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Thoughtful elderly old woman, looking towards the window, being alone in the evening, thinks about a serious problem. A woman misses her daughter and grandchildren, remaining in isolation.
Playful young dog run with owner by beach, jump and try to catch toy. Man tease puppy, raise hand up and pet miss. Funny drop ears fly in air, slow motion shot of happy two
Removable mandibular prosthesis all on 6 system supported by implants. Medically accurate 3D animation of human teeth and dentures
Grateful loving young adult man grown-up son embracing mature older elderly mum visiting retired parent at home. Happy two age generations family hugging expressing tenderness, respect and care concep
Football soccer game. Detail shot of a goal. Goalkeeper jumping for the ball, but missing to save the door, 4k slow motion
Jaw with rebuilding bone and tooth procedure
Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Professional Forward Player Breaks Defense, Hitting Puck with Stick Scores Goal, Goalie Missed it. Team Celebrates Victory. Cinematic Slow Motion Tracking Wide Shot
Elderly senior man stay at home on quarantine. Pensive looking away and feel upset. Sad grandfather widower alone. Thoughtful melancholy older retired gray haired grandpa. Ukraine war Russia, refugees
Mad unhappy businessman feeling annoyed using smart phone. Angry businessman having problem with mobile spam message. Male user frustrated by low battery or bad signal concept sitting at office desk.
Close-up portrait of a young luxurious sexy woman looking at the camera on a dark background indoors. Face of professional fashion model with make-up miss with blue eyes. Film grain
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Unhappy wrinkled lady looking in window, suffering loneliness at senior age
A golden retriever dog fails to catch a disc in slow motion and it hits her in the face.
Annoyed angry millennial Black male hipster hold mobile phone feel outraged by low wifi internet signal bad connection application crash. Concerned worried young guy deal with software problem on cell
Happy Children Meet The Father Who Came From Work. Children Run To Their Father And Hug Him.
Upset young woman sitting on couch, holding smartphone in hands, received message with bad news. Stressed 30s lady thinking over sudden problems or relations break up after reading sms on cellphone.
Airplane taking off seen through airport terminal window. View from inside empty waiting hall benches with no people in the lounge. Airplane departing with nobody at the gate.
Close up : Sad old retired gray haired grandpa asian man sitting alone at table desk at window boring stay home self isolation quarantine feeling depress in problem mental health.
Cute pug dog waiting for owner at the door and stretch lazily. Looking and thinking to play outside. Sleepy and Feeling bored.
Head shot close up displeased young woman looking at smartphone screen, dissatisfied with bad news message, spam or scam sms. Unhappy stressed female mobile app user getting phishing link in email.
Mandibular fixed prosthesis with 4 implants, posterior are tilted.  3D animation of dental restoration.
Beautiful young woman playing basketball and failing, ball missing hoop, practicing in park during morning
Back view of male entrepreneur in formal wear standing on metro station with moving train on background. Missing of public transport concept.
Mandibular prosthesis with gum All on 4 system supported by implants.  Medically accurate 3D animation
Close up of two Lovers Joining Hands. SLOW MOTION 240 fps. Detail Silhouette of Man and Woman holding hands over the Sunset Lake Background. Couple Trust, Love and Happiness concept.
After long separation loving 35s couple reunited, wife and husband missed very much go to meet each other hugging standing indoor feeling deep love and happiness. Love and long-awaited meeting concept
Pensive elder senior man looking away feel upset, thoughtful melancholic older retired gray haired grandpa suffer from sorrow grief loneliness, sad grandfather widower alone at home, close up view
Funny pug dog hunting for a treat. Wants trying to get goodies, tasty bone. Slow motion. Comic, funny scene. Struggle and frustration. Miss a chance. embarrassing mistake. Ridiculous miserable failure
Close up of a Cell Phone during a call from an unknown number - Canon EOS 6D
Caring affectionate mature old mum happy face hugging adult grown young son expressing mothers love and care enjoying cuddling embracing. Two generations family sweet tender relationship concept
Sad woman sit on windowsill indoor feels upset looks outside through window rainy day gloomy weather, having melancholic mood, runs her finger on glass thinking about life troubles. Loneliness concept
Senior woman wearing protective face mask, looking at city, epidemic lockdown
Problem solution. Folded white puzzles elements and one red with word SOLUTION falls into its place with the red word PROBLEM. Footage video
Cinematic Empty Swings In Playground, Child Abduction Concept
Lonely senior woman sadly looking in window, missing family at retirement home
Upset little african american preschool kid girl crying alone feeling bullied abused abandoned, sad offended lonely black child stressed or scared sitting on floor, children problems concept
Sad thoughtful young african american single woman pensive face looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home, upset mixed race ethnic lady feeling depressed reflecting feel lonely concept.
