How do I include metadata with my videos?

What is a CSV file?
A CSV file (or Comma-Separated Values file) stores simple information, in this case words, in tab format which allows our Content Editor to add the data to the videos you upload. CSV files are most commonly created in Excel spreadsheets by saving the file with a .csv extension.
How to enter metadata in a CSV file
Each row in the CSV file represents one video in your batch. The column names should match the column names listed below. A file name in column A is required for each clip, so when uploaded correctly, the system will connect that file name in column A with the metadata provided in that row.
FilenameTitle / DescriptionKeywords, separated by commasCategories (1 or 2), separated by commas, must be selected from this listEditorial, Yes or No

Here is a sample CSV file:

User-added image
How to Upload your CSV file
Do not upload your CSV file with your videos through FTP, instead add the CSV file in the Content Editor by clicking the "CSV" button at the top of the Content Editor.

You can use one CSV file for multiple videos by making each row in your CSV file represent a different video. However, we recommend that you create and upload a separate CSV file for each batch. 

If your CSV file is not exactly as shown in the sample above, the file will be rejected by the uploading system with a message that it contains errors.
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