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Shopping Clothing Store Interior. Modern Fashionable Shop, Clothes for Every Taste. Stylish Brand Design, Fashionable Colors, Quality Sustainable Materials. No People. Low Dolly Establishing Shot
Super Slow Motion Shot of Colorful Seasoning Explosion on Black Background at 1000fps.
Healthy eating ingredients: fresh vegetables, fruits and superfood. Nutrition, diet, vegan food concept.
Close up shot of taking a piece of freshly baked pizza with tasty stretchy cheese. Delicious Italian pizza from the oven on black background. food and drink 4k footage
little girl child drinking milk. healthy eating a child eating breakfast kid dream concept. daughter girl in kitchen drinks yogurt milk and kefir licks her lips. positive kid smiling having breakfast
Close-up steaming hot coffee or tea cup on saucer, slow motion. Hot ceramic white coffee cup with smoke on old wooden table in nature background. Hot Coffee Drink Concept
Waving red wine in a glass on defocused background . Beautiful stock footage for wine commercial . Close up video of wine mixing process inside goblet . Shot on ARRI ALEXA Camera in Slow Motion .
Authentic shot of happy successful male winemaker is tasting a flavor and checking red wine quality poured in transparent glass  in a wine cellar.
Pouring whiskey on vintage wooden table in super slow motion. Shot with high speed cinema camera, 1000fps.
Pretty woman cooking soup on stove at kitchen. Close up of housewife preparing dinner at home. Young woman tasting soup on spoon at modern kitchen in slow motion
Three cheerful multiracial women eating pizza in the street - Young people lifestyle and summer vacation concept
hungry Labrador retriever dog desirably licking transparent glasses and craving on pink background in studio
Close up of two people are cheering with cocktails in a bar or disco club.
Various Indian Spices of rotation black background.
Coffee cup with natural steam smoke of coffee on dark background with copy space, slow motion. Hot Coffee Drink Concept.
Healthy young lady holding glass drinking fresh transparent pure filtered mineral water, adult woman hydrating thirst keep diet nutrition weightloss health care natural balance concept, close up view
Various fragrant spice market. Heap different Indian Spices rotated on wooden table. Assortment spices and herbs for cooking
Cropped view of a couple man and woman eating pizza and smiling
Close-up of filling wine glass with red wine in super slow motion. Pouring red wine into goblet. Red wine forms beautiful wave in glass
Close up shot of an young carefree romantic couple in love is drinking and cheering with cool alcohol cocktails while enjoying a happy hour time together in city center bar on a weekend in a sunny day.
Restaurant Kitchen: Portrait of Black Female Chef Prepares Dish, Tasting Food, Enjoying it. Professional Cook Eats Delicious, Authentic, traditional Food using only Healthy Ingredients for Meal Recipe
Portrait of young woman eating chocolate at home kitchen. Beautiful female person biting chocolate at modern apartment. Relaxed girl enjoying dark chocolate indoors in slow motion.
Close-up steaming hot coffee or tea cup, slow motion. Hot ceramic white coffee cup with smoke on old wooden table in nature background. Hot Coffee Drink Concept
Funny hungry pug dog looking pitifully sitting in comical pose near fridge. Looking surprised, tilt head.  Eat all the food in the fridge,  pretend innocentю Funny pug dog love food concept
Glass of gorgeous aged red wine against background of black grapes. Wine tasting and winemaking concept. Woman hand holding and lightly shaking glass of red wine. Waving red wine in glass
Red wine poured into a wine glass in a restaurant.
Old spouses enjoy vegetable salad preparation together in kitchen. Caring grey-haired husband feeding loving wife red paprika talking hugging relish romantic date, happy marriage, healthy eat concept
Close up of a professional bartender is mixing an alcoholic cocktail with professional crystal long lasting ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
Top view on silver pot of boiling water on kitchen stove. Female chef adds authentic italian spaghetti pasta in symmetric and professional way. Cooking at home, food or cook blog
Closeup shot of chef hand decorating ice cream with cherry and cream.
