How is Title Spamming Defined?

Great titles are unique and detailed. They read like a short sentence or phrase and not like a list of words. Think of your title as a news headline and try to answer the main questions of: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Be descriptive and use words that capture the emotion or mood of the image.

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Male gymnast performing on pommel horse, low angle view by Air Images

The use of repeated words or phrases in the title is not permitted. These titles are considered spam and are not accepted for publishing during the review process. Editing them in this manner after your content has been published is not allowed.
Spam Titles list the same word or word stem multiple times. However, not all sentences or descriptive phrases that contain repeated words are prohibited. Review the examples below.
  • Not Allowed: run, run, run
  • Not Allowed: run running runner
  • Not Allowed: Summer Season. Summer Wallpaper. Summer Time. Happy Summer. Summer Day. Summer Design. Summer Vector. Summer Text. Summer Lettering.
  • Not Allowed: Beauty icon. Beauty icon vector. Beauty icon simple. Beauty icon app. Beauty icon web. Beauty icon logo.
  • Not Allowed: Fishing scene with a fisherman fishing for fish with a fishing pole in a fishing boat with a fish on a hook. 
  • Allowed: German Shepherd Dog plays with other dogs at a sunny dog park.
  • Allowed: Runner running on city street.
  • Allowed: Runners running a Thanksgiving Day fun run in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
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Tile background with yellow, red and brown triangle geometric mosaic by Inga Linder

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