Guidelines by content type

How do I submit vector illustrations for review?

A guide to uploading and preparing vector files for review

Title and Keyword Guidelines, Policies and Best Practices

Overview of requirements and policies relating to metadata for Shutterstock [...]

How do I submit photos for review?

a guide to uploading and preparing photographs for review

How do I submit video for review?

Guidelines for uploading and preparing video content for review

Best Practice Recommendations for Saving EPS Files

How to save the highest quality vector at the smallest file size

How do I submit illustrations for review?

A guide to uploading and preparing JPEG illustrations for review

What is the difference between Commercial and Editorial content?

A quick guide to how each type of content may be used

How do I become a Music Contributor?

Information for aspiring music contributors

How is "Similar Content" Defined?

Submitting subtle variations of the same image is not allowed.

How is Keyword Spamming Defined?

Keyword spamming is the overuse of repeated words, or the use of irrelevant terms.

Terms of Use for Shutterstock Forums

Please adhere to these rules for the Shutterstock Forum