds Nuts Falling Into Milk in 4K Super slow motion
Aerial drone camera ascending and rotating high above the couple in love lying in the sun on beach bed deck chairs and drinking cocktails at empty tropical white sand beach on atoll island resort with
world's plastic pollution crisis. plastic trash in ocean. used bottle floating on water. plastic bottle pollution river, litter recycling concept. plastic waste in rivers and seas
Fresh Fruit vortex on black background. slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Spectacular splash of wine in slow motion on black isolated background with alpha matte
Macro shot of orange fruit and rotate.Close up fresh citrus orange. Nature background.
Fun pug dog drinking fruit, berry smoothie. Slow motion. First time trying smoothie, milkshake, cocktail drinks. Funny lapping tongue. Very messy, dirty face, splash all around
Friends toasting champagne glasses while a couple arriving hand in hand at party. Couple arriving at a party meeting and greeting their friends.
Thick raspberry smoothie pouring in a glass. Healthy refreshing pink berry cocktail
In the Bar/ Restaurant Hispanic Woman Takes Selfie of Herself and Her Best Friends. Group Beautiful Young People in Stylish Establishment.
A refreshing soft drink. Mojito is poured into a glass close-up. Lemon mint and sparkling water with ice.
Sharp splash of cocktail from the bowl into table. Preparation of helathy organic milkshake, smoothies from strawberries, milk cream, chia seeds. Top view. Full HD video,240fps,1080p. Slow motion.
Super slow motion of pouring whiskey or rum with camera motion. Speed ramp effect. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Group of multi-ethnic young friends chatting enjoying cocktails at rooftop day party smile happy having fun on weekend laughing sharing socializing togetherness celebration close up slow motion
Beautiful slow-motion splashing. The yummy syrupy liquid in 1000+ fps. Works for cider, beer, prosecco, pink wine, apple juice, juice, rum, liquor, rye whiskey. Refreshing cold beverage.
Protein drink beautiful appetizer blueberry fruit smoothie milk shake glass jar with juicy fresh berries background top view Yogurt cocktail Natural detox Liquid ice cream hurtleberry huckleberry
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