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Everyday life in Milan, Italy during COVID-19 epidemic. Milano, Italian city and coronavirus lockdown. Aerial view of Piazza Duomo with cathedral seen from drone flying in sky
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up silhouette sunlight dream of happiness
Wedding decor beach set up seaside floral roses arch sunny summer Germany. Best Wedding Western details Wood chairs gold concept. Setting stage festive marriage patterns tropical island sunset.
Temple Expiatori La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. Flying around the architectural masterpiece of Gaudi in the sunrise, UHD, 4K
Tilt down view of bloody hand of Jesus Christ nailed to wooden cross during execution
Discovering the Giralda in Seville behind some orange trees under a blue sky
A man like Jesus Christ is digging a hole in the dungeon, a man is searching for a precious treasure, a man in a white robe is digging the earth with a stick and finds gold, Jesus hides the holy grail
Aerial view of Venice, Italy. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Grand Canal and lagoon. Venice skyline. Panorama of Venice from above in summer.
Portrait of joyful young man squinting eyes with keeping fingers crossed and begging god please. Concept of emotions
Jesus is walking on the grass, touching the ears with his hands. Close-up. There are traces of a crucifixion on the hands. High quality 4k footage
boy kid pray against a blue sky. child close-up concept faith religion and happy family. kid son jew crossed arms praying to god. kid catholic pray worship and gratitude and a happy childhood
Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up
Milan, Italy - March 19, 2020: Pigeons are waiting for people on an empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo
girl stretches out her hand in the sun. faith in god dream a religion concept. hand in the sun close-up sunlight silhouette dream of happiness
Dramatic Low Angle Exterior Shot Of Facade La Sagrada Familia. Tilt down camera
Aerial: Moving Toward and Over St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, Austria
Aerial view of Piazza Duomo in front of the gothic cathedral in the center. Drone view of the gallery and rooftops during the day. Flight over the city. People in the city. Milan. Italy,
Fantastic overview aerial footage around the Expiatory Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor) at the dawn in Tibidabo mountain in Barcelona.
aerial landscape of egypt pyramid. historical building.
Unrecognizable Family Praying Holding Hands Sitting In Circle Indoors, Cropped Shot. People Saying Prayers. Religion And Hope Concept. Closeup, Slow Motion
Man falls to his knees cries and prays
Christian cross appears bright in the sky background
hyper lapse of St. Peter's Basilica, Sant Angelo Bridge, Vatican, Rome, Italy
Opening of Holy Bible, closeup
video of clouds stretch over cross
Ayasofya, Hagia Sophia Aerial View with Drone from Istanbul.
Three crosses on a hill with the Lord Jesus tomb empty and bright. Christ resurrection concept. background with lights and clouds in the sky. Seamless looping. 4k
Day to night timelapse view of traffic around historic landmark Christ Church aka Christuskirche in Windhoek, the capital and largest city of Namibia.
Blood drops spilling on a wooden cross with an old and rusty nail. Slow motion footage
Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower at sunrise, Italy
OROPA, BIELLA, ITALY - JULY 7, 2018: people, children and adults are sitting on a benches in a catholic old church, looking at the altar and wall paintings. Shrine of Oropa, Sanctuary, in the
Aerial images of the historic city of Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais.
Aerial view tremendous monument of Christ in twilight. Drone flyby pass near crop stone head illuminate in twilight and overlooking Tagus river and 25th april bridge with driving cars.
little Orthodox girl praying with a candle in her hand in a dark room
People and Shadows Moving on Circular Square, Top Down Bird Eye Cinematic Ascending Aerial View
Closeup of robed mans feet or Jesus walking through forest trees. Dramatic and moody. Slow motion.
Newborn baby baptism in Holy water. Baptism in the font. Sacrament of baptism. Child and God. Christening candle Holy water font. The priest baptize. in the church
Vienna, Austria. St. Stephen's Cathedral (Germany: Stephansdom). Catholic Cathedral - the national symbol of Austria, Aerial View
Jesus Christ crucified at Golgotha hill outside ancient Jerusalem. The Crucifixion of Christ with Stormy clouds time lapse. Vintage film look, 4k video
People raise their hands to worship God./Film old film.
Jesus dying on the cross at sunset. High quality 4k footage
A man wearing a robed walks in slow motion through a bunch of trees. Could be a wizard.
Jesus sits on a hill among the ears with children and reads a book, scripture. Sun is shining.
Jesus Christ on the cross, 3d render
Aerial skyline of Barcelona from Tibidabo mountain
Duomo di Milano Cathedral, Aerial, reverse, drone shot, panning towards the church over buildings and architecture in the cityscape of Milan city, on a sunny evening, in Lombardy, Italy
Old architectural church candle. Cathedral chandelier In the Church.
historic center of el salvador 2020
Milan, Italy - May, 2020: empty square in front of the Piazza Duomo in Italy. Empty streets. City of the desert. Gallery Columns. Blue sky
Close up shot Religious Muslim man praying in the mosque
Aerial view of Antigua Guatemala. Flight from Cerro de la Cruz to the central park, with the Agua Volcano in the background.