Arrogant ladies students pointing at unique girl not having friends, stand alone
Unhappy depressed teenager girl wears hood sits alone on bed thinking of problem. Sad sensitive lonely adolescent teen feeling worried and hurt at home. Teenage psychological trauma, complex concept.
Mandibular removable prosthesis All on 2 system supported by implants with ball attachments. Medically accurate dental 3D animation.
A woman in mask stands in an empty airport, looks around, tries to navigate. Cancellation of aircraft during the COVID-19 pandemic. Circular movement camera. Lockdown over Omicron variant.
POV: Ice Hockey Professional Forward Player Dribbles, Hitting Puck with Stick Scores Perfect Goal when Goalie Misses. Cinematic Documentary Style Camera Fixed on Hockey Stick. Point of View Shot
New York , New York / United States - 02 08 2019: No passengers aboard an in service New York City subway train
Angry annoyed young business man holding using texting on smartphone frustrated by stuck broken phone missed call bad service, stressed mad male customer outraged having problem complain on cellphone
Teeth sliding towards the area of missing tooth. Consequences of tooth loss.
Two little girls run down street to female teacher in black, three people happily hugging. Children meet foster mother in yard, family concept. Business woman meets daughters after school lessons
Missing teeth recovery with Implant: 3D animation of Drilling, implantat instalation, abutment and crown fixation
happy millennial young brunette girl talks, chatting making video call. Smiling young women talking and laughing looking at web cam during virtual online meeting during pandemic. indoor Computer
Animated motion of a spiritual meditation in an abstracted crystal ball in a dark background glowing energy flowing in magic crystal ball. Calling spirits to talk, person's fate in sorcerer's hands.
Back view of four friends passengers running along train platform being late. Tourist group missing train and trying to chase it. Four people running after train.
Maxillary prosthesis All on 4 system supported by implants. Medically accurate 3D animation of human teeth and dentures concept
Top view of labyrinth garden. Unique, mysterious place. Aerial view of geometrical, green maze.
Striking out! Baseball player swing and misses a fastball pitch. Keep swinging. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k.
Overdenture to be seated on implants - ball attachments, instalation process. 3D animation
Happy Asian family young daughter embracing or hugging old mother at home, miss, love, warm and happy family
Ice Hockey Rink Arena Game Start: Two Players Brutal Face off, Referee Drops the Puck, Leading with Masterful Dribble Player Scores Goal when Goalie Misses the Puck. Aerial Drone High Angle Shot
Back view soldier in uniform walk with daughters. Military man in camoubackgrounde walking holding hands of his little daughters.
Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Professional Forward Player Masterfully Dribbles, Breaks Defense, Hitting Puck with Stick Scores Goal, Goalie Missed it. Fast, Energetic, Cinematic High Angle Tracking Shot
Serious thoughtful elderly old woman looking away sit on sofa alone think of loneliness problem, pensive sad senior middle aged grandma feel worried depressed lonely at home from anxiety and solitude
Confused unhappy indian businesswoman feels frustrated about broken phone problem in office. Annoyed female worker reading bad news in message, perplexed by mobile spam sms notification at workplace.
Indian ethnicity woman sit at desk holding smart phone feels unhappy negative emotions upset by receiving terrible news by sms. Device damaged, lost internet connection, need gadget fix repair concept
Woman Concerned About Excessive Use Of Internet Closing Lid Of Laptop Computer
Kidnapped people in terrorist hideout
Happy two generation women family young daughter granddaughter embracing hugging visiting old senior mother grandma laughing bonding greeting at home, grandparent and grandchildren reunion concept
Caring senior mature beautiful mom hugging adult grown young daughter enjoying cuddling embracing with eyes closed, two generations women family reunion and sweet tender mothers love concept, closeup
Pensive worried young adult woman looking outside through window. Thoughtful serious lonely lady feeling sad or melancholic, reflecting alone, thinking or loneliness, solitude concept. Close up view
Infected old patient standing by hospital window, wearing protective face mask
Two pieces of puzzle are interconnected. Problem solution concept. Relationships concept. Successful negotiations. Communication concept Social psychology of close relationships. Problem solving skill
Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job
CMS. The inscription on the missing element of the puzzle. Folding white puzzles elements and one red with the word CMS (Content Management System). Footage video
Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Professional Forward Player Masterfully Dribbles, Breaks Defense, Hitting Puck with Stick Scores Goal, Goalie Missed it. Team Celebrates. Cinematic Slow Motion Wide Shot
Senior man crying, person in emotional distress. Old man in pain
Young positive man regarding family wearing protective mask on a phone video call in hospital, standing by a window, coronavirus isolation, bye bye gesture, blurred final.
