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Aerial: Park bench and ray of light. Forsyth Park. Savannah, Georgia, USA.
Aerial pullback reverse dolly tracks vehicle on urban city street in USA. Fly by church, homes, residential district during sunny day.
Top Aerial shot on Protesting people manifestation
Time lapse of blooming Red Flower. Beautiful Dalia opening up. Timelapse of growing blossom big flower on green leaves background. Top view.
4K Time lapse of blooming Flower. Beautiful Dahlia opening up. Timelapse of growing blossom big flower on green leaves background. Top view.
Patriotic American Flag flies over town square in Anytown USA. Beautiful cinematic aerial shot.
Atlanta Aerial  Extended downtown sunset cityscape flying from Sweet Auburn through downtown skyline and beyond - September 2018
3d render, abstract pink peachy orange paper flowers appearing over dark green background, colorful botanical motion design, blooming live image, creative floral wallpaper
Timelapse of dahlia flower blooming on red background
Residential suburban housing district area in USA. American homes in quiet neighborhood. Aerial truck shot at golden hour.
Aerial view of downtown Atlanta, Georgia and suburban neighborhoods in the state capital. Dron shot in a summer sunset featuring a beautiful skyline of Atlanta, Georgia USA.
Vertical floral background with colorful hearts. Greeting card for Valentine's Day, wedding, birthday, Mother's Day, international women's day. Copy space, 3d render
1915 Stone Mountain, GA. KKK or Ku Klux Klan Revival at the base of Stone Mountain. Dressed in White Robes and Hoods, Klan members Burn Crosses in honor of White Supremacy. 4K Scan of Archival Film
Top down aerial of city street in USA. Car pulls out of space and slowly drives on urban street. Church building at intersection.
Aerial reveal above road through rural American countryside. Homes and farms along country road.
Coal-fired Power Plant Scherer in Georgia
4K Time lapse of blooming Flower pest infested. Insects crawl on a big flower, isolated on black background. Timelapse of growing blossom Dahlia, opening up.
Gorgeous Atlanta Georgia Skyline, Sunny Day, 4K Aerial Drone
Batumi, Adjaria / Georgia - 10.30.2020: Real CCTV footage of earthquake inside the apartment. Scary scene of earthquake inside the house.
Little Fur seal
Augusta Georgia Aerial v20 cinematic low altitude flying across pristine and luxury national golf course at sunset golden hours - Shot with Inspire 2, X7 camera - October 2020
Flood river stream covers streets and roads in small town America, USA. Aerial drone revealing shot at golden hour morning sunrise.
Atlanta Aerial v352 Flying over downtown area sunny cityscape 11/17
Public Rural Broadband Expansion legislation and taxpayer funding in USA. Aerial with network overlay VFX special effects.
Drone shot slowly approaching city hall in Alpharetta, Georgia in the summer time.
Time-lapse of growing and opening orange dahlia (georgine) flowers 7e2 in RGB format isolated on black background
CIRCA 1920s - At a racist KKK rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, the American flag is honored and children are present.
Atlanta, Georgia / United States - April 27 2020: CDC sign located just outside the CDC
Atlanta Aerial v345 Vertical view flying low over Ansley neighborhood and Midtown area sunny 11/17
Rising aerial. Road cuts through American farmland. Summer fields of wheat, grain, green alfalfa hay. Beautiful rolling hills, cloud shadows.
4K Time lapse of blooming Flower. Beautiful Dahlia opening up. Timelapse of growing blossom big flower on green leaves background. Top view.
small cute stray dog gets affection from  stranger, homeless pet with kind grateful eyes looks into camera, makes  video cry and sympathize, social video about helping animals. hand stroking sad puppy
Dade County , Georgia , United States - 08 10 2021: Welcome to Georgia sign by interstate 59 highway in Dade County. Aerial on summer day. Mountains in distance.
Atlanta, Georgia - Jan 24, 2022: U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) sign
Atlanta Georgia Drone Skyline Aerial Cityscape
Rising aerial establishing shot of Anytown USA. Small town in America with colorful leaves. Church, school, homes in neighborhood community.