Religion: Pope walks through the Vatican garden at sunset. Slow motion
Girl folded her hands in prayer silhouette at sunset. woman praying on her knees. slow motion video. Girl folded her hands in prayer pray to lifestyle God. the girl praying asks forgiveness for sins
Bell Tower Of Catholic Cathedral Of Saint Domnius In Split, Croatia. aerial orbit
a colorful outline changing color as it rotates in the shape of a cross, looped video.
France, Lyon, drone aerial view above Saone river in the historic old town.
Boston, Massachusetts / USA - APRIL 28, 2019:
Sunday Church Service in the Boston Park Street Church.
Young man sitting and kneeling in church confessing sins to pastor inside a confessional
The little girl and her mother pray before going to bed. 4k
Young tourist woman walking in Piazza di spagna near the Saint Peter Cathedral. Girl looking around, exploring sights.
Colonial style city. Center of wine production in Mexico. Aerial drone view of old historical city with cathedral and famous cultural buildings. Sunset time over main tourist destination Queretaro
Cathedral of Florence. Duomo di Firenze. Italy. 4K hyperlapse. Timelapse.
The cross of Jesus in nature at sunset for praise and worship. High quality 4k footage
A man like Jesus Christ is digging a hole in the dungeon, a man is searching for a precious treasure, a man in a white robe is digging the earth with a stick and finds gold, Jesus hides the holy grail
Woman prays with her hands crossed over Bible for God blessing in dark room. Faith and love in God.Christian prayer over Bible. Woman worshiping Christian God. Catholic faith.Girl prays in an epidemic
View from drone of residential areas of Spanish town of Jerez de la Frontera with Catholic Cathedral and former Moorish alcazar
Beautiful Duomo di Milano in close up.White marble stone sculptures and statues in exterior design of ancient catholic church in center of Milan city in Italy.Gothic architecture style in details
La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Panoramic aerial view with the city and the sea in the background
Human hands open palm up worship. Eucharist Therapy Bless God Helping Repent Catholic Easter Lent Mind Pray. Christian Religion concept background. fighting and victory for god. Footage B roll sunset.
Monserrate, Impressive church on the mountain overlooking the city of Bogota
Daily life in Milan, Italy during COVID-19 pandemic. Milano, Italian city and coronavirus outbreak. Aerial view of Piazza Duomo with cathedral and square seen from drone flying in sky
Fountain on The Plaza de Armas timelapse hyperlapse, also known as the Plaza Mayor, sits at the heart of Lima's historic center. Cathedral on a background
Sunlight Through Church Stain-glass Window
Malaga, Spain; 05 24 2021; Malaga City cathedral - Malaga roman catholic church, landmark of malaga city
overflight approaching the San Miguel Arcángel Parish in the center of San Miguel de Allende in the state of Guanajuato
Old Wooden Crucifix on Forgotten Grave in Cemetery Deep in the Woods
Aerial bird view of Sanctuary of Christ the King in Portuguese Santuario de Cristo Rei Catholic monument and shrine dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ overlooking city of Lisbon Portugal 4k
Beautiful clock of the town hall in Gdansk at sunrise, Poland
Paris, France-14 January, 2018: 4K, View interior of the famous Saint Chapelle, details of beautiful glass mosaic windows. Holy Chapel is a one of the most beautiful and tourist visited landmark-Dan
Jesus passes thorns - Shot on RED camera
Cemetery statue of a girl slow camera movement
Establishing shot of Florence, Italy. Sunrise over city
woman is reading prayer or spell, closeup of lips, black silhouette in church
Baptism Rites when a priest put his hand on the baby and make the sign of the cross
Hyperlapse video of Montreal city near the Notre Dame Cathedral by night
Aerial view of St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City within the city of Rome, Italy. Papal Basilica of Saint Peter in the Vatican, religious building and tourist attraction seen from drone flying in sky
The famous Milan Cathedral timelapse hyperlapse (Duomo di Milano) and monument to Victor Emmanuel II on the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy. Blue cloudy sky at summer day. Milan Duomo is the largest
Silhouettes of hands raised in worship with light rays and Cross.
Portrait of plague doctor with crow-like mask and red eyes isolated on black smoke background. Creepy mask, halloween, historical terrible costume concept. Epidemic
B roll 4k. of Human hands open palm up worship god with sunset like hope. Eucharist Therapy Bless God Helping Repent Catholic Easter Lent Mind Pray. Christian Religion concept background. Victory god.
Empty Tomb With Crucifixion At Sunrise - Resurrection Concept
Air tour over the beautiful Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel surrounded by beautiful colorful houses in the magical town of San Miguel de Allende
Historic Downtown on Oaxaca City, Mexico. Drone Aerial View of Catholic Church and Old Colonial Buildings on Sunset Sunlight
4k Slow motion of Human hands open palm up worship. Eucharist Therapy Bless God Helping Repent Catholic Easter Lent Mind Pray. Christian Religion concept background. fighting and victory for god.
Trial of a Medieval King and a Catholic Priest Verdict
Christian Cross with god ray
Siena, Italy. High Aerial View of Cathedral and Courtyard
Aerial view of Rome skyline cityscape with Vatican City landmark at sunrise in Italy
Amsterdam canal and skyline at night with Saint Nicholas Church time lapse in Amsterdam city, Netherlands
Mary hugs Jesus after parting. Strong hugs. Touching moment. High quality 4k footage
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