Why was my footage rejected for Frame Rate / Shutter Speed?

If your footage was rejected with “Frame Rate / Shutter Speed” it is typically due to one of the following issues:

Frame Rate

  • Clip is not an accepted frame rate
  • Visible ghosting due to an improper frame rate conversion
  • Clip contains duplicate or skipped frames due to a frame rate conversion
  • Noticeable frame blending
  • “Combing” due to de-interlaced footage

Shutter Speed

  • Visible ghosting due to low shutter speed
  • Jerky motion due to improper shutter speed

User-added image
User-added image

This sequence contains an unacceptable level of visible ghosting. This was due to an improper frame rate conversion.

Here is an example of an acceptable clip shot with a high shutter speed:

User-added image

Clip by JJ-MovingPictures

Although this clip was filmed with a high shutter speed, the motion is fluid and is therefore acceptable.

We Recommend

  • Shooting in an accepted frame rate
  • Shooting and exporting your footage in the same frame rate
  • Avoiding frame rate conversions to minimize ghosting, and avoiding skipped or duplicate frames
  • Shooting at an appropriate shutter speed for the subject matter

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If you don’t understand the reason for the rejection of your content or if you need additional clarification, you can always contact contributor support.

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