Augusta Georgia Aerial v17 panoramic birds eye view of national golf club and surrounding resorts and environment at golden hours - Shot with Inspire 2, X7 camera - October 2020
Group of chinstrap penguins diving from the shore to feed on krill in Antarctica. Video of pygoscelis antarcticus colony in Antarctic peninsula entering sea water to forage.
Batumi, Adjaria / Georgia - 10.30.2020: Actual CCTV footage of earthquake in the shop. Earthquake indoors fooatge.
Atlanta Aerial v497 Vertical night view ascending rotating hyperlapse over interchange - January 2019
Rural America aerial view of small community among farmland fields. Aerial tracking shot of car on road during summer golden hour. Beautiful warmth.
Aerial: Spanish moss on oak trees with sun shining through the trees. Forsyth Park, Savannah, Georgia, USA.
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - CIRCA 2020s - Beautiful rising aerial shot of Atlanta, Georgia freeway and downtown skyline at dusk, sunset or night.
Whigham, Georgia / USA - August 28, 2019: Aerial Drone of Tractor Harvesting Peanuts, Agricultural Stock, 4K
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - CIRCA 2020s - Good aerial of the Atlanta State Capitol building in Atlanta, Georgia with skyline background.
CIRCA 1920s - At a racist KKK rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, the American flag is honored and children are present.
Woodstock, GA / USA - August 4th 2020: School buses leave school with students at Etowah High School in Woodstock, GA amid coronavirus.  Georgia is not requiring students to wear mask.
MISSISSIPPI - CIRCA 2010s - Good tilt up aerial of rows of cotton growing in a field in the Mississippi River Delta region.
Georgia circa-2019. Point of view, airplane taking off from airport runway. Shot from helicopter with Cineflex gimbal and RED 8K camera.
Tbilisi/Georgia -  02.05.2020: Video editing on a computer. Monitor the computer and capture the work
Savannah, Georgia, USA – November 28, 2019:  Tree lined historic homes on a residential street in Savannah Georgia USA
Atlanta Aerial  Traversing at an angle from Midtown through Old Fourth Ward district with Downtown skyline cityscape - December 2018
Time lapse - Blooming Pink Dahlia Flower - 4K
Atlanta, Georgia, USA – November 28, 2019: Downtown city skyline view of Atlanta Georgia USA looking over Centennial Olympic Park and the Olympic Rings
Close Up Time Lapse of Georgia State Capitol Building Dome with blue sky and clouds.
Aerial hyperlapse of beautiful cityscape of Tbilisi at sunrise, Georgia 2021
Wandering Albatross nesting on the Island of South Georgia, Antarctica.
Bald Eagle flying in slow motion against blue sky and clouds. Close-up.
Batumi seaside beach, skyscrapers, city, Arial drone shot
Atlanta Aerial v319 Flying low over Piedmont Park sunny full cityscape 9/17
Tornado Damage from EF1 tornado. Microburst of high winds topple huge Oak tree on a house.
Augusta Georgia Aerial v18 cinematic establishing shot drone forward flying capturing the massive golf course at national golf club - Shot with Inspire 2, X7 camera - October 2020
"Atlanta, Georgia USA - 4-2-2021: Aerial parallax shot over Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta"
Tennessee Line , Alabama , United States - 08 10 2021: Welcome to Alabama. Sweet Home Alabama. Border with Georgia and Tennessee. Rising aerial.
CIRCA 1920s - At a racist KKK rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, a cross is burned at night.
Aerial video footage. Drone flies above Tbilisi Georgia city center. Rike park, river kura, futuristic Exhibition hall and Music concert. Bridge of peace. Air balloon. Beautiful old city panorama
Downtown city skyline view over the freeway of Atlanta Georgia USA
Tbilisi/Georgia -  02.05.2020: Color Correction Post Production for video in Progress Closeup
Atlanta Aerial v355 Vertical view flying over downtown area sunny 11/17
CIRCA 1949 - A child is held up at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and new members are initiated in a cross burning ceremony.