Join our team. The inscription on the red puzzle. Folding white puzzles elements and one red with text: JOIN OUR TEAM. Footage video
Worried nervous young woman reading bad news in message on smartphone at home. Stressed anxious lady feeling jealous upset holding mobile phone thinking of problem receiving sms sitting alone on sofa.
SaaS. The inscription on the missing element of the puzzle. Folding white puzzles elements and one red with word SaaS (Software as a Service). Footage video
Kids playing soccer on big stadium, dribbling and attacking goal post
Core values. The inscription on the missing element of the puzzle. Folding white puzzles elements and one red with word CORE VALUES. Footage video
Sad thoughtful young single woman thinking of personal problems life troubles feels lonely. Female absorbed in sad thoughts, pass through divorce or break up. Unwilling pregnancy and abortion concept
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
Happy african kid daughter and wife excited to meet american dad coming returning arriving home with suitcase, excited child girl running hugging daddy at door, black family welcome reunion concept
Smiling son meeting his dad at the door in the evening. Concept of joy. Close-up of happy teenage son in casual clothes runnig to his father and hugging him. Young dad finally coming home from work.
Portrait sad cute african child orphan offended afro american ethnic small girl black mixed race toddler 7 years kid looking at camera upset facial expression suffering from loneliness discrimination
Old wrinkled woman standing by window alone missing family, suffering depression
Medium shot : Sad old retired gray haired grandpa asian man sitting alone at table desk at window boring stay home self isolation quarantine feeling depress in problem mental health.
little teenager looking out of the window in bad weather, silhouette of a fragile teenager girl on the background of a large window
Ice Hockey Rink Arena: Focus on Goals Net hit by Puck. Player Hitting Puck with Stick Scores a Goal, Perfect Shot Missed by Goalie. Stylish Cinematic Close-up, Dramatic Lighting, Slow Motion Shot
Slow motion,Young Asian woman Muslim meet family sister is doctor behind glass window of negative pressure room at hospital which sad and felling care, miss and love. Pandemic of corona virus, COVID19
Funny cute french bulldog dog with bunny ears lies wrapped in warm yellow blanket on sofa at home and misses its owner waiting for him. Good boy pet. Abstrect idleness, quarantine, inaction, humility
Close up portrait of adorable black and tan dachshund resting his head between the cushions of white sofa and finally barking. Cute look right to the camera and from side to side, clever dog eyes.
Woman Concerned About Excessive Use Of Social Media Laying Mobile Phone Down On Table
Close-up photo of implant dentistry it is a replacement for missing teeth by dentist hand.
Miami, USA - March 18, 2020: Empty shelves at grocery store. Sold out product section due to covid-19 coronavirus disease after customer make panic purchase. Side panning shot.
Mad stressed african man holding cellphone annoyed with mobile app error spam message on slow stuck broken smartphone, angry black guy frustrated by phone problem having complaints on bad service
Invisible man coming on the wet floor. Create your own reality, DIY Healthy lifestyle, do it yourself concept. unemployed job seeker, Office concept. Missing, Lost, sacrifice, migrant, victim person.
Tooth extraction and dental implant installation
Two kidnapped man in terrorist hideout
Lost Teddy bear lying on swing with rain drops at playground in gloomy day, Lonely or sad brown bear abandoned lied down alone in the park,Loneliness concept, International missing children's day
Finding the solution concept. Hand matching jigsaw halves. Leisure activity. Achieving the goal step by step. Engaging in successful work finding business solution, corporate unity
Female fortune teller moving hands above the magic crystal ball and spelling over it searching missing person, witch calling spirits to talk, person's fate in sorcerer's hands. Connection with
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