Portfolio & Account

Submission and Account Guidelines

Important policies and account regulations

How can I change the name in my account?

For security reasons you must contact us to make a name change

Shutterstock Model Release Requirements

If an image contains recognizable individuals, a model release will be required

Known Image Restrictions

A list of currently known intellectual property infringement issues

Why is my account in a 90 day waiting period?

Contributors from certain countries have to wait 90 days before they are eligible [...]

How do I deactivate/delete my contributor account?

You can remove your content from our website or deactivate your account

Shutterstock Property Release Requirements

How to fill out a property release

How do I edit or delete images?

Changes to title, keywords, or categories can take 72 hours to process

What is the difference between Commercial and Editorial content?

A quick guide to how each type of content may be used

What is a release?

Commercial images and videos require owners and models to sign documents

How do I organize my portfolio into Sets?

Sets allow you to organize your portfolio

How can customers use images and videos they download?

The license that was used to download determines how content can be used

How do I transfer my account to another person?

Transfer of an account means transfer of the ownership of your work

Why is my newly approved content not in the online gallery?

It can take up to 72 hours for your content to show in the online library

Can I offer my work exclusively to Shutterstock?

Our agreement with contributors is non-exclusive

Can you help me log in to my account?

If you remember your login information but can't get in

Known Image Restrictions - Events

Currently known restrictions

What types of releases are accepted by Shutterstock?

We accept certain foreign language model and property releases from other agencies

Submitter Terms of Service - Version 8

July 30, 2015 - April 22, 2019

How do I transfer my account from a personal to a business account?

Transfer of copyright will be required if you have approved content

How do I use the Contributor Mobile app?

Submit content and track your earnings on the go

How do I protect the content in my portfolio?

A copyright to an original work exists the moment the work is fixed in a medium

How do I change the address in my account?

International address changes need to be verified by us

How do I report copyright infringement?

We require DMCA notices to be submitted

How can I recover my login information?

Resetting your password and restoring access to your account

How do I edit or delete footage?

You can edit metadata and thumbnails or remove approved videos

What is Shutterstock Select?

Shutterstock Select is our premium royalty-free stock footage collection

How do Shutterstock API deals impact contributors?

API deals are additional opportunities for earnings

What is a Sensitive Use license?

Some customers are willing to pay much higher royalties for less restrictions

Why do I need to enter the reCAPTCHA code when I log in?

We are committed to protecting the security of your account

Bridge To Bigstock FAQ

Basic information about the Bridge to Bigstock Program

Submitter Terms of Service - Version 4

In use Apr. 10, 2008 - Jan. 22, 2009

How do I transfer my account from a business to a personal account?

Business documents and transfer of copyright will be required

How do I make my content unavailable for downloading?

Opting Out allows you to remove your content from the website without deleting it

How does Shutterstock investigate infringement claims?

Shutterstock investigates all copyright infringement claims received

Shutterstock Releases: Model Ethnicity Guide

Tips for filling in the ethnicity portion of Shutterstock's model release form

Submitter Terms of Service - Version 2

In use Jun. 29, 2006 - Jan. 29, 2008

Can I be a Shutterstock customer as well as a contributor?

If you wish to license content from Shutterstock, you'll need a separate customer [...]

Are uploaded images changed or edited?

Images are converted to sRGB upon approval

Can Shutterstock help me recover lost work?

If your hard drive crashes we may be able to help you

Submitter Terms of Service - Version 7

In use Sept. 13, 2013 - July 29, 2015

What determines order of content in search results?

All search results are based on complicated algorithms

Submitter Terms of Service - Version 5

In use Jan. 22, 2009 - Mar. 1, 2012