Closeup of salmon pink dahlia flower in the garden. Beautiful flower natural background. Shallow DOF, 4K.
American flag a sign of patriotism on USA neighborhood house blowing in the wind
Atlanta City Skyline Time Lapse at Night 4k 1080p Logos Removed Shot from Jackson St Bridge Wide Angle
Atlanta, GA-September 4,2021:4K panning video of  entrance to Truist Stadium-ballpark, MLB logo of Atlanta Braves and the Live in The Battery an upscale entertainment district in Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia / USA - March 1 2019 : Aerial of the Sights and Landmarks in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia
1915 Stone Mountain, GA. Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan performs Initiation Rites for KKK Candidate. With Left hand on Bible, the new Member is Blessed with American Flag. 4K Scan of Archival Film
English Bay Sunset Paddleboard Vancouver 4K UHD. Paddleboarding at sunset on English Bay at Jericho Beach. Vancouver, British Columbia. 4K. UHD.
ATLANTA, GA - 2021: Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300 Jet Airliner Departing Taking off from Runway at ATL Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Flying into a Sunny Afternoon in Georgia
Time-lapse of blooming purple dahlia flower 5a2 isolated on black background
GEORGIA - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent aerial shot of people walking along a Black Lives Matter mural on the Atlanta BeltLine in Georgia.
Beautiful shot of Bald eagle swooping down and catching a fish in his talons from the blue water in 240 fps slow motion.
Georgia circa-2019. Aerial view of abstract patterns of wetlands in Georgia. Shot from helicopter with Cineflex gimbal and RED 8K camera.
4K Time lapse of blooming Red Flower. Beautiful Dalia opening up. Timelapse of growing blossom big flower on green leaves background. Top view.
The city of Mtskheta. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Georgia Beautiful view of the mountains.
3d render, abstract botanical background animation, blooming live image, creative floral wallpaper, motion design, abstract pink peachy orange yellow paper flowers growing over dark green wall
Eurasian brown bear (Latin name: Ursus arctos arctos) also known as the common brown bear, European brown bear or European bear, resting on a tree stump
Georgia State Capitol Atlanta Big Sun Sunrise Time Lapse
ATLANTA GEORGIA USA-1975: African American Couple Sitting On The Couch While Carrying Their Baby
State Line , TN , United States - 08 11 2021: Welcome to Tennessee sign along interstate highway. TN, USA. Descending aerial.
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - August 4, 2020 : United States Treasury Economic Impact check including President Donald J. Trump printed name. Stimulus check for Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic relief.
Atlanta aerial flying backwards with cityscape sunset view.
Atlanta, Georgia / USA - August 29, 2019: Brand New Mercedes Benz Stadium, Atlanta Georgia, Aerial Drone
ATLANTA, GEORGIA - NOV 26TH: Outside Ebenezer Baptist Church where Martin Luther King Jr preached in Atlanta, Georgia on October 26th, 2018
Cows grazing on alpine meadow at the foot of Shkhara glacier. Picturesque day, gorgeous scene. Location place Upper Svaneti, Georgia, Europe. Ecology concept. Beauty world. Shooting in HD 1080 video.
People protesting political views in front of Governmental building. Aerial shot of manifestation
Tbilisi, Georgia. Top View Of Famous Landmarks In Night Illuminations. Georgian Capital Skyline Cityscape. City During Sunset And Night Illuminations. Day To Night Transition.
florist woman picks up a flower. chrysanthemums, dahlias in a vase in a flower shop
Big single water drops falling down on romantic colourful flowers, floating on the water surface as beautiful relax decoration. Close up slow motion shot. Top view.
Katskhi pillar. Man's monastery near the village of Katskhi. The orthodox church and the abbot cell on a rocky cliff. Imereti, Georgia.
Woman in dress Walking in Vineyard, Back View of Woman at Agriculture Field, Examining Grape with glass of wine Early Summer, Slowmotion
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