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Female Hand Touching and Stroking Bark of Pine Tree in Forest. Hand Touching Old Majestic Oak Tree. Loving Nature. Harmony Calm Relaxation. Save Earth Green Planet .
Close up shot of taking a piece of freshly baked pizza with tasty stretchy cheese. Delicious Italian pizza from the oven on black background. food and drink 4k footage
4K Drone aerial video of Iceland Volcanic eruption 2021. The volcano Fagradalsfjall is located in the valley Geldingadalir close to Grindavik and Reykjavik. Hot lava and magma coming out of the crater
Texture of tree trunk in the forest
Close up of texture of an old oak tree bark.
Wireframe 3D Animation of Human Brain. Rotating Brain Model with Neural Network Iridescent Impulses Showing Brainstorming Neuronal Activity. Artificial Intelligence (AI). Scientific Technology. Big
A slice of cheesy pepperoni pizza being served.
Girl palming a mossy tree
Aerial flying forward over a felled forest with fallen and uprooted trees for construction or agricultural needs. Deforestation for wood. Destruction of nature and ecosystem by peoples
Leafcutter ants carrying leaves on a dry tree trunk, a large number of ants in a tropical rainforest, 3D rendered animation
Central Organ of Human Nervous System Brain Anatomy Animation Concept. 3D
hand touch the tree trunk. ecology a energy forest nature concept. a man hand touches a pine tree trunk close-up glare. hand tree touch trunk. bark wood. tree wild forest travel concept sun
The scary dog growls and looks at us.
4K Drone aerial video of Iceland Volcanic eruption 2021. The volcano Fagradalsfjall is located in the valley Geldingadalir close to Grindavik and Reykjavik. Hot lava and magma coming out of the crater
woman hand touches the bark of an oak tree
Dog barking at camera.  A weimaraner barks at his owner while standing on his bed.  Close up view of large dog barking loudly, with audio.
Arms Hugging a Tree In a Forest, showing Love and Care for Nature and Environment of Earth.
Tasty pie in oven. Timelapse of homemade pie baked. Baking concept. Delicious Pie rising up in oven. Close-up shot in 4k, UHD
1963 Birmingham, AL. Black Children trained in nonviolent tactics are Arrested and Assaulted with barking dogs and high-pressure water hoses. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Newsreel Film
X-ray of the head and human brain in concept of neural connections and electrical pulses.
Cutting with a Knife Crusty Artisan Bread in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Cute dachshund dog in a white T-shirt with print bringing a blue leash from the room, hinting to the owners that he wanting to go for a walk, barking and wagging his tail.
Knife spreading butter on a piece of bread, close up view. Breakfast or lunch concept - 4K footage.
Hypnotic Eye Approaching Psychedelic Seamless Loop. Extreme close up of an wide opened eye in a psychedelic effect. Loop Ready
Woman Hand On Tree Bark. Autumn Fall Nature Pine Forest. Girl Gently Touch Tree Bark. Woman Enjoying In Wood. Female Hand Strokes Bark Of Pine. Ecology Care Touches Trunk. Hiking In Autumn Pine Woods
Wooden circle Stump slowly rotates close-up background. Saw cut wood spinning closeup background.
Sunrise in the Sequoias, General Grant Grove, Sequoia National Park
Details of the structure of the wood. Relief and texture of wood.
Hand touching old majestic oak tree
Spreading Vegan Butter On Rye Bread Without Dairy And Eggs. Closeup.
Lush oak crown inside.A lone oak in a field. Branches and oak leaves close-up.Green oak leaves on the branches.
Top view of delivering a pizza box. Pizza slices disappear. Stop motion animation.
Human take care about nature. Hand of female environmental activist gently touches tree bark in forest. Nature lover on sunny autumn day. Woman supporting nature palm trunk with green moss 4K nature
Delicious slices of medium rare grilled barbecue beef steak on wooden board, salt and pepper seasoning falling down on juicy roasted meat. Steamed beef steak with blood served in luxury restaurant
Male hands in gloves cleaning cheese by brush in warehouse of milky farm. Dairy production. Successful agriculture business. High quality of compliance with international cheeses production standards.
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
A close-up look of freshly made Sesame Crusted Tuna, Seared Tuna in 4K. Concept of cooked tuna with vegetables and sesame seeds nicely decorated by the chef in a serving plate on the table.
Female of Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) sits on the branch in the humid forest of Monteverde National Park. Costa Rica
Eating caramel cheesecake. Taking bite of caramel cheesecake with fork
Tree sap dripping from a wound hornets made to drink and build nests from the bark
Bark of brown wood close-up rotates 4k. Pine tree or oak. Macro closeup, tree is like background rock shot from quadcopter. Timber or lumber natural pattern, rough raw wooden texture of forest trunk.
Professional bartender preparing a cocktail with ice
Sliced white bread popping out of toaster on kitchen table served with balanced healthy breakfast. Preparation of morning meal 4k footage
High quality 10bit footage of trees on the wind isolated on white background.  Made from 14bit RAW
Close up of a fork cutting a beautiful piece of a sumptuous traditional Italian lasagna
Happy Dachshund dog is sitting in the middle of room in a dog friendly hotel or at home, wagging its tail cheerfully and vigorously and barking, running away. He is wanting the owner to play with him.
Aerial view over volcanic eruption, Night view, Mount Fagradalsfjall
4K drone shot of lava spill out of the crater  Mount Fagradalsfjall, September 2021, Iceland
Close up view of married baker’s hands kneading the dough on the table. Manufacturing process, working hard. Making bread, bread production. Workplace. Beautiful view.
