Can I register for a contributor account as a business?

To register as a business, go to our registration page and enter the full legal business name as the full name on the registration page.
Depending on the country you live in, you will later be required to complete a Form W-9 or a Form W-8BEN-E  (or other form which applies to your business type) with a U.S. Employer ID Number (EIN). An EIN can be obtained by completing and filing Form SS-4. The forms, along with all tax related information and further instructions may be found in our Tax Center. Please note that payments will not be issued to accounts that do not have an approved tax form on file.
Please contact us if you or any of your affiliations already own a contributor account on Shutterstock and wish to switch it to a business, or if you have a personal account and wish to create a new business account.
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