Close up shot of large tasy burger with beef steak, iceberg cabbage, tomatoes, pickles and melted cheese, rotating - fast food, food preparation 4k footage
Glass of white wine over white grapes. Sun breaks through the branches of the vineyard and illuminates shaking glass of white wine. Waving white wine
Pouring milk in white bowl with muesli cereals breakfast on rustic wooden background. Healthy granola, food clean eating, vegan diet, allergy-friendly, morning energy, weight loosing concept
Beautiful brunette in white Caucasian appearance T-shirt tries yogurt with a spoon and enjoys its taste on a sunny day.
Super slow motion of pouring red wine from bottle into goblet. Shot on high speed cinema camera with 1000fps 4K resolution.
Two funny adorable mixed race children girls holding glasses drinking tasty clean pure mineral water showing thumbs up looking at camera, recommend daily children healthcare morning hydration concept.
Woman farmer's hands picking organic strawberries. Harvesting fresh organic strawberries. Strawberry bushes close-up
Close up shot of an young successful farmer is controlling with his hands at the moment harvested biologic raw hop flowers used for high quality beer production in ecological craft brewery.
Close up shot of an young successful farmer is showing a heap of biologic raw hop flowers used for high quality beer production in ecological craft brewery harvested in a right season.
Red wine in glass with dry ice
Vanilla beans falling on burlap texture in slow motion. Shot on Phantom Flex 4K camera.
Refreshing mojito cocktail vortex on black stone table, slow motion filmed on high speed cinematic camera.
Silhouette of successful male winemaker or sommelier is tasting a flavor and checking quality of a red wine poured in transparent glass  in a wine cellar.
Close up shot of hand of chef putting a fresh top bun on large appetizing burger with various ingredients - food preparation, fast food concept 4k footage
Close-up of unidentified european man eating a juicy slice of steak with blood
Cutting fresh green onions on a cutting board.
Portrait of man cook tasting fresh soup at home kitchen. Happy male professional enjoying food taste indoors. Smiling chef cooking meal at domestic kitchen. Joyful man face at modern house.
Thick Honey Dripping Down Honeycomb. Man hand gather fresh honey with a spoon. Gold Honey dripping from honeycomb. Healthy food concept. eco natural food. bee honey.
Smiling women greedily eating tasty pizza, fast food addiction, unhealthy diet
Fragrant coffee beans are roasted in a frying pan, smoke comes from coffee beans. The whole composition scrolls slowly around the camera. Scoop stir coffee beans.
A professional bartender is preparing an alcoholic cocktail with ice cubes to customers at the bar or disco club.
taking slice of pizza with super stretching stretchy cheese
Overweight young man opening fridge and eating delicious doughnut. Obese guy with food addiction grabbing unhealthy food from refrigerator. Diet failure, unhealthy lifestyle concept
Top view of person hand stirring coffee with spoon
Hand taking salami pizza slice via spatula. Hot melted cheese is stretching, close-up. Fast-food concept.
orange tree aerial view. branch of orange tree with ripe fruits. Fruit tree with green leaves. citrus orchard in europe. citrus garden, fresh crops.
Hands of happy friends cheering celebrating holidays with wine during the epic sunset. Slow Motion. Shot on RED digital cinema camera
steaming Cup of coffee or tea
Portrait of a senior well-dressed winemaker checking the wine . Positive sommelier mixing red wine in glass evaluating color at tasting . Winemaking concept . Shot on ARRI ALEXA Camera Slow Motion .
Bottling factory machinery prodution line - red juice bottling line for processing and bottling juice into bottles. Selective focus industrial technology business concept
Cinemagraph 4K animation cupcakes tracking shot pastel color background
Close up view of colorful steaming vegetables frying on a pan being mixed and tossed up. Cooking process, healthy food, vegetarian cuisine. Delicious taste, homemade dish. Slow motion
Wine. Pouring red wine into glass from the bottle on the black background. The camera moves around the bottle and glass of wine. Slow-motion shot in close-up
Cheereful european young woman in brown sweater sitting on sofa at modern living room and greedily eating tasty pizza, enjoying and smiling. Fast food addiction. Slow motion.