Oak tree with bright green leaves
Top down view mixed forest, woodland aerial. Drone flies over treetops conifers, cloudy day in natural park. Green moss, grass and plants. Zoom out and spin above colorful texture in nature
SLOW MOTION: Round Loaf Of Bread With Seeds Falling Down On A Black Surface
Cinnamon sticks rotate as a background. Fragrant cinnamon close-up. Spices with cinnamon. Food cooking video concept.
Spreading Butter on Fresh Artisan Rye Bread Slice with a Knife Close up of a Palm on a Wooden Table with Sunshine and Sun Flares Shot on Red Epic
Trio marino, ceviche, chaufa with seafood and pork rinds. focusing each product blurring the background.
High quality 10bit footage of tree on the wind isolated on white background.  Best for compositing. Made from 14bit RAW
Medical Background. Video showing MRI, charts, numbers and data animations. Loopable.
Feeling the rough rocky texture of a tree in the forest - close up
Making a pie step by step, flat lay stop motion. Home-baked rhubarb-strawberry pie from scratch, video recipe.
cute jack russell dog with crystal covered sunglasses in a disco setting
Human brain detailed model, neocortex, limbic system, reptilian brain, spinal cord 3D animation
Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland with dark rock and toxic sulfur fumes
MACRO Dolly in breaking fresh baked bread. 60 FPS SLOW MOTION
French bulldok buldog puppy small dog pet funny muzzle barks security begs for a treat asks for a walk. Lovely close up face. Cute thoroughbred animal home. Training. Gimbal footage for your film 4k
Forest Destroyed From Bark Beetle Infestation Causing Deforestation Seen From an Aerial View
Human Central Nervous System Brain Anatomy. 3D
A close up portrait of a dachshund dog, black and tan, holding a blue collar in its mouth, barking,  hinting at the owner that he wanting to go for a walk
Top down view mixed forest, woodland aerial. Drone flies over treetops conifers, cloudy day in natural park. Green moss, grass and plants. Zoom out and spin above colorful texture in nature
Unwanted and homeless dogs barking in animal shelter. Asylum for dog. Stray dogs in an iron cage. Poor and hungry street dogs and urban free-ranging dogs. Feral dog in prison
Water drops of rain fall on the cracked crust of soil from drought. The long-awaited rain. Dried crust. Desert without water. Barren field in hot weather.
Close up of an evil dog barking. German shepherd guard
Woman touches the sores from herpes on her lips. Women's lip ulcers herpes closeup. Beautiful lips were covered with cold sores. The girl licks her lips covered with herpes.
Freshly baked natural bread is on the kitchen table.
Two funny dachshund dogs in ridiculous colored handmade balaclavas on their heads are standing and barking, waiting for a masquerade party, front view.
Close up hands professional chef puts just now cooked pizza from oven inside a pizza box ready for delivery recipe take-out meat hot eat take-away box slow motion
Senior man touching on old tree gently. Nature protection concept.
World environment day.
Gardener mulching with pine bark juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden. Landscape design. Landscaping. Ornamental shrub juniper.
white small dog barking in the house. funny small white dog with tail on head
Cookies with pieces of chocolate, rotation.
Close up shot of taking a piece of freshly baked pizza with tasty stretchy cheese. Delicious Italian pizza from the oven on black background. food and drink 4k footage
Aerial at active volcano in Iceland valley spewing lava, spatter cone
dog peeps, looks and barks on a green screen
huge oak tree isolated on black with Luma matte, small wind blowing, seamless loop animation 4K
Close-up of an angry little black dog Toy Terrier breed on a white background. Small dog growls and grins, angry dog. Selective focus. 4K
Human head and brain with neurons flashing. Electric impulses. Biology. Loopable. Dolly in from a 3D human head to a brain with neurons during synapse. More options in my portfolio.
Eucalyptus forest near the city of Munar. India. Video on the move.
Knife spreading berry jam on piece of toast. Preparation of sweet yummy sandwich - food and drink close up 4k footage
Happy autumn! Dog breed Welsh Corgi Pembroke on a walk in a beautiful autumn forest.
Shelter for stray dogs. Homeless dogs in enclosures. The dog barks behind bars. Dog barking behind the fence.
Close up portrait of adorable black and tan dachshund resting his head between the cushions of white sofa and finally barking. Cute look right to the camera and from side to side, clever dog eyes.
Computed medical tomography MRI upscaled scan of healthy young female head. Front view. Discrete slices. Red, yellow, blue on black background. (av44004c)
Tapping latex rubber extracted from rubber tree plantation agriculture of asia for natural latex
Big black Doberman Pinscher barks sitting full length on a green background. A trained guard dog that guards its territory and gives voice. Pet isolated on a chromakey and ready to replace background.
Puppy stretch head to raw meat on the table, lick and then stand away, look to owner and bark. Young dog feel smell of red meat for barbecue, try to reach it but owner catch it
Dachshund dog portrait, black and tan, carefully looking at the camera, barking, isolated on yellow background
Man full body scan skelet inside, anatomy in x-ray UI

Man Cutting a Piece of Bread with a Knife in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Rings texture of old tree. Move or cause to move in a circle around an axis or center
Eurasian pygmy owl (Glaucidium passerinum) looking out of nest hole
Female fingers gently touch tree bark covered in green lush moss. Saving planet, green generation z environment conscious. Rainforest conservation, saving environment, green movement
Dachshund dog in black cloak and pointed witch hat with veil barks, performs magic ritual with burning candles, sinister goblet of poison and pumpkin jack lantern during dark Halloween night.
Woman gardener mulching potter thuja tree with pine tree bark mulch. Urban gardening
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