Why was my footage rejected for Post Production Technique?

If your footage was rejected with “Clip has quality issues related to post production, animation, or chroma key technique” it is most likely because of one of the following issues:

Post Production Technique

  • Stabilization added in post creates noticeable and distracting warping or distortion.

  • Animation is too simple or has technical errors, such as aliasing.

  • Green screen is overly dark, wrinkled, or misplaced.

  • Blur added on logo or face detracts from the clip.


Here are some examples of clips with well executed effects:

User-added image

Footage by  Perfect Lazybones

The motion blur added is well balanced and adds to the fast movement of vehicles.

User-added image

Footage by  NIMEDIA

This animation has many layers that come together smoothly.

User-added image

Footage by goodluz

Both the subject and green screen are evenly lit.

User-added image 

Footage by Anatoly Tiplyashin

The subject is in focus and cleanly keyed out.

User-added image

Footage by ReedealHD

Camera shake adds to the action appearing in the clip.

We Recommend

  • Review clips with filters or added effects for distortion.

  • Include motion, style, and depth in an animation.

  • Be mindful of digital flickering and rendering errors.

  • Ensure green screen is properly lit and matte is flat.

  • Prevent visible choke and static on the keyed out subject.

  • Soften or feather the edges of a blur.

  • Submit clips with subtle or organic camera movement without adding stabilization in post.


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If you don’t understand the reason for the rejection of your footage or if you need additional clarification, you can always contact contributor support.

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