Woman's hands pouring traditional turkish coffee in a cup. Traditional method of making turkish coffee in cezve on hot sand in Turkey
Wine. Red wine pouring from neck of bottle in wine glass over dark background. Rose wine pouring from the bottle. Slow motion
Portrait of beautiful dreaming young woman tasting red wine enjoying summer stay in vineyards on lovely sunny day. Female sommelier on wine degustation.
Eating Healthy Breakfast Bowl. Acai Smoothie, Granola, Seeds, Fresh Fruits. Clean Eating, Dieting, Detox, Vegetarian, Vegan Food Concept.
Fresh juicy wet red cherry rotation. Bird-cherry berries. Loop motion
Bright and colorful candy beans or peanuts are falling down. Multicoloured tasty sugar sweets. Chocolate candies filling all the area. Close up. Red, green, yellow colors. Holiday mood. 3D Render 4K
Closeup of hands holding fresh raw green coffee beans. Coffee falls out.
Manager Checks Tasts on a Tablet Computer and Explains an Engine Breakdown to an Female Mechanic. Car Service Employees Inspect Car's Engine Bay with a LED Lamp. Modern Clean Workshop.
Macro refreshing soda tonic fizzy sparkling water, lime in glass, ice cubes. Slice of lemon, mineral bubbles. Healthy, dietary nutrition. Cold lemonade mojito cocktail twinkling carbonated soft drink
Portrait of smiling woman eating fresh salad at home kitchen. Beautiful girl tasting vegetarian food at modern apartment. Closeup young woman keeping tomato on fork indoors.
Young asian woman fat hungry and eating bread in the kitchen at home, female eat unhealthy food with delicious, girl obesity having appetite while overweight, dieting and health care concept.
Super slow motion of pouring red wine into glass with camera motion. Unique angle with underwater macro lens.  Speed ramp effect. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
A working male brewer carries a keg filled with beer as he passes beer tanks. close-up. back view
Close up shot of fat woman eating deep fried chicken, fast food. Enjoying unhealthy eating - junk food concept. Close up mouth eating.
Sommelier pouring wine into glass tasting red wine at grape harvest on vineyard. Wine tasting culture. Private tour.
Chef at an eel restaurant cooks eel kabayaki.
Close up of hungry mouth eating cake with berry sauce. Enjoying the food
Slow motion pan through coffee plant on farm at sunrise.
Tasting red wine. Glass of red wine slightly shaking against vineyard background. Winemaking in California, USA. Slow motion shot, 4K
Authentic close up shot of successful male winemaker is pouring red wine in transparent glass for tasting a flavor and checking a quality on vineyards background at sunset.
Waving gold white wine in a glass on defocused dark background . Beautiful stock footage for wine commercial . Close up video of wine mixing process inside goblet . Shot on ARRI ALEXA in Slow Motion .
Close up pretty african little girl with curly afro hair sitting at dining table in domestic kitchen eating dry breakfast cereals corn flakes with milk. Balanced meal for child healthy growth concept
Young woman mouth eating chocolate ice cream
Beautiful cat eats food from a bowl
Authentic shot of happy handsome elegantly dressed man is tasting a flavor and drinking fresh white wine poured in transparent glass on scenic vineyards background at sunset.
young couple eating celebrating with friends beautiful woman tasting mediterranean food with boyfriend enjoying summer social gathering tourist people on vacation 4k
Businessman drink Scotch in Tumbler. Handsome Man. Luxury whiskey.  Brutal, Bearded Attractive young cool guy in the Neon light.
Couple in love. Brutal, Bearded Attractive young cool guy and Sexy blonde girl in the Neon light. Seduce, temptation, passion, flirting.
Hands of woman opening bottle of red wine with a corkscrew in park at sunset, close up
Eating caramel cheesecake. Taking bite of caramel cheesecake with fork
Sommelier tasting wine in the cellar, he is pouring an excellent red wine in a glass
The girl with lipstick makeup eats yogurt from a spoon. Close up.
Care and maintenance of animals at home. Domestic adorable tabby cat is eating its dry food from bowl on the floor. Healthy cat eats food with appetite.
Bottles filled with juice are moving along the conveyor
Sauce Cooking Red Tomato in a Boiling Pan and Stir Close up
Happy latin woman drinking coffee on the beach at sunset enjoying flavor in slow motion
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